Scope of Services


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Description of the Scope of Services offered to Small Business Clients.

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Scope of Services

  1. 1. Scope of Services – Linda L. ZelmLOCATION AND SUCCESS-USE AN EXPERTFor small businesses to be successful, the location must be the best available. And thepricing must be the best available. Using a real estate advisor who provides not only theindustry clout to obtain the best locations but also informs, educates, and follows through tothe day you open and after insures success. Let us show you how this team can be your realestate department at no cost to you.VALUE ADDED SERVICESOur unique value added services include:• Real estate education and consulting for the occupancy cost portion of the business plan• Market intelligence and contacts developed over the past 25 years put to work for you• Ethical and assertive negotiations for your lease or purchase pricingSTREAMLINED PROCESS1. Develop criteria for the location depending on targeted customer targets, demographics,size, type of business2. Research and present options with cost comparisons including an analysis of purchasing afacility versus buying. Cash flow and tax ramifications, expansion opportunities and otherimportant considerations included in the analysis3. Arrange and host property tours including exterior and interior inspections and tours ofthe surrounding market, highway accesses. Arrange for contractor, architect and mechanicalinspections4. Assist with financing applications for both bank and the SBA guaranteed loans includinglender introductions, accountant and attorney referrals5. Structure and negotiate terms of leases, improvements, guarantees, concessionsincluding free rent and allowances. Negotiate Letters of Intent and Purchase Agreements,always with client authorization and approval6. Maintain involvement throughout the due diligence process to provide a single point ofcontact7. Follow up throughout the process tracking design, construction and opening to assuresmooth sailing
  2. 2. FEES FOR SERVICESAs is traditional in the real estate business, fees for advisor services are paid by sellers andlandlords at the time of the execution of a sale or lease. For leases, fees are built into theproject as landlord soft costs and do not represent an increase in the lease rate for clientsusing advisory services. Since almost all of the desirable real estate for lease or sale todayis presented by a real estate agent, fees will be paid regardless of whether a buyer ortenant is represented.For those situations, where services are used but no transaction occurs, work is providedeither on a volunteer/no charge basis or in some cases, for a nominal fee depending uponthe scope of work required. Such a fee is determined after the case is analyzed with fullapproval and disclosure to the small business owner.For more information, please contact: Small Business Real Estate Advisors  Linda L. Zelm, SCLS 310 Kiowa Avenue St. Paul, MN 55112 Phone: (612) 868-5561 E-Mail: