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Tales from tester developer collaboration

  1. @maaretp @LlewellynFalco
  2. Developing a new feature
  3. Developer
  4. Tester
  5. ?!?%#
  6. Except…
  7. A day of mobbing
  8. * That would’ve been a nasty one to find later
  9. Co-creation vs. Collaboration
  10. Tales from Developer Tester Collaboration Maaret Pyhäjärvi & Llewellyn Falco
  11. 1st session on unit testing *
  12. Strong Style Pairing “For an idea to go from your head to the computer it must go though someone else’s hands” *
  13. Farming vs. Hunting
  14. “Look at me” Pairing
  15. Why are we having issues?
  16. How we became how we are
  17. Exploratory Testing
  18. Testing Excel
  19. What Testing Gives Us UnitTesting ExploratoryTesting SPEC FEEDBACK REGRESSION GRANULARITY GUIDANCE UNDERSTANDING SERENDIPITY MODELSTesting as artifact creation Testing as performance
  20. Why do this? “It’s about getting the best (not the most) out of everyone”
  21. Quality
  22. Quality
  23. Quality Some dev care about testing Pairing & Mobbing Remote desktop More powerful unit tests Some testers are great product owners MindMaps are amazing Skilled tester exist Testers don’t report everything Learning's: Shortcuts & Cheats
  24. Thank you. @maaretp @LlewellynFalco (please connect with us through Twitter or LinkedIn)

Editor's Notes

  1. This is what it is and what it could be. There’s a direction to it, not just statement of what it is. Coaching is not just feedback, it’s pointing them to the right way. EXPERIENCE (the verb) rather than facts ; emotions over facts. REACTIONS. UNDERSTANDING – where you start (knowing the thing (code & environment), knowing the user, knowing the problems, knowing the developers (how to help them and what they do so that you can efficiently test), knowing the hackers (weird use cases outside common ‘have you tried reading it upside down’) , knowing all stakeholders, knowing the business priorities)