Building a Multilingual Site in 30 minutes. SPS New Jersey


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SharePoint 2013 includes new and improved features for web content management to enhance the authoring and publishing processes of your organization, and that simplify how you design publishing sites.
In this session, we will review the new Site Navigation Taxonomy, the new enhanced multi-lingual variations support, rich content authoring, multimedia support, ease of branding a site, cross-site publishing, brand a SharePoint site in less than 30 minutes, and much more surrounding building an internet site with SharePoint 2013.

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  • We have been working together for many yearsBuilt award winning web sites for a wide range of verticals
  • Thank the organizers
  • We take the same artefacts , push them into SharePointSharePoint auto-converts the HTML in a usable masterpageYou can then use the snippet gallery to add content zones, a search box, global and current navigation, web part zones etc. You do all this editing using your preferred HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Eclipse, NetBeans etc… WYSIWIG or Code editor.
  • Not sure if any of you know Randy Drisgill but he came up with a way to describe SharePoint Branding using effort levels. I think that it conveys very well the change between 2010 and 2013.Note: 2013  Composed looks is like Wordpress theming engine, many ship OOTBPicks an existing Site Layout (Really an existing Masterpage), a color palette (.spcolor), an image that can be replaced with a custom, and a font scheme (.spfont) (Office 365 had 41 composed looks) (18 On-Prem)Toggle to Office365 screen without an official Demo Pick one and show the second screen with Layout, color, font & image.
  • You now design using web standards that you’ve all done if you’ve ever built a websiteYou can target mobile, desktop and tablets from the same URL using device ChannelsYou can use REST to create iPhone/Android/WP8 Apps that expose SharePoint contentSharePoint also has reduced the core CSS files by streamlining the classes and having the SharePoint team justify every new class that was created. They ended up with more lines of CSS but still are more efficient.
  • Traditional Site StructureCreate terms in the term storeMention – We are going to talk more about Managed Navigation further more; more specifically how we can drive dynamic content into a website using the term store and searchSo the term store will enhance my navigation structure and has a great impact on multilingual sites
  • A lot of enhancements in 2013 variations that I am going to show you in the demoNew service has been added in 2013 for translationMachine using Bing TranslatorHuman using XLIFF based format. If you are not familiar with it, this is an XML based file that is used with translation companiesVariations hiccups: In the past we have seen scenarios were target pages are not created or the variation relationship between pages are broken
  • Terms are mapped only to pages itemsWhy am I using term sets for translation?
  • Create content in an Authoring environment and use it in any one of your SharePoint publishing environments.This is done by exposing content put in a catalog in your internal authoring environment (a catalog is a SP List with the setting set to it being a catalog) Better to create using the catalog template but you can apply manually.Using Search and MMS allows to expose this content to Publishing sites. It allows you to publish to multiple external sites (IE: Samsung Canada, Samsung, Europe, Samsung US etc..)Expose in multi-lingual sitesNote: Catalogs are crawled in a special way by search to expose it to the content search web part
  • In this slide I am going to show how we can take advantage of dynamic content using search and the term store.
  • The content search webpart can be customized using display templates. Many ship ootb but you can roll your own using again standard HTML, JS, CSSIt allows you do simple lists, more complete product description grids, image rotators etc. All driven from the same webpart.You can specify how this webpart processes the query to allow you to expose featured content over other. It presents you with a dynamic live preview so you see the expected results as you build your query
  • This diagram shows the underlying search topology in 2013. If you notice the item in the middle with the green highlight, (item 3) this is the analytics processing engine. It analyses the behavior of your users towards served search results, which items are clicked more often, first, etc and uses this compiled data to serve recommendations to your users. (IE – Search for a laptop, get laptop bags, cooling pad etc.)
  • Building a Multilingual Site in 30 minutes. SPS New Jersey

    1. 1. BUILD AND BRAND A MULTILINGUAL SITE IN 30 MINUTES October 05, 2013 Mike Maadarani, SharePoint Architect
    2. 2. BIO… Mike Maadarani • App Dev and Architecture for over 18 years (15 Years Microsoft, 3 Years with the “Other Guys”) • Business focused on Enterprise Content Management & Publishing Sites • Technology focused on SharePoint, SQL Server and SharePoint Integration • Architect, trainer, and presenter • Blog: •; @mikemaadarani
    3. 3. THANK YOU EVENT SPONSORS • Platinum & Gold sponsors have tables here in the Fireside Lounge • Please visit them and inquire about their products & services • To be eligible for prizes make sure your bingo card is signed by all Platinum/Gold
    4. 4. PRINCETON SHAREPOINT USER GROUP • Different SharePoint discussions each month on various topics. Announced on • Meets 4th Wednesday of every month • 6pm – 8pm • Infragistics Office • 2 Commerce Drive, Cranbury, NJ • •
    5. 5. UI and Branding Demo Rollup and Syndication Content Search Extensibility Managed Site Navigation Cross Site PublishingAgenda Closing and Q&A Multilingual Variations and Translation Service Demo SharePoint 2013 Publishing Sites Overview
    6. 6. PAST EXPERIENCES Dreamweaver / Photoshop / etc. SharePoint Designer / Visual Studio 2010
    7. 7. IN SHAREPOINT 2013 SharePoint Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Eclipse, NetBeans, etc… Auto Convert Snippet Gallery Add controlsUpload
    8. 8. COMPARING EFFORTS Full Effort Custom Master Pages, Page Layouts, Display Templates Visual Studio Medium Effort Design Manager for Publishing Sites Custom CSS & Images Dreamweaver/etc… Low Effort Page Editing & Composed Looks Browser Full Effort Custom Master Pages, Page Layouts, XSLT Visual Studio Medium Effort Custom CSS SharePoint Designer Low Effort Page Editing & Themes Browser & PowerPoint SharePoint 2010 SharePoint 2013
    9. 9. • Site design using technologies web developers know & love • (HTML5, CSS3, JS) – using their preferred design tools. • Design sites for multiple “screens” for different Device Channels • Desktop, tablet, mobile, etc. all served from the same URLs to optimize for Search Engine ranking. Tailor designs and target devices with device channels. Create Mobile Apps with REST APIs. • SharePoint core CSS files has been re-architected • Reduce bytes-over-the-wire & complicated CSS hierarchy. DESIGN
    10. 10. DEMO Branding My Publishing Site
    11. 11. ENABLING MANAGED NAVIGATION Uses the term store Choose your friendly URLs (FURLs) Add flexibility to site structure Publishing Site Collection Home SharePoint Saturday New Jersey 2013 Product Innovation Nav Term Set home SharePoint Social Community We are all IN! PowerPivot and Search A New Way to Interact with the Cloud SPSNewJersey O365 innovation/modern- approach The-Cloud A Modern Approach to an Ancient Game SPSC product-innovation modern-approach Contoso Source Pages List
    12. 12. MULTILINGUAL • Variations is now more focused on Multilingual • Built-in translation services • Machine Translation • Human Translation (XLIFF) • Variations • Adding a new language takes half the time • If something goes wrong, pick up where you left off • Create up to 209 labels on premises, 50 labels in O365
    13. 13. MULTILINGUAL MANAGED NAVIGATION Multiple term sets allows market-by-market customization Supports translation of terms, URL components and SEO properties No Language Packs required Variations Site Collection Source – EN-CA Pages Library Document Library General List Target –FR-CA Pages Library Document Library General List Nav Term Set – EN-CA Page Navigation Terms Nav Term Set – FR-CA Page Navigation Terms
    14. 14. Adding Variations DEMO
    15. 15. CROSS SITE PUBLISHING Benefits: 1. Need to Publish to multiple location 2. Need a multilingual site 3. Need to separate authoring and publishing 1. This is not content deployment 2. This is not variations 3. This requires the Publishing feature 4. This requires a Catalog Authoring Environment Internal Catalog Search MMS Authoring Environment Internal Catalog Search MMS
    16. 16. SYNDICATION Content by Search Web Part QueryRules Recommendations Managed Navigation Publishing Pages Taxonomy Documents Pages CatalogitemsConversations Anything else!Digital Assets Content Search Web Part
    17. 17. Computers Cameras Cell Phones Home appliances Movies & Music TV and video Computers Cameras Cell Phones Home appliances Movies & Music TV and Video Friendly URL Use page products.aspx Search Product Catalog CONTENT SEARCH WEB PART TERM STORE NAVIGATION TAXONOMY Filter query by CATEGORY: TV CONTENT SEARCH WEB PART
    18. 18. Computers Cameras Phones TV and video Games GPS Mobile Computing TERM STORE NAVIGATION TAXONOMY Use page Products-pc.aspx Search Product Catalog CONTENT SEARCH WEB PART Friendly URL Filter query by CATEGORY: Computers CONTENT SEARCH WEB PART
    19. 19. Custom Templates; HTML, CSS & JS (jQuery) OOTB CSWP DISPLAY TEMPLATES
    21. 21. VALUABLE RESOURCES • • • •!/2012/09/sharepoint-2013-publishing- features.html •
    22. 22. Mike Maadarani, , @mikemaadarani THANK YOU!