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Types of love

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Types of love

  1. 1. Types of love in the literature
  2. 2. • S e n s u a l lo v e • T r a g ic lo v e• Im p o s s ib le lo v e • Id e a liz e d lo v e •L o v e t yr a n t • C o u r t ly lo v e
  3. 3. • It implies loving passion; relations in which the physical attractionS e ns ua and the possession of the corporal l lo v e beauty stimulates the feeling. Also there is understood by this the possession and physical union of
  4. 4. •It implies loving passion; relations inwhich the physical attraction and thepossession of the corporal beautystimulates the feeling. Also there isunderstood by this the possession andphysical union of the lovers.T r a g ic lo v e
  5. 5. Im p o s s ib l e lo v e •One says to the love that it is not possible to achieve for external situations that they determine it.
  6. 6. Id e a liz e d lo v e• The idealized love is considered to be a feeling different and superior to the pure physiological needs, the sexual desire or the lust, and generally it implies a mixture of emotional and sexual desire.
  7. 7. • The love associates with the freedom, in this respect, the love tyrant is that Lo ve one that deprives a being of his tyr a n t freedom.
  8. 8. C o u r t ly lo v e• It is characterized for taking of the feudalism the conception of the lady as a sometimes inflexible and cruel gentleman, whom it is necessary to respect. The lady is full of perfection and belongs morally superior to the man, is the faithful reflection of the supreme celestial beauty, compared with the virgin Maria. It can or not correspond to the love. If it corresponds, it takes implicitly the erotic concrete possession as remuneration to the love. The love must be difficult and privately.