Brewing Beer with Windows Azure


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Inspired by one of the Windows Azure gods (Wade Wegner), Maarten decided to order a homebrewing starter kit. Being a total cloud fanboy, he decided to hook those delicious creations to the cloud. Join Maarten and discover how you can connect a USB temperature sensors to Windows Azure to monitor brewing and fermentation temperatures. He'll show you how to do distributed brewing in this fun yet practical session on an interesting use case for the cloud: beer.

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  • Maarten
  • Maarten
  • Don’t show everythingyet. Just log in, show themaround the recipes, brewsand public recipes. Feel free to show the monitoring but no needto display the linking of sensors.
  • Show Windows Azure Web SitesShow scaling / reservedinstances
  • Show peoplearound the ACS porta. Show identities, claims andrulegroups.
  • Link a sensor to a brew. Show the effect on ACS. Show the code.
  • Brewing Beer with Windows Azure

    1. 1. #comdaybe Brewing Beer with Windows Azure AZUG Maarten Balliauw Panagiotis “ “ Kefalidis
    2. 2. Who am I?• Maarten Balliauw• Antwerp, Belgium•• Focus on web – ASP.NET MVC, Windows Azure, SignalR, ... – MVP Windows Azure & ASPInsider•• @maartenballiauw• Author: Pro NuGet -
    3. 3. Who am I?• Panagiotis “Panos” Kefalidis•• Windows Azure MVP• SOA/.NET Architect•• @pkefal
    4. 4. Agenda• Brewing beer• BrewBuddy• Windows Azure Websites• Service Bus & Access Control Service• Q&A
    5. 5. Turn water into beerBrewing Beer
    6. 6. How we got started…
    7. 7. How we got started…• MVP Summit 2011 – Wade Wegner tells us about his hobby• MVP Summit 2012 – Wade Wegner tells us about his hobby• We nodded at each other
    8. 8. The process• Get your kegs clean• Add & cook ingredients• Pour in keg• Add yeast• Rinse
    9. 9. Difficult part # 1…Wait for fermentation to complete
    10. 10. The process• Pour into another keg• Rinse• Wait another week• Bottling time!
    11. 11. Difficult part # 2…Wait 6 weeks for it to age
    12. 12. Panos, Maarten… What the f* does this haveto do with Windows Azure?
    13. 13. Azurifying the home
    14. 14. BrewBuddy• View public recipes• Manage your own recipes• Manage your own brews• Monitor brew fermentation
    15. 15. BrewBuddy Social brewing at a glancedemo
    16. 16. Architecture Sensor Public website Windows Azure Web Sites Whatever… Database SQL Azure database Sensor data Sensor data processing Service Bus topic Windows Azure Worker Role
    17. 17. Scale-fast has just become more interestingWindows Azure Web Sites
    18. 18. Windows Azure Web Sites  Build with ASP.NET, Node.js or PHP  Deploy in seconds with FTP, Git or TFS  Start for free, scale up as your traffic grows
    19. 19. Windows Azure Web Sites shared 1SHARED INSTANCES
    20. 20. Windows Azure Web Sites shared 2SHARED INSTANCES
    21. 21. Windows Azure Web Sites reserved 0 1SHARED INSTANCES RESERVED INSTANCE
    22. 22. Windows Azure Web Sites reserved 2 RESERVED INSTANCE
    23. 23. Windows Azure Web Sites reserved 2 RESERVED INSTANCE RESERVED INSTANCE
    24. 24. Windows Azure Web Sites Creating a new web site in secondsdemo
    25. 25. Connecting sensorsService Bus& Access Control Service
    26. 26. Windows Azure Service Bus• 2 features – Relay – Queues, Topics, Subscriptions
    27. 27. Topic populated by sensors Sensor
    28. 28. Characteristics• Workers can scale independently – Loosely coupled architecture• Sensors connect to service bus directly – No layer in between
    29. 29. What about authN / authZ?• Access Control Service to the rescue!• SB authenticates clients over ACS• ACS provides “Send” claim to sensor• Claims can be granted/revoked easily
    30. 30. Access Control Service Claims for authZ on Service Busdemo
    31. 31. Architecture Sensor Public website Windows Azure Web Sites Whatever… Sensor management Database Access Control Service SQL Azure database Sensor data Sensor data processing Service Bus topic Windows Azure Worker Role
    32. 32. How do you link a sensor?• Every sensor has its sensor ID• Add it as an identity to ACS• Grant a “Send” claim
    33. 33. Linking a sensor toAccess Control Registering a sensor with a brew Servicedemo
    34. 34. A step further!• Custom application• Consume the data from devices• Exchange information with the app• In other words, an API
    35. 35. ASP.NET MVC Web API• <frenglish>Being h-appy about the API </frenglish>• Use it to build your public API• Secure it using claims from ACS
    36. 36. ASP.NET MVC Web API• Easy to add, it’s just a another project• Supports all cool stuff, like JSON, XML etc.• It’s MVC, that means awesome!
    37. 37. Coding took an arrow to the knee
    38. 38. Bringing the API to life Creating a simple kick-start APIdemo
    39. 39. Takeaways
    40. 40. Keep in mind…• Web Sites start cheap / scale fast• Combine at will (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)• Service bus for asynchrony and scale• Access Control for devices• Web API
    41. 41. Q&A
    42. 42. Brewing Beer with Windows AzureThanks! @maartenballiauw @pkefal