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  1. 1. How to Design an Online Course in Computer Science m5151202 Kazuhiro Wakisaka
  2. 2. Purpose of The PresentationConsider how to design create and execute theeffective course in Web-based Training(WBT).Mainly, we consider the course content, use oftechnologies for measuring student skills and as-sessment.
  3. 3. What Can We Learn About WBT from This PresentationWhat is diffficult point of WBT.
  4. 4. Design of The CourseWe should design the course in systematic.● For example, to use the ADDIE model.Decide the course target.Decide the course objectives.Decide the details.● Plan of study.● What kind of media to use? Does it really need?● How to evaluate the student understand or not? What kind of homework, quiz, or exam?
  5. 5. Logic Behind The Course Design and Selection of ContentGet a learners needs, requirements. ● Learner want to get a needed knowledge.Get the knowledge in the course. ● Contents should give knowledge of learner needed.
  6. 6. Example of Course Modules 1/2In course, use the hot word may have interestwith learner.● For example, talk about “design of fault tolerance system”, to use example “eastern Japan earthquake”.● Learner friendly things give impression.
  7. 7. Example of Course Modules 2/2Communication tools● Interactive communication tools make the communication between learner and learner or learner and instructor. Some- times lonely learning has negative effect for learner, so learners can talk.● Instructor can answer easy to learner question.
  8. 8. Video Used in The CourseVideo helps learners understand to explain thething of difficult to explain the text, graphics orany describes.● Consider the video file need or not carefully. Video file can be become to page size to large. Just maybe learner slow line speed. Other case, learner cannot hear sound situation.
  9. 9. How Assignment are Tied to Student Learning Outcomes 1/2Formative evaluation● Instructor check the homework or quiz and get students prog- ress in every week. If late student exist, care the student fast.● If many students cannot get correct answer, possible to re- make the lecture documents.
  10. 10. How Assignment are Tied to Student Learning Outcomes 2/2Summative evaluation● Instructor check the mid-term and final exam score. Decide objective is satisfy or not.
  11. 11. How The Course Layout Has Been Planned 1/2Course layout should be simple.● Learners can be confuse.
  12. 12. How The Course Layout Has Been Planned 2/2Check the layout some browser● character corruption and desplay gap is exist. In worst case, button cannot push.
  13. 13. How to Improve The Current Course Design 1/2More understandable Interface● Now, top page is complication.
  14. 14. How to Improve The Current Course Design 2/2Registration system● Now, cannot judge the learners.
  15. 15. ConclusionCreate the course in WBT, take care for learners.