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mGyan - A mobile learning platform - It allows you to author, publish and measure learning content on the mobile.

An innovative way for Anytime, anywhere learning ensuring that learning is retained, updated & always validated.

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mGyan - Learn on the Go

  1. 1. mGyan Once upon a time, there were books and other such things. Now all you need is a PHONELearn On The GomGyan’s revolution of learning empowerment
  2. 2. mGyan Learning Dilemma Understanding the Problem
  3. 3. mGyan The Learning Divide The Knowledge Continuum Do you agree Learning Learning is a continuous process. Knowledge is more Remember important than learningA A Continuous learning & itsp p application leads top Update p knowledgel l Learning needs to be reinforced throughy Verify y regular updates & verification. Knowledge
  4. 4. mGyan Guided Learning Options Classroom Learning e-Learning Available Guided Learning Options * Other than books, internet, and collaborative learning etc
  5. 5. mGyan Key Gaps??Learner’s perspective Organization’s perspectiveHow do I How do IKeep updated Provide learning updatesRetain what I learnt Test knowledge gapsCheck what I know is right Seek opinion & feedbackLook up & clear doubts Communicate key messages…… ……??? ??? Is Learning = Knowledge ??
  6. 6. mGyan What If ?? We knew where to find what we needed to know. We were always updated. We could learn anytime, anywhere. We would be always empowered
  7. 7. Learning on the Go Understanding the WHYs & WHATs
  8. 8. mGyan Consider the Stats !!! By 2013, the number of mobile workers will total 1.3 billion worldwide, a whopping 35 percent of the workforce. A paradigm shift in humanBy 2020, there will be 31 billion communicationconnected mobile devices, more thanfour times the world’s currentpopulation. * Source IDC
  9. 9. mGyan So the drivers are ??• A large mobile user/demographic base• Mobile, field-based workforce• Need to leverage idle time for learning• Informed workforce for improved business• Just-in-time learning• Information-sharing between employees
  10. 10. mGyan Sample OpportunitiesJob Function Sample Opportunity Use Case – How We will Help A mobile product guide that will have latest Banking & Insurance field sales products/services key information – i.e. Rates, executives need information at Term etc.Sales their finger tips on latest interest Such a guide available on the mobile phones of rates, new loan products etc. the sales executives will act as a quick reference guide for communicating correct information. Senior Management need to With mobile based internal communicationInternal communicate regularly with their module, the senior management can regularlyCommunication employees on key business inform on key customer wins, product releases, et highlights. al. Training programs end with the With mobile based key learning modules, theCorporate trainees being provided with hefty learner will always have a ready reference on hisTraining documents on the training mobile phone of the key points to remember modules. from the training programs.
  11. 11. mGyan The Official Definition Mobile Learning is …. The exploitation of ubiquitous handheld technologies, together with wireless and mobile phone networks, to facilitate, support, enhance and extend the reach of teaching and learning. In simpler words, it is … Learning over a mobile device that can take place in any location, at any time, including workplaces, at home, in community locations and in transit. Anytime, Anywhere Learning !!!
  12. 12. mGyan Market Background• Learning has been traditionally limited to classrooms.• With the advent & rapid adoption of technology, e-Learning evolved as a very convenient & alternate mode of learning. Worldwide e-learning market is estimated to be USD 53 Billion in 2010.• The modern day mobile phone users are experiencing dramatic change in the way they can use their mobile phones.• M-learning is now emerging as a new wave of development, based on the use of mobile devices combined with wireless infrastructure – M-Learning was estimated at USD 500 M in 2007• Mobile Learning has a strong foundational base when it comes to how the student will learn when there is an interaction of the learning material, technological platform, and the wireless network.
  13. 13. mGyan Indian Market Assessment• India has an unique opportunity as the number of mobile users far exceed the number of internet users. Mobile Subscribers – 635 M Internet Subscribers – 16.7 M 27% mobile phones are Internet ready and 10% use Mobile Internet – More than total rapidly. internet subscribers; and growing rapidly.• Mobile is a significantly cheaper option for learning content delivery & use as against any traditional or e-learning option.• India has a significant workforce that’s always on the fields selling products/services, collecting data and interacting with customers/information providers – They need a tool in their hands to know the right thing to say & inform at the right time.
  14. 14. IntroducingmGyanUnderstanding the HOWs
  15. 15. mGyan So What is mGyan ?? GA platform to author, deliver & monitor learning on mobile. Author Deliver Measure The mGyan Platform Enabling Learning on the Go.
  16. 16. mGyan How will it WORK!!! Author As easy as using MS Word. Type text, insert images, format style etc. Create study guides, flip cards, surveys, polls, quiz, etc. Author & preview on any handset. DeliverAuthor once, distribute everywhere.Notify learners instantaneously through SMS/eMail.Learner accesses content on one mobile application that is updated. Measure Gather learning usage data directly from the handset. Analyze survey results, quiz responses etc . Insightful analysis – most popular, least accessed & other performance management reports.
  17. 17. mGyan Sneak Peeks!!! Post Login Landing Page
  18. 18. mGyan Sneak Peeks!!! Authoring Interface
  19. 19. mGyan Sneak Peeks!!! Mobile Application Login & Menu
  20. 20. mGyan Sneak Peeks!!! Mobile Application Study Guides & Quiz
  21. 21. mGyan Guess what this is !!! The growing band of followers joining mGyan’s revolution of learning empowerment Come, Let’s Learn on the Go !!!
  22. 22. mGyanA TuneSpray Production