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Orion powerpoint

  1. 1. Orion International Academy “Sharing the responsibility for educating our children.” -Vielka McFarlane President
  2. 2. Building Bridges Across Cultures • Mission of the International Program • Orion International Academy is committed to being the premier education provider in America by preparing its students to succeed in college and in a global society. • Orion International Academy Offers • Highly individualized guidance and support. • College Preparatory curriculum with a well-rounded program of courses across disciplines. • Advanced Placement (AP) Program. • Seasoned faculty with advanced degrees and field specializations.
  3. 3. Orion Winter Program • Students receive the true American educational experience by attending American schools alongside American children. Together they experience the challenging and engaging American curriculum that prepares them for scholastic victory.
  4. 4. Orion Summer Program • Students expand their understanding of American culture by participating in creative activities with American students. Together, they explore the discipline of creative writing and chess, the art of painting and dance, the history of architecture and design.
  5. 5. Typical Day • • • • • Student drop off 8:30 am. Instruction begins at: 9:00am Lunch/Break: 11:45am12:35pm Enrichment: 2:45pm4:00pm Pick up:4:00pm-4:30pm
  6. 6. As an Orion International Student you will… • Take classes with American Students. • Learn all about the American Culture. • Participate in American Sports and Games. • Take Performance Arts Classes.
  7. 7. Orion International Academy Graduation!
  8. 8. Accommodations Dormitory • International students live in either boys' or girls' dormitories under adult supervision. This option provides a taste of the American collegiate experience. In the United States, upon graduating from high school, students leave their families to live in their college dormitories. Dorm life provides an atmosphere where students can cultivate great and lasting friendships with their peers.
  9. 9. Homestay Homestay • The homestay program gives International students the chance to add to their knowledge of American culture by experiencing firsthand day-to-day happenings of American life. They'll have the opportunity to observe and participate in the American family setting by cooking evening meals together, grocery shopping, or by going out as a family for dessert at one of California's tasty frozen yogurt eateries.
  10. 10. California Excursions
  11. 11. Your Educational Future with Orion • By making the decision to come to the United States, you are already sealing your future success by: • Experiencing American curriculum based on our highest standards. • Interacting with students from all walks of life. • Building a portfolio of your educational career.