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Connected Car opportunities from a Telco’s Perspective


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Dr. Bernhard Kirchmair - „Thesen und Tatsachen - Das vernetzte Fahrzeug aus Telko-Sicht"

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Connected Car opportunities from a Telco’s Perspective

  1. 1. Connected Car opportunities from a Telco’s Perspective Dr. Bernhard Kirchmair Head of New Business Strategy & Planning Telefónica Germany Dec 2014
  2. 2. We are Germany‘s largest mobile network operator, since the merger with E-Plus Group took place. We offer innovative mobile, fixed line and internet services for private and business customers. 47Mio. customer accesses 41Mio. mobile network accesses 8Bn. EUR Revenue 2013 Telefónica Germany
  3. 3. Digitization changed our life
  4. 4. Digitization changed our life 50 Mio adopters
  5. 5. Digitization changed our life
  6. 6. Telefónica Connected Car Industry Report 2014 Spain, Germany, UK, Brazil, USA > 5.000 drivers 18+ 7 OEMs
  7. 7. Telefónica Connected Car Industry Report 2014 said connected car features were critical when buying their next car50% Snapshot 80% expect same connectivity experience from car as from home, work and on the move 71% say they are interested in using or already using connected car services
  8. 8. Telefónica Connected Car Industry Report 2014 of drivers say safety & diagnostics most critical.73% Snapshot 54% of UK drivers say usage-based insurance models valuable Across all markets surveyed One third of drivers expect not to own their own car by 2034, but predict to use alternative options such as car sharing
  9. 9. Opportunities for Telcos – The first Wave Connectivity Location & Emergency Content
  10. 10. Opportunities for Telcos – The second Wave Maintenance Performance Commerce
  11. 11. Connected Car @ Telefónica – Tesla, S-Drive & O2 Car Connection
  12. 12. O2 Car Connection
  13. 13. O2 Car Connection Vehicle Diagnostics Driving behavior Driver scoring Vehicle locator
  14. 14. O2 Car Connection Geofencing Movement detector GroupsLogbook
  15. 15. Challenges  OEMs cautious towards open app systems  Built-in vs. brought-in connectivity  Data ownership and control for connected cars  Data security, malware protection  Collaborative business models btw OEM, operators, content providers to be created  Change of traditional dealership models  New ownership models through connected car (e.g. car sharing)