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Current Implementation by AllOne Mobile and Diversinet by Stu Vaeth, Diversinet

Presented at the mHealth Initiative Spring Seminar, March 31, 2009 Boston MA

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SecureMobileAccess mHIseminar.Vaeth

  1. 1. AllOne Mobile Secure Healthcare Access in a Mobile World Stuart Vaeth VP, Business Development Diversinet (781) 354-7038
  2. 2. What is AllOne Mobile? Secure, mobile access to health information, anytime, anywhere. •Works on data capable wireless devices •Client software downloaded to the device •Wireless carrier agnostic •Mobilize existing on-line content •Improve member engagement •Marketing surveys, Education materials •Access to personal health record page 2
  3. 3. AllOne Mobile Platform • Flexible mobile phone publishing tool • Diversinet foundation: 7 Yrs $40 Million in R&D • Proven (ScotiaBank, RBS, Intersections) • Security certified and vetted by top analysts • Enterprise and Consumer focused value
  4. 4. AllOne Mobile Interest BCNEPA Significa U.S. Army Optum/United BCBSTN BCBSKC BCBSMN BCBSSC 28
  5. 5. The Family Healthcare Manager’s Issues Healthcare Financial Obligations # of Conditions # of Meds Unplanned Events
  6. 6. Mobile Healthcare Wallet Requirements Financial Health Settlement Insurance Plan Microsoft HealthVault Health Wallet Employer Healthcare Benefits Provider
  7. 7. Mobile Health Wallet Sharing At Camp At College Retired parents Eligibility & Payment
  8. 8. Case Management Example On-Going Family Observations Initial Patient Assessment Case Manager Secure Patient Vault Server Deliver Rich Communications Media Analysis
  9. 9. Healthcare Fraud “Hospitals and other medical settings are becoming a quot;hunting ground for identity thieves who use medical information to get credit card numbers, drain bank accounts or falsely bill Medicare and other insurers,quot; according to some experts” USA Today May 7-08 .
  10. 10. Medical Identity Theft Turns Patients Into Victims “Untangling the mess is hard: Unlike financial identity theft, there's no straightforward process for challenging false medical claims or correcting inaccurate medical records. For victims, the result can be thousands in unpaid charges, damaged credit, and bogus, possibly dangerous details cluttering up their medical records for years to come” U.S. News February 29, 2008
  11. 11. Mobile Channel Comparison • SMS – all traffic is in the clear and msg’s are stored in the open on the mobile • Mobile e-Mail – Most traffic is in the clear and msg’s are stored in the open on the mobile • Browser – User must know URL, UN and PW to gain access. User must then navigate through many screens to get to actionable data. Vulnerable to phishing. SSL secures to the transport layer only • Authenticated Client/Server Data Connection - Bi-lateral authentication between server & client with end-to-end encryption to the application data layer and granular permission management
  12. 12. Requirements for Secure Mobile Health Care • Secure OTA Provisioning with out-of-band Activation • Secure credential store on device • Secure all data in transit and at rest • Secure messaging – no SMS or email trail • Bi-lateral authentication between the mobile device and server • Granular permission management
  13. 13. Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Something you have: - a security credential from a trusted source Something you know: - PIN number (not stored on the server)
  14. 14. Mobile Wallet and Server Security Mobile Client Server Vault Server Authenticates Device/User Encrypted Data in Transit Secure Tunnel Mobile Authenticates Server Role Based Access PIN Protected Bi-Lateral Authentication Data Encrypted Data Encrypted 2FA Engine 2FA Engine
  15. 15. AllOne Mobile – Workflow Provider Provider SMS Permissions FAX AllOne AllOne Mobile Server Client Guest Access PHR Claims Consumer Payer External Data Sources
  16. 16. AllOne Mobile Experience page 16
  17. 17. Card Driven, Easy to Use page 17
  18. 18. Guest Users, Web Access page 18
  19. 19. Other Accounts, Dependents page 19
  20. 20. Sharing Options page 20
  21. 21. Sample Q&A Secure Messaging – US Army Project
  22. 22. Marketing Messaging 22
  23. 23. Active Link Messaging for Marketing 23
  24. 24. MyGlucoHealth Integration 1. Individual takes Blood sugar reading as they normally would. 2. Glucose reading is transferred from the MyGlucoHealth Meter via Bluetooth to the MyGlucoHealth Software On the mobile phone
  25. 25. Sample Eligibility & Payment Screens
  26. 26. AllOne Mobile Provisioning Process Bi-Directional Register Activate Populate Communications Account & Sync Data Receive SMS w/link for app download Registration Pre-loaded Enter PIN Portal at Health Activation Code Home Information or Read Message Respond to Care manager or Receive new message Respond to message Manually enter data and Synch to receive updates and alerts Register at the Sponsor Receive location data thru Source page 26
  27. 27. AllOne Mobile Summary Java • Significantly enhances any existing portal/PHR BREW infrastructure investments Symbian Microsoft • Engages members via mobile channel Blackberry Palm • Uses proven two-factor authentication technology Desktop Virtual • Operates on all Mobile Phone networks Android iPhone • Supports multiple device platforms USB/SD
  28. 28. Contact Information Stu Vaeth Diversinet Corp 781 734-0452