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The Beytepe Campus Map: A Mashup Application - Scientific poster for BOBCATSSS 2010


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The Beytepe Campus Map: A Mashup Application

Beytepe Kampusu Haritası Mashup Uygulaması

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The Beytepe Campus Map: A Mashup Application - Scientific poster for BOBCATSSS 2010

  1. 1. The Beytepe Campus Map:A Mashup Application<br />Müge Akbulut & Begüm Çare<br />Department of InformationManagement, Hacettepe University,Ankara, Turkey<br />,<br />INTRODUCTION<br />APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT (cont’d)<br />APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT (cont’d)<br />CONCLUSION (cont’d)<br />Insummary, the new campus map is more functional. The user interface can be improved in terms of design and functionalism byaddingnew features. New applications can be developed toallowusers to getaccess viatheircellphonesto the map wherever and whenever they wishto do so. <br />Fig. 4.TheGoogleSpreadsheetsdisplayimage<br /><ul><li>We developed a simple ontology comprising eight categories, each with its own sub-categories to represent the places at the BeytepeCampus: Academic Units, Administrative Units, Sheltering, Nutrition, Health, Transportation, Entertainment and Sports Centre, and Others. Wekeyed in data foreachcategoryalongwithitsicontoCommunityWalk (Fig. 5). Weplaced the ontology on the left-hand side of theuserinterface. Wemashedup annotations and pictures linked to each place and displayed themon the right-hand side along with a search button. </li></ul>Fig. 5.Categoriesandicons<br /><ul><li>TodevelopthemashupapplicationusingGoogleMaps API, we wrote the programming code using the Google Code Playground(Google, 2009b). We used JavaScriptandJavaScript libraries to modify the user interface and added zooming features to display the detailed campus map. </li></ul>Many universities have developed interactive and web-based campus maps.The spatial features of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are usually incorporated in such maps, thereby facilitating visual searches.Inadditiontospatialfeatures, a GIS consists of hardware, software, data, personnelandmethodsusedto collect, store, process, manage, andanalyze geographical data, run location-basedqueries, and presenttheresultstousers (Yomralıoğlu, 2000; Dinçer, 2008). Amashupapplication, on theotherhand, enables us tocompose, arrange and present textual, audio andvisual contents drawnfrom multiple sourcesandpresentthemthroughnewuserinterfaces (Yee, 2008).<br />Fig. 1. MapCruncherdisplayimage<br />Fig. 2. TheBeytepebutton<br /><ul><li>We thengathered data about several different places on campus and tagged them on the map usingCommunityWalk’splace-pointing feature(CommunityWalk, 2008, Fig. 3). We added brief notes (dormitory capacities, pictures, phone numbers, etc.) about each place using explanationbuttons.</li></ul>Fig. 3. CommunityWalkApplication<br /><ul><li>Next, wetransferredthe MS Exceldata files thatweregenerated by CommunityWalk to Google Spreadsheets (Fig. 4) sothat data can be usedbydifferentbrowsers(Google, 2009a).TheGoogleSpreadsheetsapplication enabled us tomashupthecollected data withtheBeytepeCampusMapwithoutwriting “hard code”. In order to create a tree-like structure todisplaythroughthe user interface, wearrangedGoogle Spreadsheets data hierarchically (e.g., Academic Units–Faculties - Departments. New updates on an MS Excel-like interface can automatically be reflectedon Google Maps and theBeytepe Campus Map.</li></ul>ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS<br />We are thankful to our classmates: BaharGülerÇelik, GülümcanKayı, Merve Okur, HilalŞeker, and SeherÜnlü. We are also thankful to AlperDinçer for being a great mentor. We owe a special thanks to our teacher Prof. Dr YaşarTonta for his guidance and invaluable assistance throughout this study.<br />PURPOSE<br />The aim of this study is to designand develop an interactive, user-friendlyandweb-based Beytepe CampusMaptoprocess visual queries and make it availablethroughtheHacettepe University website. <br />REFERENCES<br />CommunityWalk. (2008). Retrieved January 5, 2010, from<br />Dinçer, A. (2008). Web tabanlı CBS uygulamalarına GoogleMaps yaklaşımı. CBS Günleri 2008 Sempozyumu, 19-20 Kasım 2008, Ankara. Retrieved January 5, 2010, from<br />Google. (2009a). Create a mapfrom a publishedGoogleSpreadsheet. GoogleMaps API Samples. Retrieved January 5, 2010, from<br />Google. (2009b). Code Playground. Retrieved January 5, 2010, from<br />Microsoft. (2009). MapCruncher. Retrieved January 5, 2010, from<br /> <br />Yee, R.(2008). Pro Web 2.0 mashups: Remixing data and Web services. Berkeley, CA: Apress. Retrieved January 5, 2010, from<br /> <br />Yomralıoğlu, T. (2000). Coğrafi bilgi sistemleri: Temel kavramlar ve uygulamalar. İstanbul: Seçil Ofset.<br />APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT<br /><ul><li>WechoseGoogleMaps API todevelopourmashupapplication, as it providesmore detailedmaps and higher resolution satellite pictures.Inaddition, GoogleMaps API providesmapswith a widerange of scalesbeforehandandpresentsthemtotheuser in an efficientmanner. WeusedGoogleMaps API applicationbuildertodesigntheuserinterfaceforourcampusmap.
  2. 2. Weobtainedthecampusmapcurrently used by HacettepeUniversity and replacedits green color with a more appropriate color tone tomatchthe background of Google Maps andaddedthe names of buildingslocated on campus onto the map.
  3. 3. We used the Map Cruncher software of Microsoft (2009) to cut the map and paste it on to Google Maps for predefined granularity levels (Fig. 1).In addition to the standard buttons of Google Maps (map, satellite and hybrid), we added a new button to place the Beytepe campus map on Google Maps (Fig. 2).</li></ul>CONCLUSION<br />TheBeytepe Campus Map mashup applicationinforms users about places on campus. Fourdifferenttypes of placesareshown on themapalongwithexplanationson theright-handside of themenu. Populatingthemapwith texts, pictures and video will make the map evenmore useful. Keeping data ina database facilitates fast and easy updating. The ontology wecreatedallows us to categorize related placestogether. Users can querythemapandfindeasilywhat they search for under 8 major items. TheBeytepeCampusMap is available online at <br />