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  1. 1. Escola E.B 2,3 de Montelongo
  2. 2. Breakfast-coffe and milk -toasts -cheese cake -natural orange juice -tea Lunch-starters-olive -toast and cheese - Bread Soups– soup-vegetables/carrot First course-a dish oh kidney beans (cooked with pork, saugeses, etc) Breakfast -veals row - Coffee and milk -Toasts Lunch - Cheese cake -Starters - Natural orange juice -olives -toast and cheese - Bread - Tea
  3. 3. First course Soups -A dish oh kidney beans - vegetables soup (cooked with pork , snugness, etc) - carrot soup -pullet -fish -smoking plate salmon Desserts Mousses Key lime pie Brownie Bread pudding Frozen mocha mud pie
  4. 4. Bruno Andrade nr 1 Work done by: Joaquim Lopes nr 10 Rita Novais nr 14 Rui Machado nr 16 Tiago Soares nr 20