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  1. 1. Spiral Bead RingWire rings are hot this season!This is one of my favorites and issure to attract attention. Materials: • 1 foot 18g wire, soft • 1 handmade bead with hole large enough to fit 2 pieces of 18g wire. (Rondell shape works best) Tools: • Wire cutter • Chain-nose Pliers • Ring Mandrel or dowel in desired ring size Mandrels can be purchased through jewelry supply outlets and dowels can be found at your local hardware store. Step One: Place center of wire against your form and wrap twice around leaving the tails long. Step Two: Bend the tails up sharply.
  2. 2. Step Three: Place the bead onto both wires and slide down to the base of the ring.Step Four: Bend the wires to a right angle directly on the top of the bead. Step Five: Spiral the wires on top of the bead. This can be a bit tricky, start by making a small circle with one of the wires where it emerges from the bead, then push the other wire behind and against it being careful not to overlap the wires. If you see the spiral start to puff up use a small block of wood and press gently, but firmly on the spiral to push it against the bead as you turn the wires. Continue spiraling until the desired size is achieved. Be sure to leave a tail of at least 2" on each wire to complete.Step Six: Bring the tail wires down to the ring shank on opposite sides of the bead and wrap around the base of the ring to secure. Step Seven: Tuck the wire ends down and you are done!