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Zilina SOL/eltforum

  1. 1. Philosophy”To bring you fashion and quality atthe best price”. Johanna Dahl, fromH&M Marketing and PressDepartment, says that this is oneof the secrets of their success.
  2. 2. • i have this jumper its really nice shame about the girl whos modeling it shes ugly H&M NEED TO FIND THEMSELVES SOME NICER LOOKING PEOPLE• Lana is the perfect image for H&M so chic and beautiful! I love her
  3. 3. Lana Del Rey
  4. 4. • Street style icon and Vogue Nippon‘s Fashion Director at Large Anna Dello Russo has collaborated with fast fashion retailer H&M on a special collection of accessories. The capsule, due to hit stores this Fall, features ornate, gold-toned jewelry with turquoise accents and reptile embellishments, as well as sunglasses, shoes, bags and even a carry-on.
  5. 5. • In August 2011, nearly 300 workers passed out in one week at a Cambodian factory supplying H&M. Fumes from chemicals, poor ventilation, malnutrition and even "mass hysteria" have all been blamed for making workers ill. The minimum wage in Cambodia is the equivalent of just $66 (£42) a month, a level that human rights groups say is not even half that required to meet basic needs.[44]
  6. 6. • H and M is a really popular brand.I personally like the sweaters and jerseys of this brand. Fabric,designs and stitching has no competition with others. It’s just awesome.
  7. 7. • New borns 0-6M, parents must have at least medium incomes;• Baby girls and boys 2-18M, parents must have at least medium income;s• Girls and boys 18M – 8Y, parents must have at least medium incomes;• Girls and boys 9Y – 14+, parents must have at least medium incomes;• Teenagers 15 – 19, parents must have at least medium incomes;• Man and woman 20-29, these are students and professionals, who like to follow• latest high-street fashion trends with at least lower medium incomes.• Man and woman 30+ with at least lower medium incomes.
  8. 8. • I recently “liked” H&M’s facebook page because I was curious of what they are up to on facebook. They completly followed all of the social media objectives that I learned about in my digital marketing class:• 1 .Listen and Learn• 2. Build awareness and relationships• 3. Promote products and services• 4. Manage reputation• 5. Improve Customer Service
  9. 9. FAST write into urban dictionary• FOOD• ? LANE• ? MONEY
  10. 10. What are the differences betweenpullover, sweater, hoodie, sweatshirt, jumper, jersey and cardigan ? ?
  11. 11. A Pullover doesnt have buttons and can be worn with acollared shirt underneath.A Sweater is usually worn alone and is also a pullover (nobuttons)A sweatshirt is a printed version of a sweater, only cheap.A jumper is many different things. Mainly a one piece that menwear to work on cars in the cold (full legs and arms and body)A Jersey can either be a cardigan with a "college name" or ajacket with the same.A Cardigan is a V neck sweater with buttons that you wear witha nice shirt matching underneath.A Hoodie is a sweatshirt that is also a pullover with a hoodattached.
  12. 12. • Pullover = Top like a turtle neck that cover your arms, neck, back and front. Does not have a zip. Usually winter.• Sweater = Cardigan/another word for it.• Hoodie = A lot of emos where them, I love them. You usually have to pull them over your neck or sometimes they have a zip.• Sweatshirt = Shirt thats quite think and covers your neck.• Jumper = Much like a pullover.• Jersey = Jersey sweatshirts / jumpers.• Cardigan = Much like a pullover but usully has buttons or a sip down the middle of the front X Lizzie
  13. 13. In groups, collect as much information as you can about these people
  14. 14. • Zuzana Štefečeková (born January 15, 1984 in Nitra is a famous sports shooter. She won the silver medal in the Women’s Trap event at the 2008 summer olympics and in London this year.• Zuzana is a committed Christian, she studies missionary and charitable work in Bratislava.
  15. 15. Michal Martikán from Liptovský Mikuláš
  16. 16. Getting students to take photos where old photos were taken
  17. 17. • At the time of its opening it was the most prestigious and most modern hotel in the town. With 30 rooms as well as a café and a restaurant, it was originally built on two floors and faced three streets. Around 1930, the height was extended with a further two floors, increasing the capacity to 85 rooms.The well known phone number 201 was the link to the elegant hotel, which was a meeting place not only of local high society but also of national intellectuals.
  18. 18. • Interestingly, the hotel has a long time prominence in promotional materials of the town. References are made to the facility in the Guide of Považie published in 1914, which called it a "top, modern and luxurious facility" and mentions such advantages as the hotel’s electric lighting and heating. Other publications from 1931 and 1938 also mention the hotel. In addition to the hotel, the building also housed Jozef Kadlec’s Prague’s Smoked Meat Shop, as well as optics and ironmongery. Thanks to the hotel’s excellent reputation it often appeared on postcards
  19. 19. • With time, a terrace was added to the first floor.It is not clear how long this structure stood, but postcards of the era show that guests could enjoy it for only a short time. The hotel saw significant visits and meetings among politicians, businessmen and nationalists, and is now a permanent part of the modern history of the town. Its prestige was maintained until 1945, though a sad chapter in the hotel’s history took place in 1940 when it was seized from its owners because they were Jews.
  20. 20. • 1945 saw a renaming of the hotel, probably from the excitement of liberation by the Soviet Army it became Hotel Moskva. In 1950 it was nationalized and its name changed again, this time to Hotel Polom. This name was a reference to a battle which took place on Polom Hill near Žilina during the liberation struggle. Known today as Palace Hotel Polom, recent years have seen a return to its former glory as a luxury hotel from the end of Austro - Hungarian Empire.
  21. 21. A Dogma for EFL Scott Thornbury• In 1995 a group of Danish film-makers, including Lars von Trier, signed a "vow of chastity" which became the manifesto of the Dogme 95 film-making collective. Their intention was to cleanse cinema of an obsessive concern for technique and rehabilitate a cinema which foregrounded the story, and the inner life of the characters.
  22. 22. Learning, too, takes place in the here-and-now.What is learned is what matters. Teaching - liketalk - should centre on the local and relevantconcerns of the people in the room, not on theremote world of coursebook characters, nor thecontrived world of grammatical structures
  23. 23. markandrews.edublogs.orgmaarkandrews@gmail.com sol@sol.org.uk @marekandrews