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countries the nearly billion shouchu light rare earth five listed companies benefitrecently, the reporter learned from aut...
exploration rights in chifeng, reserves are expected to explosive growth in the future.the rareearth industry consolidatio...
chain, money, influence, with the leading edge.china minmetalss only black circulation businesslisting platform, the compa...
vehicles, and enhance the overall technological level of chinas automobile industry.since theplan proposedto promote the p...
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Countries the nearly billion shouchu light rare earth five listed companies benefit


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Countries the nearly billion shouchu light rare earth five listed companies benefit

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Countries the nearly billion shouchu light rare earth five listed companies benefit

  1. 1. countries the nearly billion shouchu light rare earth five listed companies benefitrecently, the reporter learned from authoritative sources, the state reserve bureau has agreed onnational shouchu light rare earth matters with baotou steel rare earth (600111), and will use 100billion shouchu, 18,000 tons of light rare earth.ideas for the operation of the rare earth reserves,the industry has been considerable differences, especially in the light rare earth reserve viewsdifferent.but for the future pattern of the industrys views were almost identical china mainlyunilateral pattern of rare earth supply will be diversified supply situation instead.nonethe statereserve bureau has been signed with the baotou rare earth about the focus of the content is toprovide nearly billions of funds, purchasing and storage of 18,000 tons of light rare earth.oneperson familiar with the case said close to the light rare earth reserves.recently, this reporter wasinformed that the state reserve bureau has agreed baotou steel rare earth national shouchu lightrare earth matters.according to the insider said, reserves varieties and start time has been largelyimplemented.according to the plan, the state for the light rare earth reserves in august began toprepare september is understood that participate in the light rare earth shouchubaotou steel rare earth, minmetals and chinalco backbone enterprises to participate.baotou steelrare earth second quarter of purchasing and storage, or unacknowledged wait for the policy andreissued force none second quarter revenue of 2.72 billion, a decline of 24%; increased theproportion of sales of high-priced, low-margin products, the companys operating costs qoqincrease of 33%.receivables declined from 31.5 million at the end of a quarter to $ 5.0 billion inthe end of the second quarter, we believe that it is during april-june quarter receivables into cashinflows, 2 quarter shouchu orders has not been confirmed,the resulting companys q2 operatingcash flow significantly improve operating income decline significantly.the 2 quarter eps0.15,lower than previously expected.nonenonenone australia lynascorp announcement malaysia planto the two-phase construction of the smelter, the scale of production in 2013-2014, the 1,2 is putinto rare earth oxide production capacity of 21,800 tons, the production cost of aboutaround1.6-1.7 ten thousand u.s. dollars.valuation expected purchasing and storage performance isexpected to the 2 quarter shouchu the contribution to the results may be released in the secondhalf of the year still impact in the second half to maintain rating and earnings estimatesunchanged, therefore we maintain the 2012-2014 eps1.24/1.47 /1.67 yuan expected, dcfcompany target price of 42.10 yuan (wacc 8.55%), maintaining a neutral rating.none 2011 eps0.5yuan, slightly lower than expected, mainly due to the provision for significant amounts ofinventory impairment loss.2011 operating income 10.017 billion, an increase of 68.23%; netprofit of 384 million, an increase of 619.83%; the basic eps0.5 yuan.contemplated 10 to send$ 1.before the performance of the company is lower than expected, mainly due to the increase infinancial expenses brought about by the company accrued significant amounts of inventoryimpairment loss and increase in lead and zinc concentrate productiondeclined slightly in 2011, a strong rare earth business soared.produced in 2011, 77,200 tons ofzinc concentrate and 06,500 tons of lead concentrate declined, compared with 8.04 in 2010 and0.9 million tons.zhujiang rare earth 2011 by the impact of rising rare earth prices, net profit of166 million, a substantial increase compared to 020 million in 2010.none company 100% holdingof chifeng red ye investment mining 9.26% stake in its silver holdings involved in st shengdarestructuring.2011 fourth quarter restructuring has been completed and now held by shengda5362.8 million shares, part of the investment income has been cashed.the company has 15
  2. 2. exploration rights in chifeng, reserves are expected to explosive growth in the future.the rareearth industry consolidation to accelerate, the company central enterprises background to helpthem win.chinas rare earth industry consolidation in the acceleration phase of the interests of allparties competing for heating.we believe that this integrated central enterprises will dominate,the central enterprises holding local venture participation will be the main mode.completion ofthe integration will be conducive to the formation of the specification to comply withenvironmental standards the rare earth xuanye enterprise.sunway group cooperation, will havethe south up to 17,000 tons of rare earth separation project, combined with the background ofthe central enterprises, we are optimistic about the company to win rare earth integration.givenabuyrating.nonenonenone rare earth industry policy and frequent recently, again beating thedrums of consolidation in the industry.august 1 fujian provincial economic and trade commissionand the department of land and resources jointly issued thestrengthening of rare earth resourcesin fujian province to protect the scientific development of rare earth resources action program(2012-2015), to formalize the core of xiamen tungsten rare earth integration in fujian provincethestatus of the program, said that before the end of 2012 to complete the formation of the rareearth group companies in fujian xiamen tungsten core xiamen tungsten cultivate leadingenterprises has a complete industrial chain of rare earth, rare earth internationallycompetitive.none accordance with the planning of the program, the relevant governmentdepartments and xiamen tungsten effort with a period of two years, to curb the illegal poachingof the provinces rare earth behavior; xiamen tungsten annual investment of not less than 10million for the exploration of rare earth resources in the province, in order to apply for a newofmining rights and the expansion of built mine mining rights; theme of xiamen tungsten, rareearth mines integration is completed before the end of the year has been built; the buildings thetungsten lead in promoting the longyan rare earth industrial park and sanming city in 2015 theoutput value of the rare earth industrial park than 300 billion and strive to 100billion.none fujianfive quota of five rare earth mine shanghang county plus zhuang rare earth ore, rare earth orewith county yellow square, square, rare earth mine in liancheng county man, of changting countywaxberry pit rare earth mine and sanming city, zhongshan rare earth ore, whichthe former twohave been xiamen tungsten all, the other three before the end of the year in accordance with thepolicies and regulations will also be integrated into the xiamen tungsten, xiamen tungsten willtruly unified rare earth resources in fujian province.fujian province, has proven reserves of morethan 5 million tons of rare earth, fujian province, 2,000 tons of mining indicators calculated inaccordance with the 2011, the mine life of over 25 years.none changting jinlong an annual outputof 6,000 tons of rare earth specialty metal and alloy production line construction in 2013;guangzhou pearl river optoelectronic 400 tons pdp phosphor ccfl blue-green powder phosphorproduction line technological transformation project, put into operation in the second half of2012; additional 1000 tons of highperformance of light-emitting materials project construction;coercivity the energy product>the second half of the 70 high-performance ndfeb production isexpected to more than 1,000 tons of annual output.xiamen tungsten rare earth new materialsbusiness is booming, with the development of rare earth resources is about to show its mettle,xiamen tungsten will be the jewel in the colored companies propose to focus on maintainingabuyrating.none company is the largest steel distributor and metallurgical raw materialsintegrated supplier, is the depth of the steel industry chain participants.building materials, ironobjects, shanghai steel union (300,226) and the south, the company in terms of the industrial
  3. 3. chain, money, influence, with the leading edge.china minmetalss only black circulation businesslisting platform, the company is expected to benefit from the the china minmetals assetsintegration.recently, a member of the cppcc national committee, china minmetals president zhouzhongshu said in an interview, is promoting the overall listing of china minmetals.he said, addingthat the company has completed the transformation of industrial enterprises from thetrade-oriented enterprises to the size of the company grew by 40% last year, profit growth of 84%,significantly higher than the average level of the same industry in the mainland and the centralenterprises.affected, zhuzhou smelter group (600961), minmetals development (600058) andother related stocks bucking the trend today good for the central enterpriseslisted as a whole, the meeting of heads of the sasac, wang yong, director of the state council heldat the end of last year, the central enterprises had revealed that the sasac in 2012 classified theguidance of the joint-stock reform of the corporate system, the main business as a whole tocontinue to promote the conditions of the central enterprises to acceleratelisted explorationbetween the central enterprises to promote the consolidation and reorganization of listed closeto the central enterprise business is reported that china railway materials chinaminmetals and faw group, china textile group has completed the overall restructuring, isexpected to pull the curtain of a new round of central enterprises listed as a addition tothe the resource integration unexpected minmetals development will also benefit from the rareearth prices.after the previous six months of continuous decline, the current price of rare earthmaterials has beaten back theprototypeof a year ago, to reach the downstream manufacturersexpressly acceptable range.from the current market transactions, some species began to stabilize,the downturn has long been the rare earth industry boom is expected to bottomingout.minmetals development minmetals rare earth company is not directly or indirectly holdshares, but this does not affect the market expectations of minmetals development groupcorporation of rare earth resources.the concept of speculation in recent rare earth minmetalsdevelopment to a certain extent has been some recognition of the market.therefore, i think, theminmetals development may not be not riding on the dongfeng and out of the wave of risingprices of rare earth warmer.the secondary market, the stocks recent rising trend, short-termsupport efforts, today is bucking the trend pioneered a new high, market outlook, or have someupside.none japan shonan co., ltd. to become profitable protagonist in 2011, the companyachieved operating income of 2.38 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 53.19%, net profitattributable to equity holders of 16,452,000 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 15.56%.the firstquarter of 2012, the company achieved operating income of 520 million yuan, a year-on-yeargrowth of 46.7%, net profit attributable to equity holders -982.1 million.acquisition the shonancournenergy corporation generated operating income of 21.035 million yuan, 2011 the companybe able to maintain the key to profitability.may 2011 to december, the shonan corporationaccumulated production and sales volume of 28,350 sets of hybrid vehicles use nickel-hydrogenbatteries, operating income of 269 million yuan, net profit of 25.802 million yuan.from the pointof view in 2012, the annual consolidated financial statements, to become the companys mainsource of profit.nickel-hydrogen battery by the new energy automobile policy support april 18introduction of energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan(2012-2020) pure electric drive as the main strategic orientation of the auto industryrestructuring, the current focuspromote pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid automotiveindustry, popularizing non-plug-in hybrid vehicles, energy-efficient internal combustion engine
  4. 4. vehicles, and enhance the overall technological level of chinas automobile industry.since theplan proposedto promote the popularity of non-plug-in hybrid vehicles, we think that thenickel-hydrogen battery there must be some market space.with the rise of demand fornickel-hydrogen batteries, car nickel foam will also render the demand for a new round ofgrowth.maintaining a neutral-a rating newly introduced energy-saving and new energy vehicledevelopment plan that nickel-hydrogen battery there must be some market space, as thedomestic auto leader of the nickel-hydrogen battery, will certainly benefit fromchinas newenergy vehicle promotion process.acquisition the shonan corunenergy corporation will becomethe companys main source of profit.we expect the companys 2012-2014 earnings per sharewere 0.14,0.25,0.29 yuan, to maintain the companys neutral-a for informationpurposes only and does not constitute investment advice.investors operate your own risk.Relevant article links: