Why Should You Should Employ Me


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Why Should You Should Employ Me

  1. 1. Tired of trying to get the right employee for the job?
  2. 2. Tired of the "its not my job attitude" from staff with no enthusiasm?
  3. 3. Looking for an enthusiastic, motivated and skilled individual with motorsport engineering degree and who is race support for a national racing team?
  4. 4. Employ me.....
  5. 5. Happy part of a team or working on my own
  6. 6. Not just another worker clone...
  7. 7. ....but an individual with well developed excellent communication skills, a positive, considerate, enthusiastic and reliable character with a highly professional outlook.
  8. 8. I cant tightrope walk unfortunately, but I have; Been involved in FSAE Formula student; Designing and manufacturing a composite material pedal box. Experience in using; Catia, MSC Adams, Hypermesh, Adobe photoshop
  9. 9. So maybe its time you stopped looking for an employee and speak to me! (bad dancing optional!)
  10. 10. Giving your business or race team the employee it needs and making us all happy!
  11. 11. I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks J Rayner BEng Motorsport Engineering