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Pinsa de circuloa

  1. 1. HOME ABOUT WORKSHOPS CONTACT SUBSCRIBER HELP SEARCH HELP FAQ ADVERTISEREADER GALLERY MY ETSY GIVEAWAYS GEMSTONE PLACENAMES BUTTONS 4U FREE TUTORIALS Ads by Google Wire Wrap Wire Jewelry Pliers Wire Sculpting YOUR BEST SOURCE OF Invest in Silver Goldline FREE JEWLERY Silver Delivered to Your Door. Free Investor Kit. Since 1960. TUTORIALS, TIPS, COOL INSPIRATIONS AND MUCH MORE. American Indian Jewelry Meet Pearl the author Navajo & Zuni Indian Jewelry, hand made, low prices, lay-away plan. A ds by Project Wonderful! Your ad Tools for Sale - 70% Off here, right now: $1.10 pliers Dewalt, Makita, Neiko and More. SEARCH THIS BLOG Chitika | Select Search INTERNETLATEST BUZZ SearchHow Karen Hill Tribe Silver Beads are MadeHow to Sandpaper Texture Metal for Jew elryTw o Easy W ire W rapping Jew elryTutorials for BeginnersTime-Telling Jew elry - New takes on Ancient Timepieces Wiresource (Steel DONT MISS A POSTHow to Make Jew elry from Recycled Electrical Supplies Wire) Distributor of Subscribe in a reader Subscribe to this Feed Stainless, Hi-Carbon Galv, OTMB, PC Enter your email address: Strand, Duct, Staple www.W iresource.comSATURDAY AUGUST 29, 2009 , Subscribe Delivered by FeedBurnerHow To Use a 3-Step Wire Looping Pliers Tutorial Jewelry Making Class 2011 Find Jewelry Making Like 1K Training Programs Near You - Apply Now! MONTHLY READERS : Debbie, my friend and co-instructor w as the first Cam /Jewelry_Mak ing … 88,000+ to buy the 3-step w ire looping pliers. She loved Please click on link in it so naturally, I got myself one! Jewelry Making confirmation email to start Study Jewelry Making the subscription. C lick for at home as part of Subscriber Help Its a handy tool to have if you already have the the Jewelry Repair six most useful tools I w rote about and w ish to program. pick up more tools. If you cannot make BE MY FRIEND? consistent w ire loops, then perhaps this tool Wire Jewelry Online Video w ill solve your problems.It w ill also save you Watch Our Free Wire money as you can make your ow n jump rings. Jewelry Making Free Videos - Wire- Sculpture.comOne side is like a round nose pliers but w ith three ridged edges to create 3 sizes W ire-Sculpture.comof loops or rings. The other side is concave so the loops remain round w hen beingformed. The tool does take practice to use. Judging from the negative comments Unique Bead Work Buy Original Beadon Amazon, its likely because people dont know how to use it. So here is a Sculptures from Tokaytutorial on how to use one. (I am right handed so youll have to w ork in reverse if Beaded Art www.beadedfinger.comyou are a leftie).Ive also created a new video tutorial as it might be easier to understand how itw orks if you see one in action. There is no sound (apart from my tool clunks!) - still Diamond Jewelryw orking on improving my video technique! Wholesale Jewelry is offering MORE ON FACEBOOK & TWITTER converted by
  2. 2. is offering beautiful wholesale silver & TWITTER jewelry The Beading Gem Martin Flyer Like Engagement Rings Pearl Necklace 1,217 people like The Beading Gem Bridal Pearl Jewelry Pearl Rings Sheila Debrah O lubunmi MY JEWELRY The Beading Gem on Facebook beadinggems Etsy Shop TWITTERINGS slideshow | grid AprilBaker FinallyMAKING CONSISTENT LOOPS getting around to playing w ith my goodies that I got1. W hen you need to make a loop as for earring dangles, first place the pliers so fromthe low er edge of the concave side sits right on top of w here you w ant to make a @AuntiesBeads & @beadinggem !loop. If you need space for more w ire w rapping, then place the low er edge higher. Thank you ladies! LIFE CO LLECTIO N - http://tw Swarovski Pearl $22 USD /422ry8 Sterling Silver2. Next squeeze the pliers jaw s together and you w ill see the w ire curve as it issqueezed against the concave side. Now bring the w ire over the other jaw as youw ould normally w ith a round nose pliers. You can adjust the tilt of the loop at thispoint or later after you complete the w ire w rapping for the earring dangle. get a widget3. Have fun making all sorts of loops! MY FAV BOOKS Join the conversation Great W ire Jewelry: Projects & Techniques (Lark Jewelry) Irene From Petersen (Paperback - Sep … This com bination jewelry book conveniently pack s 2 Mak ing Jewelry techniques in one - vik ing k nit and chain m stone with Gem a… Beads Barbara Case (Paperback - Nov 2, 2007) BLOG RATING The techniques used are not difficult but the desi… Beautiful W ire Jewelry for Beaders 2 Irina Miech (Paperback - O ct 1, 2010) Super book particularly for ex perienced wire work ers The Jewelers hoping to dabble in m etal sm ith techniqu… of Directory Gem stones: A Com plete Guide to Appraising and LEAVE A MESSAGE Using Precious Stones From Cut ShoutMix and Color to Shape and Settings The Com plete Judith Crowe ire & Guide to W (Hardcover - O ct 9, Beaded Jewelry: 2006) 50 Beautiful O ver Projects and If the Walter Schum ann book isVariations houndi… too "rock UsingCOILING WIRE W ire and Beads Linda Jones (Paperback - Mar 2009) 3 > 121. Cut a length of w ire - I use 22G for the demo - and grip the tip. Its very This book is pack ed withimportant to have the stepped part at the top or right as in the picture. Thats m any ideas and inspirati… Get W idget Privacybecause youre going to coil it anti-clockw ise by moving your pliers to the right.2. Keep turning the pliers and keep a grip on the w ire w ith your thumb and Search A mazon:forefinger. W hen the tip appears, make sure you keep it on the left and include itby sandw iching betw een the jaw s as the coiling progresses. converted by
  3. 3. FUN PRODUCTS ShoutMix chat widget RECENT COMMENTS Almost Precious wrote... I have great admiration for the wire artist, it ta To bead or not to bead by Continue >> bigspl3. Also important is the firm pressure exerted by the fingers holding the w ire. The Make a promotional travel Almost Precious wrote... mug online with Zazzle I guess I must have been hiding under a rocthumb should press dow n w hilst the forefinger should keep pushing the coil Continue >>tow ards the ridge. Almost Precious wrote... Lori did an amazingly professional job for be Continue >>4. Slow and steady and voila! You have a coil w hich you can use to cut into rings. BetteJo wrote... Wow, fascinating stuff Pearl! And the amoun BetteJo wrote... I think I would need a tutorial on how to tell ti Continue >> Dont Touch My Jewelry Tools Apron by BetteJo wrote... Circuit breakers remind me of Christmas lig jewelsonawhim More kitchen apron designs Art Jewelry wrote... online at zazzle Thanks for the great videos and article.It&#3 Continue >> The Beading Gem wrote... Silver work was brought to South East Asia b Divya N wrote... nice...reminds me of the silver pieces the ba Almost Precious wrote... It is always a joy to watch a professional dem5. If you are cutting up the coil for jump rings, make sure you remember to hold the Continue >> Bead C razy by pinkinkartflush cutter so the flat side is the one that is giving you the flush edge. The cut More Bead crazy Keychainsedges are not as good as saw cut rings but making jump rings this w ay is a lotquicker. You can remove the tiny burs by hand filing or tumbling the rings. Born to bead (blue) bag by bigspl C reate photo bags from zazzle6. You arent limited to making jump rings. This is a quick w ay to make some shortcoil beads for all sorts of projects. Eat Sleep Bead by Maria_K_Bell Browse more Beads Mugs WEEKS TOP POSTS C abochon Wire Work - Border Wire Wrapping Tips Body Jewelry Piercings in Strange Its a Bling Thing by Places deencreative make your own custom t- shirt at zazzle How To Make Fabric Jewelry Tutorial Links converted by
  4. 4. See Through Stretched Piercings 100 Percent Jewelry Designer by professions Two Easy See more Jewelry Stickers Wire Wrapping JewelryTutorials for Beginners DESIGN YOUR OWN JEWELRY How to Make Jewelry from Recycled Electrical Supplies For a complete list ofFor more free tutorials check out my Jew elry Making Tips tutorials, please check my Jewelry Making TipsLiked what you read? Dont miss a post!Subscribe via RSS OR Via Email* Its FREE! MOST POPULAR*Click on the link in the confirmation email For Beadaholics & Beginners in Halifax & beader design (533)___________________ surrounds, C anadaThe Beading Gems Journal biography (40) HOME BEADING PARTIES Have fun beading with your book review (35) Posted by The Beading Gem at 5:00 PM friends and family. Read Labels: tools, tutorial, video tutorial feature designer (352) more..... WORKSHOPS historical (137)13 comments: C ant wait till the next humor (22) party? C heck out our Anonymous said... schedules, location and tips and tricks (77) Hi. Amazon lists this article as out of stock may not be available map here again. Do you know of another supply source. Preferably Canadian. tools (28) Thanks Bea LEARN JEWELRY August 30, 2009 2:37 AM tutorial (295) PHOTOGRAPHY kasi1983 said... unusual jewelry (239) I have one of the cheaper 3 step pliers (other jaw flat not concave) MY BOOK REVIEWS video tutorial (99) but I love it. Its true, making w rapped loops w ith it needs a bit of I read a lot. For a look at practice. wire work (121) my reading catalog, click But its such a handy tool and I w ouldnt w ant to w ork w ithout it. on "my library", then on index cards for my reviews I like your video tutorial. Would love to see more of them. Random books from my CATEGORIES library August 30, 2009 4:56 AM anklet The Beading Gem said... archaeology auction Hi Bea, beader Try http://w w w They are a great online Canadian retail design beadwork bejeweled object biography store and they do carry the 3 step pliers. If you live in the Toronto blog body jewelry book area, you can visit their store too. review bracelet bridal brooch business tips Hi Kasi, celebrity jewelry chain Thanks for taking the trouble to let me know you liked the video and Mistresses: True Stories of maille C hristmas contest w ould love to see more. I w ill indeed try! Seduction Power and cultural design makeover Ambition by Leigh Eduardo Please also check my hubpages - click on the Free Tutorials link at the earrings eco jewelry Etsy famous gemstone top of my homepage. fashion jewelry feature Pearl designer gem facts August 30, 2009 9:00 AM and fun gemstone giveaway hair Azure Islands Designs said... jewelry Halloween high Great tutorial and the video w as great...I actually didnt miss the tech The Absolute Beginners sound as your demonstrations w ere close up and clear!! Guide: Stringing Beaded historical humor jewelry kids jewelry lamp work Jewelry by Karin luxury male jewelry converted by
  5. 5. Cheers luxury male jewelry Buckingham master jeweler August 30, 2009 10:37 AM metal work movie museum The Beading Gem said... necklace news stories Thats good to know sound w asnt necessary. Frankly I cannot demo, online selling Pearls film and talk all at once. I can only do tw o of those things at a time! Designs photo shoot On balance I prefer view ers to concentrate on the visual and not rare gemstone rings royalty science simulated have also listen as w ell. Jewelry Studio: Silver Wire gemstone social media Fusing by Liz Jones Voice overs afterw ards are a problem too because I dislike my voice! supplies and displays August 30, 2009 10:43 AM swarovski tips and tricks tools BetteJo said... tutorial unusual Great tutorial Pearl! Consistent loops have alw ays been a problem jewelry for me, I might need to get a those pliars! video tutorial vintage wire work August 30, 2009 7:52 PM worthy cause Bevs Jew elry said... The Art of Jewelry: Polymer Thanks for the tutorial. I have one of those tools and it just sits C lay: Techniques, Projects, BLOG ARCHIVE there. I need the instruction I guess. No longer have an excuse for Inspiration (Lark Jewelry Book) by Katherine Duncan ► 2011 (66) not using the tool. Thanks, Aimone August 30, 2009 9:10 PM ► 2010 (464) Rhonda said... ▼ 2009 (431) There are so many possibilities beyond beading for this tool! I have ► December (38) entered the giveaw ay at The Beading Gems Journal http://w w w ► November (38) giveaw ay.html Not so much for beading purposes but for all the other things I can ► October (40) think of. I <3 tools! C atherine de Medici: August 31, 2009 9:54 AM Renaissance Queen of ► September (39) France by Leonie Frieda judysnow mosaics said... powered by LibraryThing ▼ August (36) I read the how use article you w rote and enjoyed. I w ould love to Eco Jewelry from w in one of the tools that Evie is giving aw ay this w eek end for the Preloved C lothes September 5th and 6th Extravagnza Sale sponsored by TEAM ESST. FREE JEWELRY VIDEO and Fabric W ith the told and your Tutorial I feel confidant I can learn to use the TUTORIALS Evies Tool Emporiums tools. Thanks for doing this promotion and Tutorial. free how-to videos Tool Giveaway September 5, 2009 6:53 PM beading and jewelry making : How to How To Use a 3-Step sherikream said... make a... Wire Looping Pliers have you tried using this to coil/loop stainless steel 22gauge memory Tutorial Jewelry How To : w ire? i plan to get one of these to end memory w ire w ith a loop. i Basic Jewelry Findings Tweet Volume reveals read that you used 22gauge also for your demo but w ill memory w ire Daisy Chain cool Twitter facts for in stainless steel make it not do-able? Variation Ring jewelr... December 20, 2009 6:17 PM Working with salmon The Beading Gem said... Find more how-to videos: colored beads Sherikream - I used soft w ire. Stainless steel is tough to w ork w ith. Harry Winston and the Memory w ire is w orse. You w ill find it very, very difficult to coil it like in Powered by SuTree Hope Diamonds the video. 50th annivers... get your own! December 20, 2009 6:45 PM Romantic Lace Jewelry Anonymous said... and Lace Brooch BLOGS I READ Tutorial Great tutorial! I use the 3-step pliers. I w ould add, that on the earrings I make, I do a double loop for the hook end to prevent it A Bead A Day Peace, Love & Bead Warring States Lamp ever coming apart. I make the double loop, spread it slightly open Bloggers! Work Bracelet w ith a razor knife, feed the hook onto the loop, they re-crimp the coil tight again. Tail Jew elry Exploiting C haos - 150 Evies Tool December 30, 2009 1:10 AM Emporium ways to spark A Warm Fire On a innovation Stainless Steel W ire said... Snowy February Night The C olor of Dreams Wow ! impressive tutorial.. Im really planning to make one too. This is Katies Beading Blog Giveaway Winner! perfect for someone special. Love it. Peek Inside My Shopping Bag April 23, 2010 6:14 AM How to Fry Marbles and Make C rackle SoZai Designs - Bead JewelryPost a Comment Jewelry DesignerYoure AW ESOME! Thanks for the comment and feedback. You do C ooper-Hewitt Van C leef & Arpels Exhibit Inking Your I Dos -make a difference on my blog! Wedding Ring converted by
  6. 6. Wedding Ring Tattoos Jewelry by Szarka Turquoise Bear Nugget Gems and Gem Show Show All at the Bay of Fundy Awesome C rochet MORE BLOG LINKS Wire Jewelry by Zircon JewelsComment as: Select profile... MY VIRTUAL STUDIO Two C opper Wire and Post Comment Preview Bead Bracelets How to Add Jewelry using Photoshop Elements Tutori... Live Diamond Try-On - DESIGN PARTNERS iPhone App for Ring Shopping The pig who ate a diamond off a ring C olor of Dreams Polymer BeadsLinks to this post Giveaway Thoughful Thursday - Jew elry Making Videos and a Peek inside my StudioCreate a Link Leather Fringe Necklace Tutorial Uses Up Odd Beads...Newer Post Home Older Post Sculptured Art Paper Jewelry by SaloukeeSubscribe to: Post C omments (Atom) Ana Hagopians Amazing Paper Goldline Invest in Silver Jewelry Silver Delivered to Your Door. Free Investor Kit. Since 1960. Mzuri Beads - Ugandas Handmade Borrow Designer Jewelry Recycled Paper Borrow One. Adore It. Return It for Another Starting at $6 a Week. Bea... Forgotten Bookmarks American Indian Jewelry Heartbreak Jewelry Navajo & Zuni Indian Jewelry, hand made, low prices, lay-away plan. Post the silver jewelry Peace Symbol Jewelry Find it, Win it, Love it! Live JewelryAuctions Start at 1$. and Woodstocks 40th annivers... The 3 Best Gold Stocks Marble Quartz The Gold Bull Is Still Charging. Triple-Digit Gains Could Be Yours. Necklace String Art Pendant The Wire: Seasons 1-5 Tutorial Only $99.98 Free Express Shipping worldwide. Brand New/Factory Sealed Julia Golands new leather jewelry Silver Jewelry Auction collection Auction Information Updated Daily! Find Silver JewelryAuctions Online LitterSFs Hip C hain Faux Pearl Jewelry Jewelry Wide selection of faux pearl, silver and beaded jewelry. Michael Jackson nanophotograph View silver jewelry inside a diamond Stunning selection of fine silver jewelry. Free shipping over $750. Alice in Wonderland Chitika | Select Jewelry and Tim Burtons New M... Bead And SavesPicapp Widget Giveaway Winner! Luxurious Ruffled Jewelry in Silk Inspirations 5 tips to avoid making boring earrings converted by
  7. 7. Jewelry Exhibitions at the Victoria & Albert Museu... Victoria and Albert Museum of Design ► July (34) ► June (39) ► May (39) ► April (33) ► March (33) ► February (29) ► January (33) ► 2008 (373) ► 2007 (414) ABOUT THIS BLOG BLOG LICENCE CREDITS DISC LOSURE AND PRIVAC Y POLIC IES Banner Image/ Dodeskadens design Life of Tulip/Malcolm Romains design ADVERTISING This work is licensed under a C reative Graphic Art C ollaborators BUTTON C ODES C ommons Licence permitting non-commercial use providing it is attributed/credited with a link. Graphics Artwork : Jumpsticks© Free Blogger Templates Columnus by 2008 Back to TOP converted by