Swan earrings


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Swan earrings

  1. 1. Wire Wrapped Earring Tutorial: Beginner: How to Make Spiral SwanEarringsHere is another little earring tutorial that I hope you enjoy. These dont take that long tomake, are pretty simple and make a wonderful pair of earrings. Its a versatile wrapbecause this can be done with many different types of beads, doesnt require a lot of wireand allows you some room to be creative with either side of the earring. Offering acustomer a two sided pair of earrings or a pendant wrapped that way, makes for a bonusreason to buy your jewelry! Plus it allows for you to enjoy both sides of the finishedstones. Sometimes, its hard for me to choose the front. ;) Swan Earrings - This will be the finished project. Itlltake you about 20 minutes or 30 minutes. Once you get the hang of this, itll take you wayless. You can make many pair of these in a very short time.Click any of these images to enlarge. Youll need:1. Round nose pliers2. Flat nose3. Cutters4. File
  2. 2. 5. Two beads with holes drilled 18 or larger gauge (sometimes a visual will tell you ifyour wire will fit that hole).6. Two gold filled, round, soft, 18 gauge wire, cut to 4 inches each. 1. Take the end of a wire with the round nose pliers. Get afirm grip about one quarter inch down the nose of the pliers.2. Roll the pliers toward you as close against the wire as you can. You want as round acenter bend as you can get. But dont sweat it if its not perfect. Thats the charm of handmade jewelry. Just try to be careful not to nick the end. 3. Once you have a nice bend and center loop, gently turnthe pliers to create a spiral. Once the first turn is made, it will be easier to get the flat nosepliers and continue the bend.
  3. 3. 4. With your flat nose pliers, take the wire firmly butcareful not to scratch. Hold onto the loose end close to the plier to maintain control andcontinue to roll the spiral (about 2 complete turns).5. In this earring, we are leaving a small air space in between the spiraled wire. Thismakes room for the earring hook to attach later. It also is a nice affect. In some cases, toadd strength, we might have used a hammer to flatten the wire a bit, but in this case, thebeads are not heavy and the wire is thicker. These will hold their shape without worry. 6. Once the spiral is complete, thread the bead. You aregoing to bend the spiral end up to rest on the center of the bead. With your eye, gaugethe appropriate distance. Normally, this is just a smidge shorter then the length of thebead. Remember, you can always tighten up that spiral a bit if you need. 7. Hold onto the bead with one hand and at the same thelose end of the wire. Take the spiral with the other hand and push it up and tight againstthe side of the bead. As an option, you can do this bend using the round nose plier to
  4. 4. make the initial curve. I just find that if you can bend around the bead, it makes for amore natural line in the wire, in the part I call the neck of the Swan. 8. Now here before you cut to shorten the end, keep in mindthat you have some creative room. In this example, were just going to make a simplesingle turn loop to close up and add a small spiral. You can optionally leave that wirelonger and create a tight, larger spiral to cover the bead center if you like that look. 9. Using the round nose pliers, put a spiral into theunfinished end. Use the steps above to remember how to spiral. ;)10. Leave a small amount of bending room in the wire. Bend the spiral up and onto thebead. Do you see how this makes either side of the earrings wearable? If you get thetype of ear wires that allow for an open S curve in the end (or you make some), then youhave a two for one pair of earrings.
  5. 5. 11. Add your ear wires, rub off your finger prints and enjoy!Link to my tutorials only pageEmail: PerfectlyTwisted@comcast.netIf you have question. :) Im new at writing these tutorials, so any comments would begreat.