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Communication pln t


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Comm Pln Template

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Communication pln t

  1. 1. SOCJCommunication Plan August 2008
  2. 2. Contents1. Outline/context2. Strategy & key objectives3. Supporting info • Overall timelines • The stakeholder map • The activity plan (excel) 2
  3. 3. 1. Project outline/context• Procurement+ aims to support [Client Name] to become an effective and efficient Procurement organization by optimizing and standardizing infrastructure, processes and technology. As a result, we will provide better decision making at a lower cost.• As a result of Procurement+ a variety of roles across all [Client Name] businesses will move work to the Global Service Center in India, and to Regional Service Centers in Asia and Europe. Approximately 50 roles in 10 locations will eventually migrate.• Procurement+ is also an IT implementation to [Client Name] ’s version of SAP, and each of the [Client Name] sites/business needs to complete a series of activities to achieve site readiness.• Comms will be delivered across 3 levels: – [Client Name] Comms (xxx, [Client Name] Service Center messages) – [Client Name] Comms (Communication of roll-out 4 milestones, supporting Site Comms objectives) – Site Comms (local activity towards go-live) 3
  4. 4. 2. Strategy & key objectives Site Communications Objectives – Create a single identity for Procurement+ at each site, based on the vision & end structure – Create an understanding of Procurement+, activities involved and their employee/business impact – Support the HR and Change Management strategies and activities – Reinforce Executive support, commitment and business ownership for Procurement+ at a local level – Help Managers and Employees understand their role and expectations – Engage local Procurement+ advocates to drive the message and ensure consistency – Increase employee’s willingness to accept the change – Encourage stakeholders’ engagement and support information flow through face to face communication – Manage rumours 4
  5. 5. 2. Strategy & key objectivesSite communications – desired outcomesEmployees should understand:• What is happening? (The scope and scale of Procurement+)• Why is it happening (How Procurement+ builds on [Client Name] ’s past acquisition strategy and fits into its growth plans for the future. The benefits of the new system for both Thomson and its employees)• The implications of the change. (New roles and responsibilities that will result from the Procurement+ program efforts. How Procurement+ will impact processes, technology and infrastructure.)• What they are expected to do, and when they are expected to do it. (Explain how and when employees will be affected by the change. How and when employees will receive training on the new SAP systems. What the new policies, procedures and compliance standards are.)• How they will be supported through the change. (Change management leads and Super Users will prepare their groups for implementation of the new system. Retention and redeployment support will be in place to handle role transitions). 5
  6. 6. 3. Supporting Information - Stakeholder mapStakeholder/ Current attitude Desired (attitude Current key Preferred channels Due date/ By whomaudience & behaviour) messages frequency outcomesxxx Supportive & Issue resolution Here’s our Steering committee Bi-weekly • Op Comm engaged concerns (and how we’re handling them)Managing Neutral, but mindful Enable them to act Here’s the • Updates from [Client]? Monthly ?Directors of possible impact to as a proposed impact • Updates from site plan & employee spokesperson on your business, lead/FD? morale. (local staff we’re visiting your updates) sites to kick the project off.Procurement Engaged and Key spokesperson Regular progress • Guy’s weekly FDs call Weekly • SOCJ teamDirectors supportive for Mgmt peers & updates Updates from Site lead • Site lead Procurement team. Accountable for the change in their business.Human Business Extended member Employee Comms • Conference calls Currently CDH & ASResource Transformation of the site team, announcements weeklyDirectors Champions aware of activity now & plannedSite project Positive, keen to Champions, Here’s our roles & • Site kick-offs Bi-weekly •[Client] teamteams understand what responsible for the yours, and how • Site conference calls • GBS team needs to happen. change in their we’ll work together (going forward) business.Site Varied, but generally Business rationale Here’s how • Procurement Director Depends • FD/TeamProcurement basic knowledge. understood, and Procurement+ updates upon site leadersdepartments the part they have affects our • Team leader updates (Supported by in the change business, and our Site Comms team Rep) 6Site employees Little/no knowledge Business rationale Global & regional • MD updates Depends • MD (Supported until Employee & impact service centres upon site by Site Comms Comms understood Rep)
  7. 7. SOCJ Comms Roadmap Audience Vehicle Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Employee Feature on Service Communication. Employee Centres. [Client] MD Project Status Consultation update. Project Status Project Status Project Status report Project Status MDs Report report Project status report report report (Site Readiness) report MDs & Senior Go Live Mgrs’ Feature on Communication (eg. their local Business Reporting Site staff Employee Comms Employee Service & processes postEmployees updates slide deck Consultation update Centres change) Conversion Procure-to-Pay comms, Site Support Testing, Trial UAT, End User Go Live Countdown, Cutover, Process Comms Pack Review, Super Knowledge Transfer, Mock Close # 2, Training Mock Close # 3, Reps Users Mock Close # 1, Aftercare Translated, FDs adapted Site staff Translated, Translated, adapted Translated, adapted support pack Translated, adapted Translated, adapted support support pack support pack detailing support pack adapted supportProcureme update pack detailing detailing names, detailing names, names, dates detailing names, pack detailing nt Teams names, dates etc dates etc dates etc etc dates etc names, dates etc OWNER: [Client] [Client] Site Site Comms Rep Comms Rep Comms Rep Comms Rep 7
  8. 8. Site Comms Responsibilities• xxx, xxx & xxx – coordinate translations of Staff communication.• Give feedback to training team regarding translation needs for site (e.g., numbers of individuals requiring translation).• Build and maintain a project distribution list at site level.• Support executive communication at site level (FD, MD & Senior Managers).• Putt [Client Name] Corporate F+ messaging into local context (within Executive Comms)• Customize detailed messaging to support ERP; arrange for distribution.• Communicate key milestones related to local business transformation activities (e.g., knowledge sharing)• Maintain and drive site communication plan.• Participate in and report out at weekly Site Management Team Meetings• Share updated communication plans, milestones, progress to [Client] Communication lead.• Accountable to site leadership (FD & Site Lead) for delivering on site Communication Plan.• Participate in project meetings and activities as appropriate (e.g., change management sessions).• Responsible for keeping final versions of all site communication pieces on file. 8
  9. 9. [Client] comms responsibilities• Coordinate translations of corporate messages (as necessary)• Support executive communications (xxx, xxx & MD’s) • Updates on [Client] plan for excomm, weekly FD calls, HRD calls • Materials/content for briefing stakeholders• Ensure overall F+ messaging consistency across [Client]• Coordinate overall communication plan that includes key milestones; report overall communication activities across [Client] sites• Meet regularly with site communications people to guide and support site communication plans• Adapt and customize business transformation messages to support the site communications• Support TOC F+ communications by providing [Client] specific info• Measure effectiveness of communication strategy and execution by reviewing local communication plans• Clarify and communicate governance between Communications and HR (e.g., what needs to be signed off at a [Client] level) 9
  10. 10. Appendix• Key comms contacts• Integrated calendar (Sept-Dec ’07) 10