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BSIMM and Security Initiative Improvement @OWASPNoVA 02/06/2014


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Abstract: The Building Security In Maturity Model (or BSIMM)

BSIMM observes and measures what firms' software security initiatives are actually doing. John, who has helped several firms build or improve their security initiatives, will share sometimes surprising data about security initiatives big and small. His presentation will focus on what
activities organizations use to "boot" security initiatives and which they presently focus on.

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BSIMM and Security Initiative Improvement @OWASPNoVA 02/06/2014

  1. 1. The OWASP Foundation Building a Security Initiative ( Field +XP & Measures ) -jOHN (Steven) Internal CTO, Cigital Inc. @m1splacedsoul
  2. 2. The OWASP Foundation This Presentation …is about observed trends, DISCUSSION to follow Wild West AppSec - State of assessment Growing Up – Security Initiatives BSIMM – Measuring Security Initiatives What Most Firms Are „On Top‟ of… What Firms Struggle with Today
  3. 3. The OWASP Foundation ’06: Shift Philosophy to HOW  Cigital’s Touchpoints  Microsoft’s SDL  OWASP CLASP (2001)
  4. 4. The OWASP Foundation State of Assessment
  5. 5. The OWASP Foundation Assessment is TOUGH Dynamic Assessment (tools) <= 10% statement coverage IFF Authenticated Manual Penetration Testing? Including “Expert Crawling” What about static analysis (tools)? SCR?
  6. 6. The OWASP Foundation Actual Results Breakdown     Static tool: 20% Dynamic tool: 5% Manual SCR: 15% Architecture Risk Analysis: 60%       Static tool: 12% Dynamic Tool: 12% Manual SCR: 21% Manual Pen: 21% ARA: 14% Sec Testing: 20%
  7. 7. The OWASP Foundation We Won‟t Test Our Way to Security, Orgs need Security Initiative
  8. 8. The OWASP Foundation
  9. 9. The OWASP Foundation A software security initiative more A software security initiative is an:  executive-backed,  permanently-staffed,  metrics-driven investment in…  software security policy and standards,  “secure SDLC” gates, and  governance knowledge, processes, and tools to implement capabilities across a reasonable cross-section of the application portfolio.
  10. 10. The OWASP Foundation Security Initiative != Does * NOT * mean… Heavy Waterfall Process Microsoft SDL Audit
  11. 11. The OWASP Foundation Security Initiative ~= May look very different than other organizations’ Needs to match an organization’s culture
  12. 12. The OWASP Foundation Where Orgs Are …and how do we know? We‟ve measured.
  13. 13. The OWASP Foundation Building BSIMM (2009)  Big idea: Build a maturity model from actual data gathered from 9 well known large-scale software security initiatives Create a software security framework Interview nine firms in-person Discover 110 activities through observation Organize the activities in 3 levels Build scorecard  The model has been validated with data from 51 firms
  14. 14. The OWASP Foundation Prescriptive vs. Descriptive  Prescriptive models describe what you should do     SAFECode SAMM SDL Touchpoints  Every firm has a methodology they follow (often a hybrid)  You need an SSDL  Descriptive models describe what is actually happening  The BSIMM is a descriptive model that can be used to measure any number of prescriptive SSDLs
  15. 15. The OWASP Foundation Monkeys Eat Bananas  BSIMM is not about good or bad ways to eat bananas or banana best practices  BSIMM is about observations  BSIMM is descriptive, not prescriptive  BSIMM describes and measures multiple prescriptive approaches 15
  16. 16. The OWASP Foundation Yeah but we‟re different You *are* a special snowflake, just like everyone else All snowflakes are equally special No matter how special a snowflake you are, you‟ll still melt when it‟s hot out.
  17. 17. The OWASP Foundation …but they‟re HUGE right?
  18. 18. The OWASP Foundation BSIMM Basics
  19. 19. The OWASP Foundation A Software Security Framework  Four domains  Twelve practices  See informIT article on BSIMM website
  20. 20. The OWASP Foundation Architecture Analysis Practice Skeleton
  21. 21. The OWASP Foundation …It could have been worse
  22. 22. The OWASP Foundation Where Orgs Are (Actually this time)
  23. 23. The OWASP Foundation We Hold These Truths to be Self-evident  Someone (a security group) has to be responsible  Software security is more than a set of security functions  Not magic crypto fairy dust  Non-functional aspects of design are essential  Not silver-bullet security mechanisms  Bugs and flaws are 50/50  To end up with secure software, deep integration with the SDLC is necessary
  24. 24. The OWASP Foundation 12 Common Activities 1. SM1.4 Identify gate locations, gather necessary artifacts 2. CP1.2 Identify PII obligations; 3. T1.1 Provide awareness training; 4. AM1.5 Gather attack intelligence; 5. SFD1.1 Build and publish security features; 6. SR1.1 Create security standards; 7. AA1.1 Perform security feature review; 8. CR1.4 Use automated tools along with manual review; 9. ST1.1 Ensure quality assurance (QA) supports edge/boundary value condition testing; 10. PT1.1 Use external penetration testers to find problems; 11. SE1.2 Ensure host and network security basics are in place; and 12. CMVM1.2 Identify software defects found in operations monitoring and feed them back to development.
  25. 25. The OWASP Foundation Evolving Initiatives (2012)  Build an SSG  Something in Architecture  Use automated tools @ scale  Security Sign-off 3rd* Party Metrics VA Configuration* Management Vulnerability* Management CR* Portal Security* Sign9off Attack* Intelligence Assessment
  26. 26. The OWASP Foundation Something in Architecture US vs. Them * Ugly babies * Unfunded fixes * Lock-in *
  27. 27. The OWASP Foundation One Architecture Climb 3.2 Results  Arch. Patterns Year 5 2.3 Make SSG Available 1.3 SSG Reviews 2.2 Standardize Descriptions 1.2 Perform Review 1.1 Feature Review Year 3 Year 2 Year 1
  28. 28. The OWASP Foundation Automation = <anything> + Plumbing
  29. 29. The OWASP Foundation Static Step by Step
  30. 30. The OWASP Foundation Plumbing can mean email…
  31. 31. The OWASP Foundation Real Sign-off
  32. 32. The OWASP Foundation Evolving Initiatives (2014)  Metrics driving budget  Gather attack Intelligence  Security comes to Agile  Open source risk  Something in Architecture, maybe threat modeling? (again)  Security BAU  Dev doing Security (particularly static testing)  CM& VM plumbing (making previous ideas tools) 3rd* Party Metrics VA Configuration* Management Vulnerability* Management CR* Portal Security* Sign9off Attack* Intelligence Assessment
  33. 33. The OWASP Foundation Metrics-driven Budget
  34. 34. The OWASP Foundation Security Intelligence
  35. 35. The OWASP Foundation Threat Traceability Matrix Who Where What How So what? Now what? Threat Attack Surface Asset/Privileg e Attack Vector Impact Mitigation
  36. 36. The OWASP Foundation Addressing Threat Intel helps the Something (Anything) in architecture
  37. 37. The OWASP Foundation SSIs Fit Naturally into Agile Top 2,3 Awareness (pre-training) Top 10 Passwords, SSL [Open Source] Automation Configuration Mgmt, plumbing Infrastructure Security API Threat Modeling Risk Management Security Libraries
  38. 38. The OWASP Foundation Vuln + Config. Management Build a pile, rank the pile Rank applications w/in portfolio Call a spade a spade Standardize names for vulnerabilities Normalize assessment / tool scoring Prioritize Calculate risk effectively Go from “hated cop” to B.A.U. Establish security gates Integrate with normal change/bug management