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Presentation (fv v1)


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Presentation (fv v1)

  1. 1. One month with 3 MacBooks and 3 iPodtouches, andlook at what we did!
  2. 2. What Have We Been Doing? From the students....
  3. 3. What Have We Been Doing? From the students.... Everything Enhancing our learning with technology! Let us show you.
  4. 4. Podcasts
  5. 5. Podcasts
  6. 6. PresentationsLyssa,Remove this slide and add in the slides from the Keynote presentationthat you want to show. You should be able to open up this presentationand the student one, than just drag the students’ slides into yourpresentation. That way, you can play the student presentation withinyours.
  7. 7. Comic LifeCan you take screen shots of the Comic Life projects? The keystrokes are Command-Shift (helddown together) than hit the number 3 on the keyboard. That should put a picture on your desktop(if you tell it to save it there), and than you can drop the screen shots onto slides in yourpresentation. Again, that way you don’t have to leave your presentation to show them.
  8. 8. What has changed since thearrival of the new technology? More from the students of G3...
  9. 9. What has changed since thearrival of the new technology? More from the students of G3... We have become artists and shown our knowledge with presentations.
  10. 10. From the teacher’s standpoint... Lyssa, You might consider just having this slide come up, than actually tell the Board all the things that you have on slides 8 and 9. I’m concerned that 1) they is a lot of text, which people start to glaze over, and 2) it would be have greater impact if they hear you directly. You can use all your bullets on slides 8-9 and notes, and yes it is ok to use notes to help.
  11. 11. From the teacher’s standpoint...• Students have taken over their own learning. It was their idea to create a podcast of the frog dissection.• They are helping each other, working together, and coming to better conclusions than before. Possible delete and just talk about.• With technology, they don’t have the fear making mistakes because they know they can go back and fix it.• It is allowing students who may normally hide, to express themselves in artistic ways. It also allows them to speak without an entire audience looking at them.
  12. 12. and more from the teacher...• Their fluency has already improved, especially one of my students still struggling with the pronunciation of English. He has used the text to speak function, and he loves it! Possible delete and just talk about• By making podcasts of things they have been learning, they are internalizing the information and will have a longer retention.• We have only used 2 reams of paper, where as before, I could go through an entire box in one
  13. 13. What would you havedone if you had thistechnology all year?
  14. 14. “We would have been able todo more projects and Iwouldn’t be so afraid to dopresentations.”
  15. 15. “I would be able to readmore books online, anduse my imagination tomake book reports usingiMovies, Keynote, orPodcasts.”
  16. 16. “I would pay attention.”
  17. 17. “I would have been able tohelp myself through mathproblems while listeningto podcasts made by me,my class, or my teacher.”
  18. 18. “I wouldn’t getmad when Imake mistakes,because I couldfix themeasier.”
  19. 19. “I could record myselfreading. Then I couldhear myself read, andpractice sounding better.”
  20. 20. “I could practice myspelling, vocabulary, andmath facts on my ipodwhen I have extra time,or when I’m listening tomusic.”
  21. 21. “I would feel better aboutwhat I can do, because Icould practice things lotsof times and change themwithout having to startover.”
  22. 22. “I would have a smile onmy face when I come toschool, because I just getthings like computers.They keep up with mybrain.”
  23. 23. “I would be ready forcollege and work, becausethey do lots of speechesand writing there.”
  24. 24. “I would feellike I’m goodat something.”
  25. 25. Most Importantly...•It engages me!!