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Shopperazzi Spotted: Best-in-Class Shopper Marketing Experiences

From the paparazzi of the retail world, Shopparazzi, working 24/7 to catch every move brands are making to create meaningful shopper experiences worldwide.

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Shopperazzi Spotted: Best-in-Class Shopper Marketing Experiences

  1. 1. Shopperazzi ReportShopper Marketing ExperiencesBest-in-Class1st Edition 7 Shopperazzi Spotted
  2. 2. Bloom GroceryOn each shopping cart,shoppers are provided with amap of the entire store,highlighting each departmentwith a coordinating color thatallows them to navigate thestore with ease. 7 Shopperazzi Spotted
  3. 3. UNIQLONEW YORK CITYUNIQLO has set new standards for privatelabel by giving a clean and crisporganization to non-brand name clothes.Much like a woman’s closet, all pieces arecategorized by color — red shirts, sweaters,and cardigans are folded in the same place.For those who are seeking out a blackcashmere cardigan, a shopper will knowexactly where to look, without anyassistance or struggle. UNIQLO hasprovided shoppers with a positiveexperience by minimizing the sacrifice ofvalue all while creating an easy navigableretail space that is organized by color. 8 Shopperazzi Spotted
  4. 4. Nokia Store Inside the store there are three intuitive zones, supported by specially trained staff. The zones simplify the purchasing process and encourage interaction with consumers.The “Solutions Zone” is designed to showcase The “Product Zone” features Nokias live The “Support Zone” provides a quieter space,the complete mobile experience encompassing product portfolio, where the newest devices form allowing customers to set up their new device, lookmusic, navigation, video, imaging, Internet, the focus for in-store marketing. at service provider options, and try out any newgaming, and mobile office capabilities. mobile enhancements. 9 Shopperazzi Spotted
  5. 5. Albertsons Bread AisleBakeryAlbertsons enhanced the bread shoppingexperience by installing a header structurewhich provided shoppers clear navigationand organization. It allowed shoppers toeasily locate bakery products quickly, all whileincreasing overall category sales forbreakfast, grilling, lunch, sandwich, andspecialty bakeries. Biggest takeaway: Makingit complex doesn’t make it better. 5 Shopperazzi Spotted
  6. 6. Ulta Flagship Store Chicago, IllinoisThe cosmetics and hair-care retailer’s first multilevel store in the heart of Chicago uses well-known brands and simplesignage to indicate areas of interest and facilitate place-marking. Intuitive and logical organization within categoriesbased on function, brand, form, and attribute makes both locating specific items and browsing easy. Destinations likethe eye bar and lip bar are all exactly the same, providing shoppers with consistency across categories. Shopperazzi Spotted 11
  7. 7. The Best CellarsBoston, MassachusettsBest Cellars came to recognize that while many people likeddrinking wine, they were put off by the "world of wine“ and itsmysteries, rituals, and often steep tariffs. After conductingresearch they discovered the real problem.Shopper Problem: How could shoppers makes sense of thedizzying number of countries, regions, grapes, and labelsfound in a wine store?Solution: Create an atmosphere that allowed them to feelcomfortable making a purchase. The goal was to make shoppingfor wine as easy as shopping for ice cream. By creating a iconsystem that helped shoppers evaluate their choices based on mealor mood, the wine shopping experience was transformed to a funenvironment. 13 Shopperazzi Spotted
  8. 8. Apple StoreFrom the Genius Bar to the 1:1 courses, Apple has proved its credibility and true motivations for providing suchexceptional customer service: to satisfy their customers and to create loyal Apple shoppers. 8
  9. 9. Cocktails 123Dominick’sChicago, IllinoisMake her feel like a professional at whatevershe is doing by providing her with a variety ofideas, explanations, and solutions. Provide herwith the right information that demonstrateswhipping up any concoction, even a Greentini,is as easy as 1-2-3.In the spirits category, recipes are provided forshoppers to pull together the necessaryingredients to make their favorite drinks. Theirchosen liquor and coordinating ingredients areorganized in a intuitive fashion, and they can belocated in the order they are listed on therecipe cards. 9 Shopperazzi Spotted
  10. 10. SwansonDominick’sChicago, IllinoisRecognizing that most shoppers don’tknow the difference between broth andstock, Swanson developed a aisleinterrupter to communicate thedifferences of each product and alsoprovided recipes using both chicken brothand chicken stock. It makes it easy forshoppers to not only compare thedifference, but to also help them discovernew ways to use both products. Shopperazzi Spotted 16
  11. 11. lululemon athleticaChicago, Illinoislululemon athletica makes technical clothing for yoga, dancing, and running, creating components for people to livelonger, healthier, and more fun lives; it even jump-starts shoppers’ health and wellness by allowing them to break asweat in the store.Besides creating an inspiring environment, lululemon offers free yoga classes every Sunday at its in-store studio.Classes are led by professional yoga instructors who also run monthly boot camps for all to attend. 1811 Shopperazzi Spotted
  12. 12. Barbie Flagship Store Shanghai, ChinaThe six-floor Barbie flagship Store is not justabout selling a doll, but selling Barbie cultureand the “dreams-can-come-true” experience.Rather than focusing on the Barbie dolls, thestore features Barbie-themed clothing, jewelry,cosmetics, food, and spa treatments, includingthe “Plastic Smooth” facials. The flagship storeprovides both daughters and mothers with aspace to usetheir imagination and sharean experience. 19 Shopperazzi Spotted
  13. 13. Post-it Section, StaplesChicago, IllinoisThe Post-it section of Staples encouragesshoppers to play, imagine, and be creative. Thedisplay managed to make organization anactivity to get excited about, moving shoppersto enjoy shopping for office supplies.The platform also delivered physical and visualorganization to better facilitate productselection. Educational messaging created abetter shopping experience that motivatedshoppers to imagine new ideas for purchasingand using Post-its. 13 Shopperazzi Spotted
  14. 14. Sanford Staples Sharpie ShopOffice DepotChicago, IllinoisAlthough Office Depot carries office andstationary supplies, Sharpie recognizes thatpeople use their markers in a variety ofways. Whether it be to sketch at work ordoodling on your sneaker, shoppers areencouraged to use Sharpie as a tool toexpress themselves and customize theproduct to fit their needs and lifestyle. Thesub-center display promotes product trial byproviding tester pens and paper to doodleand express creativity. 14 Shopperazzi Spotted
  15. 15. Kraft Meal SolutionMeijerMeijer stores have also unveiled aKraft meal solutions station near deliservice counters that promotes theoffer with the message, "Dinner onHand." The station comprises a "FamilyMeal Solutions" cooler merchandisingcheese brands and a fixture thatdispenses recipe cards for such brand-specific dishes as "Velveeta CheesyPasta Casserole," "Mac & CheeseLasagna," and "Mini Oreo SurpriseCupcakes." Other Kraft SKUs aremerchandised nearby.Aisle violators further communicatethe promotion with a "Lunch is in theBag" message, as well as "MomsBrown-Bagging Tips," which includeusing frozen juice pouches to chill foodand adding grated vegetables tosandwiches. Shopperazzi Spotted 19
  16. 16. Benefit Boutique Chicago, IllinoisWho says makeup has to be serious to be good? Created to be a makeup boutique with a candy-store feel, Benefit’s invitingatmosphere encouragers shoppers of all ages to come in and play. From their cheeky product names like “ Hello Flawless” and“Some Kinda Gorgeous” to the inspirational quotes that decorate the walls, buying a lipstick has turned into a much morememorable experience. By tapping into the senses, Benefit has managed to convert a transaction into a more distinct,consistent, and memorable experience across a majority of their channels. Shopperazzi Spotted 16
  17. 17. Thanks!For more store sightings and shopper scandals visit 17 Shopperazzi Spotted

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From the paparazzi of the retail world, Shopparazzi, working 24/7 to catch every move brands are making to create meaningful shopper experiences worldwide.


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