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  1. 1. customer relationship is strategy which is used by the companies or the firms to make new customer
  2. 2.  A person who buy the product by the exchange of money
  3. 3.  Relation is something which some values in it self .In a relationship two person have something which makes them friendly
  4. 4.  Management is the process in which we try to manage, maintain something so we can get best result
  5. 5.  customer relationship management is mainly used by the companies or firms. It is also used by the shopkeeper to attract the customer towards them
  6. 6.  When the product need some help to introduce itself in the market When customer involvement in production is low When in market the competition is very high When customer prefer single transaction to him
  7. 7.  Advertisement customer care service Survey Live performance of the product
  8. 8. 1. *Input* Value-added product and service2. *Process* High customer satisfaction Solve the problems of customer
  9. 9. 3. *Output* Individual care and attention Lower the market costs Special facility and services
  10. 10.  Organization objectives Solution to suit business objective Using skilled manager Choose right vendors
  11. 11.  To find a group of new customer To satisfy the customer To know about the wants and demands of the customer To provide better customer service To me call center more efficient To sell products more effectively
  12. 12.  It gives the image of the market It builds goodwill in the market It gives more customer satisfaction Turn customer into your friend It developed brand equity, customer retention and loyalty
  13. 13.  customer will comfortable in the relationship customer can know about the product He can get some extra service which are provided by the company Firm know what to expect the customer
  14. 14.  It increase the purchase of product in market It lowers the cost It helps the organization to know about the demands of the customer It is help full to about the competition in the market
  15. 15.  Develop better communication Collect customer related data Increased customer satisfaction Indentify new selling opportunities Better stand against global competition
  16. 16.  It involves substantial capital investment with no guarantee of return