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PHRonCellPhone mHIseminar.Waegemann


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PHR on the Cell Phone by C. Peter Waegemann, Executive Director, mHealth Initiative

Published in: Health & Medicine
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PHRonCellPhone mHIseminar.Waegemann

  1. 1. PHR on the Phone C. Peter Waegemann Executive Director
  2. 2. Accessing Patient Information Interoperability From internal system From a website From the phone card
  3. 3. Structure of the PHR Cannot be Comprehensive changed or added Physician-authenticated to by consumer Health Information Consumer/Patient- Consumer’s Area of managed Observations, Recordings Role-based Collection of Data, Privacy Even Corrections Requirements Personal/Private Health Information
  4. 4. Population Preventive Health Applications: Geriatric • Dietary Sports Care • Activity Management Medicine • • Environmental Applications: Telemedicine Influences Pre-natal • Dietary to Home • Drug Management • Activities and • Medication • Monitoring of Pediatric • Maximizing Management Environmental Applications:Energy • Caregiver Influences • Symptoms Data Interaction • Behavioral Issues Collection andData • • Emergency • Others Transmission Collection Management • Diagnostic • Data Chronic Diseases Collection Age
  5. 5. What are the Hurdles? Consensus on the dataset Consensus on communication system Universal platform Integration of data with providers Overcoming confidentiality/security/data protection concerns Overcoming authentication concerns Overcoming ease of use concerns Need for a special device for elderly patients Creation of scope and activity model Buy-in from stakeholders Internationalization
  6. 6. Issues How to get the first dataset on the phone? How to achieve authentication of health data? How to integrate it into EMRs? Import questions Export questions Making the dataset more inclusive Getting people to use it