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  • RONA= Net Income _____________________________ Fixed Assets +Net Working CapitalNet working capital is calculated by taking the company’s current assets minus its current liabilities. The higher the return, the better the profit performance for the company.
  • Marketing and Research freelancer

    1. 1. Marketing and Research Freelancer Mohamed Ammar
    2. 2. Professional History 10 years
    3. 3. Future perspectiveMy Self Khater Group
    4. 4. Industrial Companies Reached Small Medium LargeIndustry Industry Industry Automobiles Beauty & Ceramic and sparePersonal Care Industry parts components Optics Consumer Luxury Goods Electronics and Jewelry
    5. 5. Companies At a glance
    6. 6. Achievements and Glories• Planning, design and implementing the Research strategies• Construct the data collection Methodologies and Tools.• Design the quantitative& qualitative data collection methods. (e.g.; store check, depth interviews, surveys, opinion polls, or questionnaires)• Analyzing quantitative & qualitative data.• Make tabular formats, fact sheets, graphs and reports on each of the research results in order to summarize them• Gather data on competitors and analyze their prices, sales, and method of marketing and distribution.• Prepare marketing research reports
    7. 7. Success Experience Baraka & Bareeq Story Tips: • Market share increased deeply and reached 39.5%. • Barka group expands their product brands and established 3 major initial retailer shops ( C&CO – Barka – Bareeq). • They increased their volume by 25% in the Egyptian market. • They made a commitments to reach customers diversity (low-medium – high classes) to make them satisfied in buying initial brands from their stores. • In the past Barka was reaching 33.65 %of the market share comparing with its competitors Magraby optics that has 41%
    8. 8. Export Market Strategy Confidential Al Quds corporation for plastic was established in 2002 in Al Sadat city aiming to produce and manufacture agriculture film which includes greenhouses covering rolls, grapes covering, agriculture tunnels, agriculture mulch, banana perspective bags and seedling bags. The company also produces bags, packaging rolls, shrink packaging rolls and shopping bags either plain or printed available up to six colors.
    9. 9. ConfidentialMemorandum of Understanding
    10. 10. Research Objective ConfidentialBuild a research based market entry strategy for the most potential & attractive markets by well defining the best market entry mode take in consideration the current market size, future growth, competition and the market entry requirements
    11. 11. Export Planning Model Confidential Companys Export ReadinessFormulating the Understanding the market entry product competitive strategy SWOT advantage Researching the Selected target Identify the high markets potential markets
    12. 12. Market Research Methodology
    13. 13. Store check Approach1.To identify as many brands (with their national brand owners/producer) as possible in each category;2.To cross check brand presence against the previous year’s shares information;3.To collate 100% accurate brand and national brand owner/distributor names. Brand names should beas detailed as possible;4.To provide details on pack price, size and type for each brand listed;5.To give an indication of brand prominence in terms of major, secondary and minor brands within eachsubcategory and by outlet;6.To provide qualitative commentary on each subcategory;7.To provide additional detail on products, such as product format, flavours, ingredients/compositionand market positioning;8.To give insight into the prevalence of products with a Health & Wellness positioning relative tostandard products, as well as describing key Health & Wellness properties
    14. 14. Market Research Industries • Refrigeration • B2B interview • Bakery • Home Laundry • B2C interview • Ice cream • Large Cooking • Oils and Fats • Food • Snack Bars Preparation • Spreads • Small CookingHome Appliance Food, Beverage • Small Kitchen • Vacuum Cleaners • Personal Care Bakery • Heating • Air Treatment
    15. 15. Channel coverage for EuromonitorCHANNEL TYPE EXAMPLE STORE• Hypermarkets Carrefour, spynies, etc.• Supermarkets Awlad ragab, Mahmal, Soudi• Discounters• Department stores B-Tech, Al Ogel,• Variety stores Independent Retailer,• Mass merchandisers Target, Kmart• Chemists/pharmacies El Azaby, Sief• Parapharmacies/drugstores• Perfumeries CHI, Sephora, Douglas• Other health and beauty retailers• Furniture and furnishings stores IKEA, Conforama• DIY and hardware stores B&Q, Home Depot• Kitchen specialists multiples Magnet• Kitchen specialist’s independents• Electrical goods multiples Comet, Darty, MediaMarkt• Electrical goods independents• Construction Barratt Holmes, ACS, Don-Stroy• Builders merchants Jewson, Elliotts, Big Mat• Other non-grocery retailers• Homeshopping Littlewoods, KarstadtQuelle,• Internet retailing Comet, Tesco, Amazon• Direct selling• Other grocery retailers• Convenience stores •Forecourt retailers• Independent small grocers •Outdoor markets• Other types of food specialists •Non-grocery retailers• Internet retailing
    16. 16. Methodology OverviewInput-output methodology determines the sizeof the industry inputs such as ingredients andpackaging. It then validates this against industryoutputs, primarily producer sales volumes. Thecore information is obtained via face-to-faceinterviews with industry suppliers,manufacturers and brand owners.
    17. 17. The Packaging and Ingredients intelligence centersAchieved by: Achieved by:• Utilizing our in-house expertise and In-depth analysis of ingredientcomprehensive market data profiles and ingrédient applications• Extensive research of government and trade data• In-store fieldwork Structured, in- depth industry interviews
    18. 18. Triangulation of research and analysis creates a consensus viewThis approach means you can track and quantify the “consumerstory” from behaviors through to consumptions “sample”
    19. 19. 1. Develop my analytical research.I will need to make quite a few decisions about my business including searching,marketing strategies and finances of sport industry before I join khater Group. Byhaving the right information to hand my self also can be more accurate in my forecastsand analysis.2. Determine who I am working for.Does it have more than one purpose? Will it be useful to satisfy my professionalgrowth? Deciding the extent of security specially financially, and find out what arethey interested in.3. Get some help.If I am not confident in completing the work myself, I can enlist the help of aprofessional (i.e. khater’s manager, expertise friends, business adviser) to look throughmy work and provide me with advice.4. Study. Study. Study.My marketing career is there to make a good impression to my professional growth.Errors will only detract from my professional image. So studying, researching anddeveloping will solidity my work experience .
    20. 20. Balanced Scorecard Basics The Basic Components of a Balanced Scorecard are: Objectives, Measures, Targets and Initiatives Operating Efficiency Objective Measure Target InitiativeFinancial What the How The level of Processes and strategy is performance performance or programs Profits and trying to against the rate of required to reach RONA achieve objective is improvement the target Plane monitored needed UtilisationCustomer Attract & Retain More Customers Lowest pricesInternal Fast ground Fast ground On Ground Time 90% progressed Turnaround Cycle turnaround turnaround On-Time Departure Time OptimizationLearning Ground crew alignment