Converting eBooks with Calibre


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During a meeting, a colleague asked me how to download and print a Kindle eBook (don't question it, just go with the flow). I started gushing about Calibre and, after a few minutes, my colleagues asked me to write down what I was saying because it was too much. Way too much. So that led to this presentation. I was looking for a reason to purchase a new eBook, so I nobly sacrificed my pocketbook money to buy an eBook and demonstrate this procedure.

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Converting eBooks with Calibre

  1. 1. Software for the eBook obsessed
  2. 2. I was in a meeting recently and a colleague asked how to download and print a Kindle eBook. (Don’t question it, just go with the flow.) When I started to explain the procedure, the group members clutched their heads in collective agony and asked me to put it in writing. That initiative became this presentation. I use Windows 7 so if you are working in an awesome Mac or Windows 8 environment, these steps might not work for you.
  3. 3. There are three things you need to do this procedure:  Amazon Kindle software for your PC.  Calibre software.  An eBook I’m assuming you’ve already downloaded and installed the software. I’m looking for an excuse to buy a new eBook, so I’ll show how you can purchase one.
  4. 4. Be sure you have the book sent to your Kindle for PC. Sometimes (especially if the book has multi-media elements in it) this option won’t be available. If it is not available, that means the Kindlebook can only be viewed on an iOS or Android device. Sorry. 
  5. 5. My book!
  6. 6. It should be in the My Kindle Content folder.  The file name will be a gobbeldygook alphabet soup name.  Look for an .azw file and sort by date to see when you downloaded it. 
  7. 7. Notice that in the thumbnail for the eBook there is a Formats listing. Notice that it only has AZW3 listed in the Format section. This is the Amazon format. We want it in .pdf format for printing, right? Right!
  8. 8. Make sure the appropriate eBook file is selected and click Convert individually from the sub-menu.
  9. 9. As you can see, there are a lot of supported formats. I suggest selecting the .pdf file format because that’s easiest to print. Click OK and you are good to go.
  10. 10. The new formats are now listed. Click the Click to open option by the Path heading, and it opens a folder where the eBook files are stored. There is your .pdf ready for printing!