EMS/Ambulance mHIseminar.Perron&White


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EMS/Ambulance Project by Mario Perron, Manyeta and Mark White, MyRapidMD

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EMS/Ambulance mHIseminar.Perron&White

  1. 1. EMS / Ambulance Just Enough, Just in Time Patient File Mario Perron Mark White President and CEO President Manyeta Informatics Inc. MyRapidMD Corporation
  2. 2. Just Enough, Just in Time Patient File Definitions Protocols Guidelines Care Plans Observations Just-in-Time / Just-Enough Knowledge & Know-How
  3. 3. The Challenge • Positively Identify the Victims • Get Emergency Services Profile • Fill-in Emergency Triage Form • Monitor & Transmit Vital Signs • Start Documenting the Case
  4. 4. EMS / Ambulance Solution MyRapidMD Manyeta Telco EMR / EHR / PHR Manyeta
  5. 5. At MyRapidMD we believe your phone should do more than text, talk and entertain we believe it should care! “Does Your Phone Have ESP?”
  6. 6. First Responders’ Problem Primary need: INFORMATION! Quick & easy access to a victims medical profile Victim identity verification Access to doctor and family information Wallets or bracelets require 3rd party involvement When every minute is critical access to information saves lives
  7. 7. MyRapidMD’s ESP Solution • Installs a mobile app on cell phone containing YOUR Emergency Service Profile (ESP) includes photo for positive identification. • ESP based on globally recognized emergency response assessment protocol. • ESP makes critical emergency information available to First Responders throughout the emergency process as long as the phone has power; a service connection is not required. • Logo identifies ESP on phone’s home screen or in games & apps folder. Membership includes: 1. Wallet & key chain ID cards 2. Refrigerator magnet/sticker 3. Logo sticker for back of cell phone 4. Windshield decal 5. 24/7 toll-free automated backup call center 6. Auto update reminder every 90 days 7. No charge when you change phones or carriers 8. No charge to add ESP to your multiple devices
  8. 8. Emergency Service Profile is a simple, static information display ESP app containing user profile resident on mobile device Software patent pending Copyrights granted for “Your Phone Your Life” & “My Phone My Life” Privacy issues negligible Automatic SMS updates 1. Name 2. Photograph SaaS and automated call center back-end for 3. Date of birth healthcare providers, insurance companies, 4. Gender enterprises, government agencies 5. ESP member ID# 6. Blood type Database integration with healthcare provider 7. Drug allergies 8. Medications Google Android & iPhone platforms available late 9. Past medical history/current conditions 10. Surgeries in the past 90 days Q2/3 2009 11. Identifying marks 12. Organ donor status Future integration with PHR/EMR providers 13. City/state/country of residence 14. Emergency contact doctor 15. Home hospital 16. Emergency contact person (s) 17. Insurance provider * Ability to privatize certain fields which refers a person seeking information to the 24/7 automated call center to access this fields information.
  9. 9. Emergency Services Advisory Board Richard Krutosik Richard Cole RN, CEN, Head ER nurse – Los Angeles CA Chairman District Fire Rescue Chief City of Houston Travis Gilmore William quot;Billquot; Keddy Director Of Emergency Services Senior Fire Fighter Charlton Methodist Medical Center - Dallas, Texas Wellington, New Zealand Michael “Woody” Fleming Fire Fighter, Paramedic , Life Flight team member Wellington, New Zealand A combined 100 + years of global experience makes ESP the right information at the right time!
  10. 10. ESP in action First responders check wallets and cell phones for basic victim information Access full online medical record Patients benefit from EMR/PHR’s; VICTIMS need ESP ESP bridges the gap ESP identifies PHR/EMR vault i.e., MS Vault, Google Health etc The RIGHT information at the right time makes a difference Handover cell phone, stabilize patient, determine cause of Receive, assess and deliver information to treatment appropriate service First responders have immediate access to critical emergency medical & contact information
  11. 11. Value Proposition ESP info here…. here.... and here…. Can save here…. here…. and here AND….. HERE HERE HERE!
  12. 12. Broad mobile technology compatibility Can install on approx 80 - 85% of U.S. handset market Will be 100% agnostic by Q3 2009 Web and Java capability Application size depends on ESP information • Average size is approx. 30-40 kb
  13. 13. Multiple device and carrier capability Blackberry Curve Palm Treo Google’s Android platform Apple iPhone (Available mid 2009) (Awaiting approval from app store) Motorola Razr Support collateral also indicates phone has ESP installed. ESP member ID # on wallet & key chain cards & refrigerator magnet in case phone locked, broken or not available. Access to ESP info via 24/7 call center requires member ID #. Samsung Blackjack Sticker on back of phone indicates phone has ESP
  14. 14. Medical information is a an expectation for future mobile technology
  15. 15. EMS / Ambulance Solution MyRapidMD Manyeta Telco EMR / EHR / PHR Manyeta
  16. 16. Thank You Mario Perron Mark White President and CEO President mperron@manyeta.com mark@myrapidmd.com www.manyeta .com www.myrapidmd .com