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My strategicplan.strategyhuddle.062310

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My strategicplan.strategyhuddle.062310

  1. 1. Strategy Huddle TM with MyStrategicPlan Powered by
  2. 2. Purpose & Ground Rules Purpose Answer real-world questions, handle high-level strategy issues, and share best practices on strategy, execution, planning Duration 45-60 minutes Your Ask questions: Questions can be submitted via Role the Chat Box on right at any time. ** Offer suggestions: Share your experience via the Chat Box during the topic at hand Details Session is being recorded and a follow-up email this week will include a link to this huddle as well as the supporting slides.
  3. 3. About Us In the past three years we have… Managed 100+ strategic planning processes Deployed 800+ strategic management systems (MyStrategicPlan, MyNonprofitPlan, MyChurchPlan) Built consensus and commitment with 3,000+ executives, managers, boards Empowered 1 million+ strategist & soon-to-be strategists
  4. 4. Agenda I. Strategy Stat of the Month II. Creating Useful Measures for Execution III. Case Study: Creating Strategic Alignment in a Loosely Organized Company IV. Case Study: Knowing if you Need to Change your Business Model V. Tap into the Wisdom of the Crowd: Your Questions (Time Permitting)
  5. 5. Strategy Stat WHAT MATTERS MOST TO STRATEGY EXECUTION Strategy Stat: 2 to 1 (rights and info over motivators and structure) Source: “The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution,” HBR June 2008, pp60-70 - Neilson, Martin and Powers
  6. 6. We are stuck on developing metrics. What are some tips or suggestions you have to create ones that are usable? CREATING USEFUL MEASURES FOR EXECUTION
  7. 7. What they should do Provide a way to see if your strategy is working Focus employees', managers’ and board’s attention on what matters most to success Provide for employee development so as to empower the team Should provide common and understandable language for communicating to others Are valid and realistic, to ensure measurement of the right things Are verifiable, to ensure accurate data
  8. 8. Guidelines Good Performance Measures must be based on the following: – Explicitly defined ownership, – Precise unit of measure that is verifiable, – Specific data collection frequency, and – Realistic targets, plus any thresholds along the way.
  9. 9. Scorecard Template
  10. 10. Summary Actions 1. Identify the right measures. 2. Establish increments that mesh with the targets. 3. Identify the data source. 4. Determine your collection tool. 5. Assign responsibility to input numbers based on the period. 6. Evaluate each quarter.
  12. 12. Organizational Structure District Executive 1 Deputy Chief Scout Executive Scout Executive Legal Department District Council Regional Area Executive Operations Director Director 2 Chief Scout Development Executive Council Executive President Board Resources & Director Strategy CSE Office Administration & Finance
  13. 13. National Strategy
  14. 14. Department Strategy
  15. 15. Council Strategy
  16. 16. Summary Actions Steps taken include: Created a generic balanced scorecard framework Syncing up the National Strategy with the balanced scorecard framework Decided to keep the goals for the departments aligned with National Decided the Council (franchisee) would have the same framework but not the same goals
  18. 18. Business Model Diagram
  19. 19. Business Shift in Action
  20. 20. Business Model Diagram The Attractional Model Overseas Front Desk Churches Being part of a Service 2-4 Church big corporate body of like- Baby Boomers Campuses Large Services minded “Build-it, and Event Production individuals They will Come” Sunday School Large Facilities Congregational Large Support Offerings Staff Endowments
  21. 21. Business Model Diagram The Missional Model Local Churches Communities Other NonProfits Being part of a Distributed Co-Creation Community Groups small, intimate, communication Gen X relevant Millennials network to Community community of hundreds of Meet people Building believers locations where they are Outreach Technology Small Offerings Mobile Systems Fundraisers
  22. 22. Summary Actions Is your business model changing? If No – Keep in the back of your mind the business model discussion so you can ask the question that will influence the corporate strategy. If Yes – Work up your Business Model Canvas. We’ll send a link to the template.
  23. 23. Wisdom of the Crowd Any insights you would like to share related to one of today’s topics? What are some strategy or execution questions you would like to discuss?
  24. 24. Next Huddle 9am PT on Wed, July 28th Send in questions for the next Strategy Huddle to (reference the Strategy Huddle in the subject line) Interested in sharing/presenting a best practice as a Strategy Leader? (send email to and reference the Strategy Huddle in the subject line) Follow us on Twitter @MyStrategicPlan Today’s session is being recorded and a follow-up email this week will include a link to this huddle as well as the supporting slides.
  25. 25. Contact Information MyStrategicPlan 465 Court Street Reno, Nevada 89501 (775) 747-7407 ph Our office hours are Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (PT).