World Wide Medical presentation BCP


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7 May 2013

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World Wide Medical presentation BCP

  1. 1. Peace of mindWherever you go
  2. 2. WorldWide MedicalOur history
  3. 3. Mission and VisionOur mission is to guarantee our clients access to the bestworldwide medical care, and provide prompt, friendly andtimely service to our policyholders through a wide variety ofproducts and the strong support of our staff.Our vision is to become the leading international healthinsurance and life insurance company of in Latin America,through our extensive knowledge of the business and thestrategic alliances developed to maintain the steady growthof our pipeline and the loyalty of our customers andsuppliers.
  4. 4. Our HistoryBorn WWMA inpartnership betweenZanoni Selig and BHDFinancial Center.WWMA becomes the largestInternational Health InsuranceCompany in the DominicanRepublic.WWMA is established in Panamaas a center of regional expansion inLatin America. Presence in 3countriesOpening of WWS to offerinternational medicalinsurance for groups inDominican Republic.Development and launchof term life productsreinsured by Swiss Re.Zanoni Selig acquires all shares ofWWMA from BHD and held thedistribution agreement for itsproducts with the institution.Incorporation of DeutscheInvestition und Entwicklungs -Gessellschaft (DEG) asinternational partnerStart of the Alliance ofreinsurance for 5 yearswith MunichRe byproportional contractAssociation with El RobleGroup InsuranceCompany in Guatemala.
  5. 5. Deutsche Investitions- undEntwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG)“…DEG promotes investment only in reasonable projectsfrom the point of view of business and development…”“…DEG invests in companies that share itscommitment to sustainable development…”“…DEG strives to strengthen corporategovernance practices…”Assets 4,368Liabilities 1,700Profit 220New Business 1,223New business LATAM 348Created jobs (thousands) 335DEG figures 2011 – Million of EurosNew commitments1962 Founded in Köln (Cologne), Germany1965 First project in Latin America2005 First project on insurance2010 First project on health insurance2011 First investment as shareholder atinsurance company with WorldWide Medical•Rating AAA/Aaa•Investments in 526 companies in over 80 countries•Partner of Worldwide MedicalSource: www.deginvest.com9301,206 1,2251,0151,226 1,2232006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  6. 6. Our ReinsurersReinsurers Ranking*• Rating A1 (Moody’s), AA- (S&P), A+ (AM Best)• Founded en 1863, in Zürich, Switzerland• Is the second largest reinsurance company andleader in life• Reassures WMA since 2005• Provides coverage for the entire region*Source: Federal Reserve New York - Moodys22.114.412.9Lloyd’s15. S.E.SCOREChina ReGral Ins.IndiaKorean ReRGA Re49.6London ReEverest ReBerkshire ReHannover RePartnerReTRCAEGONGeneraliMAPFREQBEXL Capital• Rating AA- (Fitch), Aa3 (Moody’s), AA- (S&P), A+ (AMBest)• Founded in 1880, in Munich, Germany• It is the largest reinsurance company and leader inhealth• Reassures WMA since 2005• Provides coverage for the entire region
  7. 7. |Panamanian Insurance Supertintendent HealthAnd Accident Insurance Rankings by PremiumTotales acumulados al mes de Diciembre 2012NO C O M P A Ñ Í A SALUD Y ACC. PERSONALES1 Pan American de Panamá, S.A. B/. 44,961,479.892 Compañía Internacional de Seguros, S.A. B/. 35,965,721.433 ASSA Compañía de Seguros, S.A. B/. 28,500,131.824 Mapfre Panamá, S.A. B/. 27,786,100.435 Worldwide Medical Assurance, Ltd. Corp. B/. 26,193,589.096 Aseguradora Ancón, S.A. B/. 11,616,289.237 Assicurazioni Generali, S.p.A. B/. 11,299,051.738 Sagicor Panamá B/. 2,840,168.059 HSBC Seguros, S.A. B/. 2,374,371.5910 Medisalud, S.A. B/. 2,215,460.7611 Chartis National Union B/. 1,467,442.5012 Seguros FEDPA, S.A. B/. 1,099,268.1813 Banesco Seguros, S.A. B/. 521,310.8614 Seguros Suramericana, S.A. B/. 508,637.3815 Acerta Compañía de Seguros, S.A. B/. 342,823.7716 Ace Seguros, S.A. B/. 240,740.1217 Del Istmo Assurance Corp. B/. 215,604.5718 Óptima Compañía de Seguros, S.A. B/. 177,136.5019 Aliado Seguros, S.A. B/. 34,291.2920 Eastern Pacific Ins. Co. B/. 19,817.1821 Empresa General de Seguros, S.A. B/. 18,695.1822 Panamerican Life Ins. Co. B/. 110.9023 Aseguradora Global, S.A. B/. -24 Multibank Seguros, S.A. B/. -25 Nacional de Seguros de Panamá y Centroamérica, S.A. B/. (639,052.57)T O T A L B/. 197,759,189.88
  9. 9. Our Work SystemOnshore sales of productsthroughout Latin Americathanks to the flexibilityprovided by our operatinginfrastructure of directinsurance and reinsurance oflocal companies thusallowing:• Record production andinvestments in the region.• Create a positive impact onlocal employment.• Ensuring better coveragebacked by Munich Re.OTHERPROVIDERS,OFFSHORESALESLEGALFRAMEWORKOF WWM
  10. 10. WorldWide MedicalStrategic Alliance
  11. 11. Hospital Chiriqui, is a private institution thatwas founded in 1988 and has beenoffering superior healthcare services in theprovince of Chiriqui ever since. Today thehospital is prepared in this new century toredouble its efforts with the aim tocontinue offering these services with acore philosophy designed to satisfyincreaasingly demanding healthcare inthe area.Today, Hospital Chiriqui hosts manyprofessionals of various areas of healthand provides medical care in 40 differentspecialties. The hospital includes state ofthe are operating rooms, intensive careunit, neonatalogy, labor and delivery and24 hour emergency room services.Chiriqui Hospital
  12. 12. WorldWide MedicalChiriqui PlanLocal Coverage
  13. 13. • Individual or group plan local health• Admission age 18 to 63 years• Waiting period 60 daysThe waiting period is eliminated for those customers thatmaintain other medical insurance policy• Effective immediately for accidents and infectious diseases• Major Exclusions:Cosmetic surgeries, mental and nervous disorders, weightmanagement treatments, unreported preexistingconditionsGeneral Characteristics
  14. 14. Chiriqui PlanLIFETIME BENEFITANNUAL DEDUCTIBLE US$750COVERAGEChiriquí HospitalOther HospitalsINPATIENTPrivate RoomIntensive Care Unit (ICU)Recovery RoomLaboratory testsPrescription drugs in internmentNursing and medical feesImage proceduresDiagnostic proceduresUS$ 500,000100%80%US$ 200 per dayUS$600 per day100%100%100%100%100%100%
  15. 15. Chiriqui PlanOUTPATIENT SERVICESInquiries to general practitioners 100%Inquiries to medical specialists 100%Emergencies 100%Test pre & post surgeries 100%Image studies 100%Laboratories 100%Chemotherapy 100%Radiotherapy 100%Vaccines (up to 7 years old) 100%Prescription drugs US$400/80%ADDITIONAL BENEFITSOrgan Transplant (lifetime limit)Diálysis (per year)Physical therapy (per year)Maternity (per event)Coverage of the newborn (90 days)Congenital diseases (lifetime limit)Medical Care at home (per year)Hospice care(per year)Air ambulance servicesGround ambulance servicesLife coverage for the holderUS$10,000US$1,000100%US$10,000US$50,00040 visitsUS$3,500US$10,000US$100,000US$10,000US$100,000
  16. 16. WorldWide MedicalInternational Health Insurance
  17. 17. General Characteristics• Age of 18 to 74 years• Does not require medical examinations before age 65 andthe costs will be borne by WWMA• Two deductible maximum per family per year• 60-Day waiting period• The waiting period is eliminated for those clients whomaintain international medical expenses policy• Immediate coverage for accidents and infectious diseases• The maternity benefit is installed from the 11 month• Main Exclusions:– Plastic surgery, mental and nervous disorders, treatmentsfor weight control,• Preexisting covered conditions:– If symptoms are active and/or with treatment, thecondition will have a waiting period of two years.• 100% portable policies
  18. 18. International Health Insurance Benefits• 2 Million dollar per insured renewable annually until the age 100.• Four different options of deductible from 0 to USD 5,000 peryear.Country of residence Outside the country of residenceUSD 0 USD 1,000USD 1,000 USD 2,000USD 2,000 USD 3,000USD 5,000 USD 5,000• International Coverage at 100% after completing the selecteddeductible.• Coverage outside the Providers Network, at 70% of the first USD25,000 and the difference at 100%.
  19. 19. International Health Insurance Benefits• In Panama or country of residence, Inpatient benefits,emergencies and outpatient surgeries are covered 100%without deductible.• Outpatient benefits are covered at 100% after completing theselected deductible in and out the country of residence.• Diagnostic Procedures are covered at 100% after completingthe selected deductible (In and outside the country ofresidence).• Coverage for transplant procedures, cancer treatment, dialysisand rehabilitation services.• Extended free coverage for dependents upon death ofpolicyholder for 3 years.
  20. 20. Traveler Assistance CoverageFor insured of WorldWide Medical (Free)Coverage of USD 10,000, for medical expenses, inpatient andmedications, valid for the first 60 days of tripThe benefit re-installs when the insured returns to his country of residenceEmergency Dental Expenses up to USD 250Outpatient prescription drugs up to USD 300Hotel expenses due to convalescence USD 100 per day, up to 10daysSanitary transfer unlimitedRepatriation after treatment – no limitAccompanying minor - unlimited transferRound trip ticket airfare for relative up to USD 1,000Hotel expenses for a relative USD 50 per day, maximum 10 daysTransmission of urgent messages – unlimitedSearch and transport of luggage and personal effects - without limitAdditional compensation for lost luggage USD 1,200Legal assistance up to $ 1,500
  21. 21. Peace of mindWherever you goFor more information contact us at507 366