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Portfolio Teaser


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Basic Introduction to my work.

Copyright 2011 Elizabeth Day

Published in: Design
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Portfolio Teaser

  1. 1. HOTEL PROJECTHandicapAccessibleBedroomObjective: Designtwo styles ofrooms for thehotel one for thedisabled and astandard room.The rendering tothe right is thefloor plan for theaccessible room. Hotel Concept Board Objective: To create a collage that represents the style, as well as features and amenities that will be included in the hotel.
  2. 2. HOTEL PROJECTElevation ofHotelRestaurantObjective: Therendering to theright is an elevationof the east wall ofthe hotelrestaurant. Theimages scatteredthroughout thepage are examplesof the furnishings Hotel Restaurantwithin therestaurant. and Lounge Objective: The image to the left is a sampling of the floor plan for a hotel project. This sampling shows the floor plan for the restaurant and the cocktail lounge of the hotel. The purpose was to create a space in which would house a minimum of 65 customers.
  3. 3. RENDERINGS Perspective Project Objective: To create a 3- Dimensional design of a living room by hand.PhotoshopRestorationProjectObjective: To restorethe image to theright, by using Photographyknowledge of ProjectPhotoshop software. Objective: The above picture is a study in which the project purpose is to capture repetition using photography.