XP2015: Breaking your illusions with Exploratory Testing

Maaret Pyhäjärvi
Maaret PyhäjärviPrincipal Test Engineer at Vaisala Oyj
Breaking your illusions with
Exploratory Testing
Maaret Pyhäjärvi
Email: <maaret@iki.fi> | Twitter:
Checking and Exploring
Testers don’t break your
code, they break your
illusions about the
-- adapted from James Bach
Dispelling Illusions: Empirical
Evidence over Speculation
Things Can Look Different from
Different Perspectives
Maaret Pyhäjärvi
Email: maaret@iki.fi
Twitter: @maaretp
Blog: visible-quality.blogspot.fi
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XP2015: Breaking your illusions with Exploratory Testing

Editor's Notes

  1. 10 minute version
  2. Ru’s story: regression means exploring, never understood that it means it is worse than it was. Retest / regression.
  3. Illusion stories: “I tested it, it works” “reporting engine” “no time for refactoring” / “releasing as scheduled over done” “Need document grouping feature over others” --- Ray Arell (Intel) giving apple example: showing you’re living with an illlusion. Tester mentality!! ---- Point of this slide: BUGS not defects: anything this might bug a user, there’s many types of illusions we have Finding really expensive bugs: missing value, wrong features Illusion: releasing as scheduled (sprint) vs. releasing when done (kanban) EMPIRICAL evidence trumps speculation. Every Single Time. – testobsessed