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Mob testing


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Mob Testing

Published in: Software
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Mob testing

  1. 1. @maaretp Mob Testing by Maaret Pyhäjärvi
  2. 2. @maaretp Mob Testing is Mob Programming so that: •  You’re a tester in a mob programming team OR •  Activity you mob on is testing
  3. 3. @maaretp "All the brilliant people working on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, on the same computer." -- Woody Zuill
  4. 4. @maaretp Mobbing Setup and Roles Driver Navigators Designated Navigator Facilitator
  5. 5. @maaretp Strong-Style Navigation “For an idea to go from your head to the computer it must go through someone else’s hands” *
  6. 6. @maaretp Strong-Style Pairing Exercise
  7. 7. @maaretp Highest level of abstraction Intent Location Details
  8. 8. @maaretp Mobbing Guidelines
  9. 9. @maaretp Yes, and…
  10. 10. @maaretp Kindness, Consideration and Respect
  11. 11. @maaretp Mob Exploratory Testing
  12. 12. @maaretp Task 1: Freeform Exploration
  13. 13. @maaretp Product is my external imagination I am my developer’s external imagination
  14. 14. @maaretp Explore with Intent Mission Charter Other Charters Details INTENT LEARNINGS
  15. 15. @maaretp Exploratory Testing: Frame of Management ”A day’s work” Vision (“Sandbox”) Current Charter Other Charters Details Bug Reports Perception of quality and coverage Quality ReportDebriefing Tester Test Manager Past Results Obstacles Outlook Feelings ? # xCharter backlog of the future testing Out of budget Next in importance! #, ?, x, + 20:20:60 Session sheets of the past testing Idea of exploration Metrics summary Coaching Playbooks Coverage outlines
  16. 16. @maaretp Task I1: Exploring in a Frame
  17. 17. @maaretp From Michael Sahota STICKYNOTESDONERIGHT
  18. 18. @maaretp Exploring in a Mob Creating a varied learning experience
  19. 19. @maaretp Testers acquire a lot of implicit knowledge
  20. 20. @maaretp Introducing concepts, ideas and tools
  21. 21. @maaretp Vocalizing your ideas
  22. 22. @maaretp Emotions through Trigger Words
  23. 23. @maaretp Mapping Coverage, Bugs and Questions
  24. 24. @maaretp Building habits and transferring skills over passing knowledge
  25. 25. @maaretp Automation in Testing TheVery Basics
  26. 26. @maaretp Test Automation is Use of Programming for Testing Purposes
  27. 27. @maaretp Programming is like writing. Getting started is easy and it takes a lifetime to get good at.
  28. 28. @maaretp Test Target Application by Thomas Sundberg
  29. 29. @maaretp Task 1: Selenium IDE
  30. 30. @maaretp Task 1I: Test as code
  31. 31. @maaretp Task I: Test-Driven Development
  32. 32. @maaretp Coding exercise (Fizz Buzz) 1, 2, Fizz, 4, Buzz, Fizz, 7, 8, Fizz, Buzz, 11, Fizz, 13, 14, FizzBuzz, 16, 17, Fizz, 19, Buzz
  33. 33. @maaretp Discuss Observations Retrospective
  34. 34. @maaretp What Testing gives Us UnitTesting ExploratoryTesting SPEC FEEDBACK REGRESSION GRANULARITY GUIDANCE UNDERSTANDING MODELS SERENDIPITYTesting as artifact creation Testing as performance
  35. 35. @maaretp Before implementing While implementing Before production While in production Testing as artifact creation Testing as performance (exploration) Ways to think of testing peak at different moments with regards to adding a capability TOTALS Testing is Everywhere!
  36. 36. @maaretp Takeaways Mob Testing / Mob Programming
  37. 37. @maaretp Learning or Contributing
  38. 38. @maaretp The 1 % every day => 3600 % in a year
  39. 39. @maaretp
  40. 40. @maaretp
  41. 41. @maaretp Maaret Pyhäjärvi Email: Twitter: @maaretp Web: Blog: (please connect with me through Twitter or LinkedIn)