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dolphins friends

  1. 2. Dolphins friends What is dolphins friends? Dolphins friends is an organization that pretend to save the dolphins from being extinguished. We have some natural reserves to keep our dolphins save and we are planning to do some new natural reserves around all the world.
  2. 3. <ul><li>Dolphins are animals which are between 1,5 and 2,5 meters large. Even if lots of people think dolphins are fishes, the truth is they are mammals. </li></ul>What dolphins really are?
  3. 4. They are highly streamlined and efficient swimmers, due to their shape and the composition of their skin which reduces friction to a minimum. They also have a developed brain and it’s the only animal that has a greater brain mass/body weight ratio than man. One of the curiosities of dolphins is that they have no facial muscles and they are incapable of change their expression. What dolphins really are?
  4. 5. The habitat of the dolphins depends on the temperature of the water and on the fish they haunt. The temperature should be between 40 or 45 degrees. Dolphins use to live in hot seas. Where they normally live?
  5. 6. Fishing is really important because when fishes that dolphins eat move on to another sea, dolphins should move on too. That’s why dolphins are always changing their habitat live. One of the zones we can found some dolphins species are: The Pacific Ocean: there can be dolphins from the north of Japan to Australia and California. The Atlantic Ocean: dolphins live from Scotland to Patagonia and from Noriega to Africa. Where they normally live?
  6. 7. There are three main reasons why dolphins are endangered and all of them are related to humans: Why dolphin is endangered specie? 1. Tuna and dolphins follow the same routes and dolphins get caught in the fishermen’s nets which are meant to catch tuna.
  7. 8. 2. Humans haunt dolphins for use in human’s cuisine. Dolphins are protected by laws but none the less between 200.000 and 500.000 dolphins were victimized by fishermen during the 1960 - 1972 years. 3. Since humans are polluting rivers, seas and oceans, dolphins are being affected. Why dolphin is endangered specie?
  8. 9. There’s three basics solutions we can do to resolve this problem: 1. To respect the law that banned dolphins haunting. 2. Not to pollute the seas or oceans where they life. 3. To make a donation or to campaign to protect this intelligent specie. What can we do to save the dolphins?
  9. 10. Help us to do it!