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M2M Telefónica - Internet of Things Keynote


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We are in the middle of a digital revolution all about Internet of Things and machine to machine communication.
Find out more about creating a better world with IoT.

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M2M Telefónica - Internet of Things Keynote

  1. 1. of creating a better world with IoT The Joy
  2. 2. We are in the middle of a digital revolution_
  3. 3. Places 1bn. 2020 Devices 20bn. People 8bn. M2M/IoT is the next wave of this revolution_
  4. 4. Driven by various factors_ •  New technologies •  More affordable •  Open, interconnected systems •  Standards •  Quality of life •  Security •  Sustainability •  Savings •  Efficient processes Regulation Environment People & Company Needs Technology Availability •  New regulation policies •  Public funds
  5. 5. Generating new business models_ -15 % -30% of energy reduction due to smart lighting -20% of traffic density reduction due to smart traffic lights +20-25% productivity increase thanks to Smart Agriculture Savings up to £800 M In generation and distribution of electricity in UK SMIP +15% fuel reduction thanks to fleet management Productivity Cost reduction Efficiency Sustainability
  6. 6. Public AdministrationTransport Energy Financial servicesIndustrial solutions Consumer Electronics Health Security Opportunity emerges across multiple industries_ •  Connected Car •  Fleet Management •  Stolen Vehicle Recovery •  Smart Cities •  e-Government •  Smart Metering •  Smart Grid •  Energy Efficiency •  Telemedicine •  Remote assistance •  Payments •  e-Wallet •  Tank Telemetry •  Vending •  Elevators •  Alarms •  Cybersecurity •  Wearables •  Watches
  7. 7. Horizontal Solutions Device Management Consumer Electronics Industrial Telemetry Utilities Health Financial services SecurityTransport Energy Efficiency Connected Car Managed Data Smart Cities In Telefonica our strategy is focused on horizontal & e2e solutions_ Managed Connectivity E2E Solutions “Global & Local Strategy” “Focus on Innovation” “In-house Capabilities & Key Partners”
  8. 8. Tank Telemetry Smart Agriculture … Smart Coolers Smart Building Smart Elevators Solution ü E2E Tank monitoring ü Device ü Web-based application ü Data collection & reporting ü Alerts & notifications Client benefits ü Efficient logistics, maintenance & control processes ü Increased asset security We create solutions together with our customers, under- standing their business needs_
  9. 9. We are encouraging innovation around IoT_ TELEFONICA OPEN FUTURE THINKING THINGS ü Global & Open Programme ü Connecting start ups, investors, & orgs ü Integrating all innovation, entrepreneurship & transformation initiatives: Talentum, Wayra, Think Big, Telefónica Ventures & Amérigo ü Ongoing Specific Internet of Things Challenge ü Platform offering all elements required to create new IoT solutions ü Modular hardware ü Integrated sensors and connectivity ü Ready to use ü Developers/Makers oriented – API available ü Now also Open
  10. 10. Testkit  Telefónica  Smart  M2M  Solu5ons   Telefónica  Germany   •  5  M2M  SIM  cards   •  3  moths  test  for  free   •  Testvolume:  50  MB  data  and  20  SMS  per  month   •  Roaming  Zone:    Europe   •  Global  2FF  SIM,  no  PIN   •  Data  &  SMS  ac5vated,  Voice  not  ac5vated   •  Na5onal  Roaming  with  o2  net  prior5ty   •  Free  usage  of  the  Smart  M2M  PlaOorm  account   •  Your  are  interessted  call  us:  0800  622  44  63  or     mail:  telefonica@bs-­‐