Schools & Colleges - Mobile Learning through mGyan


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How mGyan - Mobile Learning leads to empowering school and college students with knowledge.

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Schools & Colleges - Mobile Learning through mGyan

  1. 1. mGyan Schools & Colleges Once upon a time, there were books and other such things. Now all you need is a PHONELearn On The GomGyan’s revolution of learning empowerment
  2. 2. mGyan The Education StoryABC Education Foundation provides facilities for qualityeducation to boys and girls of all ages via:• Schools to offer primary to senior secondary education.• Colleges to offer higher education at graduate, post-graduate and doctorallevels.• Technical institutions to offer engineering and technology courses.• Professional institutions to offer Communication and Management courses atall levels 2500 teachers & 40000 students. On an average, a diligent student learns new things every day.The following slides show how learning has been successfully reinforced by the mobilelearning initiative adopted by ABC. This is a sample illustrative case study on applications of mobile learning
  3. 3. mGyan The Teacher & the Learner Rahul is a Class XII student at ABC Collegiate School. He is in the Science stream. He has Physics, Chemistry and Biology as his chosen subjects. Rahul Sunitha is the Physics Teacher of Class XI at ABC Collegiate School. She is currently teaching “Photoelectric effect to her students. Photoelectric effect”Sunitha
  4. 4. mGyan Learning Opportunities Has completed teaching the course on “Photoelectric effect Photoelectric effect”. She has created a Refresher mobile learning module for her students on the course that has 1) Lesson HighlightsSunitha 2) Flip Cards 3) Quiz
  5. 5. mGyan Interaction Hi Students, We have now completed “Photoelectric effect”. I have published a mobile learning module for you. Please go through the module carefully and complete theSunitha Quiz at the end.Rahul He gets a SMS from ABC that a welcome app is available for download on his mobile phone. . He downloads the app called mGyan on his mobile phone. He sees that there is a new material called “Photoelectric Effect Photoelectric Effect” that is available on the app.
  6. 6. mGyan Lesson Highlights Study Guides
  7. 7. mGyan Flip Cards Flip Cards
  8. 8. mGyan Quiz Quiz
  9. 9. mGyan Empowering Education With mGyan, learning is a continuous process for Rahul. He can utilize the spare moments of the day - while say, travelling or waiting at a doctor’s appointment – to learn on the Go. mGyan helps him revise and recall the key learning points of the various topics that are taught to him in the classroom.Rahul and more ……. With mGyan, Sunitha has a powerful enabler to help students remember, update & verify while constantly applying to internalize the learning & convert it into knowledge. Thus, mGyan helps Sunitha achieve better student performance and knowledge retentionSunitha
  10. 10. mGyan The mGyan Promise We help you know where to find what you need to know. We help you be always updated. We help you learn anytime, anywhere. We help you be always empowered
  11. 11. IntroducingmGyanUnderstanding the HOWs
  12. 12. mGyan So What is mGyan ?? GA platform to author, deliver & monitor learning on mobile. Author Deliver Measure The mGyan Platform Enabling Learning on the Go.
  13. 13. mGyan How will it WORK!!! Author As easy as using MS Word. Type text, insert images, format style etc. Create study guides, flip cards, surveys, polls, quiz, etc. Author & preview on any handset. DeliverAuthor once, distribute everywhere.Notify learners instantaneously through SMS/eMail.Learner accesses content on one mobile application that is updated. Measure Gather learning usage data directly from the handset. Analyze survey results, quiz responses etc . Insightful analysis – most popular, least accessed & other performance management reports.
  14. 14. mGyan Sneak Peeks!!! Web Interface
  15. 15. mGyan Sneak Peeks!!! Authoring Interface
  16. 16. mGyan Guess what this is !!! The growing band of followers joining mGyan’s revolution of learning empowerment Come, Let’s Learn on the Go !!!
  17. 17. mGyanA TuneSpray Production