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VS Preparedness and Ongoing Support- Mary Broussard


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Published in: Education
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VS Preparedness and Ongoing Support- Mary Broussard

  1. 1. Mary R. BroussardUniversity of Louisiana at Lafayette
  2. 2. This presentation was created to help you to understand some of the issues and challenges surrounding the preparedness and ongoing support needed for K-12 students to learn successfully online.
  3. 3.  Online students must be driven by self-motivation do to online classes being mainly self-paced. Teachers must work extra hard to keep a student motivated and engaged in online learning. Students are typically focused to complete assignments solely due to the amount of interest and motivation that have in a particular assignment. Because students do not have direct access to a teacher and because motivation is an important factor, it is extremely important for teachers to tap into each student’s interests, learning styles, and engage them accordingly. (Butner, Fraughton, Heiner, Sansone, & Zachary, 2011)
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