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Agile2016: (Lightning Talk) Breaking illusions


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A 3-minute talk I delivered at Agile 2016 conference in the lightning talks track out of a whim.

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Agile2016: (Lightning Talk) Breaking illusions

  1. 1. @maaretp Breaking Illusions by Maaret Pyhäjärvi
  2. 2. @maaretp Exploratory testing is a systematic approach for discovering risks using rigorous analysis techniques coupled with testing heuristics.
  3. 3. @maaretp Testers don’t break the code, they break your illusions about the code. - Adapted from James Bach
  4. 4. @maaretp From Experiments to Empirical Evidence Testing is about information for people who matter
  5. 5. @maaretp Illusion type I: Code doing what it’s supposed to.
  6. 6. @maaretp Illusion type II: Product doing what it would need to.
  7. 7. @maaretp Illusion type III: Process being able to deliver with change in mind.
  8. 8. @maaretp Illusion type IV: People having skills to deliver well.
  9. 9. @maaretp Illusion typeV: Business model driving the selection of right focus.
  10. 10. @maaretp Illusions Need to be Broken Encourage your testers out of the functional box they put themselves in (with your guidance).
  11. 11. @maaretp Continuous Delivery without Test Automation exists.
  12. 12. @maaretp The value of another’s experience is to give us hope, not to tell us how or whether to proceed - Peter Block Experience Reports over Definitions or Methods
  13. 13. @maaretp Maaret Pyhäjärvi Email: Twitter: @maaretp Web: Blog: (please connect with me through Twitter or LinkedIn)