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(Travel Italy) ITALIA (


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(Travel Italy) ITALIA (

  1. 1. Italian State Tourist Board (E.N.I.T.)1 Princes Street · London W1B 2AY · Tel. 020 7408 1254 · Fax 020 7399 3567 · E-mail: · Call Centre: Freephone 008 00 00 482 542 (brochure request line)
  2. 2. ITALIAN STATE TOURIST BOARD - ENIT 1 Princes Street, London W1B 2AY Tel: 020 7408 1254 Fax: 020 7399 3567 e-mail: (Opening times to the public: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm) Call Centre: Tel: 008 00 00 482 542 (free brochure request line)REGION CAPITAL CITY INTERNET SITE 1 ABRUZZO L’AQUILA 2 ALTO ADIGE* BOLZANO/BOZEN Contents 3 BASILICATA POTENZA 4 CALABRIA CATANZARO General Information 4 5 CAMPANIA NAPOLI 6 EMILIA ROMAGNA BOLOGNA Transportation 16 7 FRIULI VENEZIA -GIULIA TRIESTE Accommodation 24 8 LAZIO ROMA 9 LIGURIA GENOVA Art In Italy 26 10 LOMBARDIA MILANO 11 MARCHE ANCONA Performing Arts and 12 MOLISE CAMPOBASSO other events 29 13 PIEMONTE TORINO Tourist Offices in the 14 PUGLIA BARI 15 SARDEGNA CAGLIARI principal Italian 16 SICILIA PALERMO destinations 35 17 TRENTINO* TRENTO Note: The information contained in this 18 TOSCANA FIRENZE booklet is as current as possible at time of going to press (May ‘06). The Italian State 19 UMBRIA PERUGIA Tourist Board is not responsible for changes to 20 VALLE D’AOSTA AOSTA schedules of services, rates and dates of events. It is always advisable to confirm this type of 21 VENETO VENEZIA information before departure.* Provincie autonome Produced in conjunction with the Italian State Tourist Board, 1 Princes Street, London W1B 2AY Telephone: 020 7408 1254 · Fax: 020 7399 3567 All rights reserved. No part of this guide may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any other means, electronic, mechanical, photographic, recording or otherwise without the prior written consent of the publisher. Advertising Sales – GST & Associates, Telephone: 01626 774783 · Photography courtesy of Italian State Tourist Board. PRODUCED BY WORLD TRAVEL GUIDES A DIVISION OF GST & ASSOCIATES Graphic Design – GreenApple Graphics. 83 RICHMOND AVENUE, SHOEBURYNESS, ESSEX SS3 9LE TEL: 01702 580188 FAX: 01702 580188 Although every effort is made to ensure that the content, both editorial and advertising are true and accurate at time of going to press neither the publisher E-MAIL: GST@BTCONNECT.COM nor the Italian State Tourist Board can be held responsible for any claims made within this publication.Front Cover: Detail of Andrea Mantegna’s (c1431-1506) frescoe ‘Scena Cavallo,’ Camera degli Sposi, Palazzo Ducale, Mantova,and other Mantegna’s images shown in the brochure courtesy of “ARCHIVIO PROVINCIA DI MANTOVA-TONI LODIGIANI” 3
  3. 3. Planning your trip to Italy Gargano promontory and, sloping down further PLEASE DO NOT FORGET: south, the Salentine peninsula. It then proceeds 1 Validate your tickets before travelling to the west with the Calabrian and Peloritano (see pull out section) massif stretching across the Strait of Messina into 2 The EURO (€) is now the only legal Sicily. currency (see page 9) VOLCANOES: Mount Etna - active (in Sicily 3 Smoking and non smoking (see page 10) between Catania and Messina, altitude 3323 4 Passport (see page 8) metres); Vesuvio (in Campania near Naples, 5 Taxis (see pull out section) 1281 metres); Stromboli – active (Aeolian Islands, 924 metres); Vulcano (Aeolian Islands, 391 metres). A few facts and figures about Italy The Cities After Rome, the other regional capitals of Italy Area: 301,337 square kilometres are Bolzano/Bozen, Trento, Trieste, Aosta, Milan Population: 58.5 milion (Milano), Venice (Venezia), Turin (Torino), Bologna, Genoa (Genova), Florence (Firenze), Population density: 194/sq.k. Ancona, Perugia, L’Aquila, Campobasso, Naples Capital: Roma (Rome) (2,553,873 inhabitants) (Napoli), Potenza, Bari, Catanzaro, Palermo and Cagliari. These cities are important not only for Other important cities: their size and population, but also for their Milano (Milan) (1,299,439) history, the fame and wealth of their monuments Napoli (Naples) (995,171) and museums, and the natural beauties of which Torino (Turin) (902,255) - Palermo (675,084) almost all of them can boast, as well as the Genova (Genoa) (605,084) - Bologna (374,425), intensity of their social and economic life. Firenze (Florence) (368,059) - Bari (328,458), Catania (305,773) - Venezia (Venice) (271,251) Porta in “Milanese”; today the best follower of Each of Italy’s main cities jealously guards its own Verona (259,068) this tradition is arguably the Sicilian Andrea character, its citizens taking special pride in their Camilleri. history, art, food and commerce. Sprawling Milan Other important statistics: is the industrial, banking and fashion capital of Provinces: 103 Italy and an art and culture centre. Turin Woodland: 65,538 sq.k Coastline: 7,375 km Geographical Profile (Torino), at the foot of the Alps, is well known There is a great deal of variety in the landscape for the manufacture of cars and its baroque Protected areas: 57,320 sq.k of Italy, although it is characterised architecture. Genoa (Genova), birthplace of Highest peak: Monte Bianco (4,810 m) predominantly by two mountain chains: the Alps Columbus, has been Italy’s most important port Longest river: Po (652 km) and the Apennines. The former extends over 600 since Roman times. Venice (Venezia) floats Source: ISTAT ( miles from east to west. It consists of great massifs dream-like on canals and lagoons. Trieste is a Currency: Euro € (see page 9) in the western sector, with peaks rising to over bustling and attractive port. Trento is an historic 14,000 feet, including Monte Bianco (Mont old city that has had many battles fought for it. LANGUAGE: ITALIAN IS THE OFFICIAL Bologna is famous for its University and Blanc), Monte Rosa and Cervino (the LANGUAGE OF THE COUNTRY. gastronomy. Florence (Firenze), “the cradle of the Matterhorn). The height of the chain is lower in Both Italian and German are official in the the eastern sector, although the mountains are Renaissance” is an Art City to rival any in the South Tyrol Province; both Italian and French still of an extraordinary beauty (the Dolomites). world. Ancona, the main town (of the Adriatic are official in the Aosta Valley region. Other At the foot of the Alpine arc stretches the vast region) of the Marche, is a beautifully situated languages, though not really official, are spoken Po Valley plain, cut down the middle by the seaside city. Perugia, the hilltop queen of the by some small local communities: e.g. Albanian course of the river Po, the longest in Italy (390 Tiber plain, is the seat of the University for in some parts of Sicily, Apulia and Calabria; miles), which has its source in the Pian de Re Foreigners. L’Aquila, crisscrossed by steep streets, Catalan in Sardinia (area of Alghero). Owing to (Monviso) and flows into the Adriatic through a is a mountain centre in the Apennines. Naples the extreme complexity of Italian history every magnificent delta. The Alpine foothills are (Napoli), on its famous blue bay, is the great city region has one or even more dialects. In some characterised by large lakes: Lake Maggiore and of the South. Bari, where the bones of St. cases great writers and poets have written in their the lakes of Como, Iseo and Garda. Nicholas lie, is a modem city surrounding a tiny dialects, exceptional works which can be medieval town. Palermo, major town of Sicily, The Apennines form the backbone of the compared to the very best literature in Italian. merges Norman and Arab history and culture. peninsula, stretching in a wide arc concave to Cagliari, the chief town of Sardinia, bears the Carlo Goldoni wrote his plays in Venetian; the the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Corno Grande (Gran stamp of a long and varied history. celebrated trio of Roman poets, Pascarella, Sasso d’Italia) is the highest peak. A large part of Trilussa and Belli used, of course, the central Italy is characterised by a green hilly “Romanesco”; Pier Paolo Pasolini mastered both his native “Friulano” and the “Romanesco”; landscape, through which the rivers Arno and Tiber run and some lakes such as Trasimeno, Seas Eduardo de Filippo, Salvatore di Giacomo and Bolsena and Bracciano. The southern section of Italy is a peninsular in the Mediterranean Sea, many song lyricists wrote in “Neapolitan”; Carlo the chain pushes out to the east forming the with a coastline of more than 5,310 miles. Rocky,4
  4. 4. wooded cliffs are indented by an infinite variety of Apulia, one finds the Lido of Siponto on the the most fantastic and spectacular mountains ofof beaches and bays. Along the full length of Gulf of Manfredonia, the Gargano peninsula and the entire alpine range. A happy combination ofLiguria extend the two Italian Rivieras with the Tremiti Islands. factors has made the whole region – Trentino,Genoa (Genova) in the middle. To the west, Alto Adige, an immense park of natural beauty.almost an extension of the French Côte d’ Azur, And although it’s the northernmost zone of Italy,is the Ponente including such famous seasideresorts as San Remo, Alassio and Varazze. The Mountains it is one of the most favoured for its constant good weather and the frequency of its warm andeastern (Levante) Riviera boasts Nervi, The Alps: The highest and the most fascinating sunny days. As a consequence, the fame of thePortofino, Santa Margherita, Rapallo and Sestri mountains in Europe, the Alps separate Italy Dolomites is worldwide. Around such centres ofLevante. from France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. international renown such as Merano, Madonna Almost all of the sunny southern slopes are in di Campiglio, Canazei, Ortisei and CortinaOther beaches popular with foreign visitors are Italian territory. The highest peaks include MontForte dei Marmi, Viareggio, Castiglioncello, d’Ampezzo have sprung up a host of smaller Blanc, Monte Rosa, the Cervino and the Gran summer holiday and winter sports centres, healthPorto Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole and the Island Paradiso. These giants are all found in the Valle resorts and spas. These resorts can be found inof Elba in Tuscany; Ostia - Lido of Rome d’Aosta, which is not only unique, but perhaps the valleys, on the gentle uplands and beside the(Roma), Fregene, Anzio, Nettuno in Lazio; the most beautiful in the whole Alpine range. It famous Alpine Lakes. Thanks to up-to-dateCapri, Sorrento and the Island of Ischia, is a magic realm for the tourist with mountain transport facilities, cable cars and chair lifts,Positano, Amalfi and Maiori on the Gulf of climbing, holiday and winter sports centres. tourists can reach the highest and mostNaples (Napoli) and Salerno; Sardinia; and from Among the most famous of which are Cervinia celebrated viewpoints with ease.North to South along the Adriatic Coast: Grado, and Courmayeur. The Valle d’Aosta is rich inthe Lido of Venice (Venezia), the Lido of Jesolo, The Apennines: “The backbone of Italy” runs magnificent natural scenery, monuments andLignano Sabbiadoro and then the enchanting the full length of the peninsula, from the hills of castles.string of towns along the Coast of Romagna, Cadibona (near Savona) down into Calabria.among which Milano Maritima, Cervia, Rimini, The Dolomites: To the east between the valleys The Apennines reach their highest point in theRiccione and Cattolica stand out. On the coast of the Adige and Piave rivers lie the Dolomites – Gran Sasso (9,558 feet) which, along with the 5
  5. 5. Maiella (9,151 feet), forms a magnificent winter sports area. Variously named from north to south Food & Wine The best time – the Apennines in Emilia and Tuscany, the Apuan Alps north of Lucca, the Lattari It is estimated that every year more than two million tourists visit the Italian countryside and to go to Italy Mountains between the Gulf of Naples and its famous wine cellars. Salerno, the Matese Mountains also in CLIMATE The gastronomy, which is extremely popular in Campania, the Sila in Calabria and Aspromonte, its simple and genuine tastes, takes its origin from The moderating influence of the sea and the the southern tip of the Apennines. The a large range of products offered in great quantity protection given by the Alpine barrier from the mountains of Sicily and Sardinia repeat the from nature reflecting the warm climate of our cold north winds join to bless Italy with a natural beauties of the Alps and the Apennines, land. temperate climate. Nevertheless, the weather Etna, an active volcano on Sicily’s eastern coast Autumn is the favoured season for enoturismo, varies considerably according to how far one is and snow-capped most of the year, epitomises the which has become very popular owing to the from the sea or the mountains. The winter is very incomparable contrast of nature, which is the growth of wine routes. There are itineraries cold in the Alps, cold and foggy in the Po Plain miracle of Italy. which include visits to wine cellars with their and the central Apennines; mild and even warm own vineyards opened to the public. There are on the Ligurian coast, the Neapolitan coast and Lakes also historical buildings and museums where the tourist can taste various home-made products. in Sicily. The summer is hot and dry, but the temperature is mitigated on the coast by sea Mirroring the snow-covered Alps that surround breezes and in the Apennines and Alps it is them, the lakes of Lombardy are the first magic However, as well as the official wine routes, the pleasantly cool. In mountain areas, winter is ideal wonder welcoming to Italy the tourist who enters visitor also has an opportunity to make his or her for skiing, and summer for excursions. Seaside from the Simplon, St. Gothard or Spluga Passes own wine route discovery on the basis of and lake resorts, with their excellent hotel through the mountains. The three largest lakes individual taste and preference. The wine regions facilities, have a busy tourist season in the are Maggiore (82 sq. miles.), Como (56 sq. provide an enormous wealth for Italy and they summer, while the cities that are rich in art miles), and Garda (143 sq. miles). These, along should be explored. treasures are ideal in spring and autumn. with the smaller lakes, Orta, Iseo and Idro · constitute a second Riviera of resorts with fine · TIME hotels and villas on their shores that provide a FAI - FONDO PER L’AMBIENTE ITALIANO In terms of standard time zones, Italy is one hour busy season of swimming, sailing, golf and tennis (Foundation for the protection of the Italian ahead of UK time. Summer time in Italy comes from early spring to the late mild autumn. natural environment and treasures) into effect each year from the last Sunday of Jewel-like smaller lakes scattered among the March to the last Sunday of October. valleys of the Alps include Caldonazzo, Molveno, Levico, Carezza, Misurina and Santa Croce. HEALTH SERVICE AND MEDICAL COVER Boating, bathing and fishing are specialities of Private hospitals and clinics in Italy are very lakes in central and southern Italy: Trasimeno in good, but are expensive if you do not have Umbria, Bolsena, Bracciano, Nemi, Albano in medical insurance. The public health system is Lazio; Lucrino and Fusaro near Naples; and instead managed provincially by ASL (Azienda Varano and Lesina in Apulia. Sanitaria Locale) and can provide information on how to find the nearest hospital, clinic or any Spas other medical service you might require. First Aid Service (Pronto Soccorso) with a doctor on The restorative powers of the mineral waters and hand is found at airports, ports, railway stations mud baths that bubble up from Italian springs – and hospitals. If you need an ambulance, you can many of volcanic origin – have been renowned call 118 from anywhere in Italy. since Roman times, and the remains of Roman Citizens of EU countries are covered for baths are still to be seen in a number of watering emergency medical treatment in Italy on places. The accent on rest and recreation has presentation of a European Health Insurance made many spas into fashionable resort centres Card (EHIC) which replaced the E111 from 1 with excellent hotels, golf courses and theatres. January 2006. Treatment in private hospitals or The best known spas are Acqui, St.Vincent and clinics is not covered. You can inquire about the Lurisia in Piedmont; San Pellegrino, Salice European Health Insurance Card from your local Terme, Bagni di Bormio and Sirmione in health service. Most travel insurance includes Lombardy; Abano and Montegrotto in Veneto; medical cover. Check with your travel agency Merano in Alto Adige; Roncegno and Levico in when booking the travel insurance for your Trentino; Salsomaggiore in Emilia; Montecatini holiday. and Chianciano in Tuscany; Fiuggi, close to Rome; Agnano, Castellammare di Stabia, near VACCINATION Naples, Ischia Porto on the island of Ischia and CERTIFICATE & WATER Sciacca in Sicily. No vaccinations are required to enter Italy or to re-enter the UK. Tap water is drinkable in Italy.6
  6. 6. MONTHLY AVERAGE 24 HOUR TEMPERATURES (FAHRENHEIT) FOR PRINCIPAL CITIES AND RESORTS IN ITALYCITY J F M A M J J A S O N D CITY J F M A M J J A S O N DAlassio 48 50 54 59 66 70 75 70 61 56 49 48 Palermo 52 56 60 64 72 79 64 80 75 68 60 43Alghero 50 51 53 59 70 74 77 77 70 66 61 50 Perugia 36 37 45 54 60 68 73 71 67 57 53 41Amalfi 55 52 53 57 64 78 77 75 71 70 55 56 Pesaro 37 40 42 54 60 68 72 66 63 59 50 42Bari 50 52 57 60 64 73 77 78 71 68 55 50 R. Calabria 50 53 56 59 66 73 78 78 74 65 63 58Bellagio 38 42 50 58 64 72 79 75 67 59 48 40 Stresa 39 42 50 59 64 72 60 75 67 59 50 40Bologna 33 36 48 56 68 71 76 75 69 57 47 38 Rapallo 50 54 58 62 69 74 80 78 72 64 58 50Bolzano 22 28 46 55 60 68 72 70 65 53 42 29 Rimini 35 46 50 58 64 74 60 73 70 60 53 42Cagliari 46 50 54 60 66 77 80 80 75 64 55 48 Rome 49 52 57 62 70 77 62 78 73 65 66 47Capri 50 50 53 57 66 74 77 76 73 65 60 54 Salerno 59 52 53 57 64 78 77 75 71 70 55 56Catanzaro 45 44 45 50 57 66 67 73 74 61 60 48 San Remo 49 52 57 65 70 76 81 77 70 64 56 53Cortina 29 36 41 49 58 64 72 70 64 55 47 40 Sorrento 51 51 52 55 64 71 75 73 70 65 54 55Elba 51 53 53 56 64 70 75 73 67 64 55 53 Taormina 56 60 64 70 75 60 86 83 80 73 65 57Florence 45 47 50 60 67 75 77 70 64 63 55 46 Turin 31 38 48 55 61 70 74 72 66 56 45 35Gardone 40 44 52 59 66 74 80 76 68 60 53 42 Trieste 37 47 51 59 64 71 74 71 68 62 46 44Genoa 48 50 55 61 68 73 78 75 70 62 54 45 Venice 43 48 53 60 67 72 77 74 68 60 54 44Merano 40 42 45 55 63 70 75 74 66 57 50 42 Verona 37 40 47 54 62 69 74 72 67 55 45 36Milan 36 40 50 58 66 72 75 74 67 56 45 39 Viareggio 48 51 52 55 68 70 74 70 65 64 58 46Naples 50 54 58 63 70 75 83 79 74 66 60 52 Italian Breaks ❖ Long established leading agent for villas and apartments in Italy ❖ Central apartments in Rome, Florence, Venice ❖ Apartments and villas in Amalfi Coast, Sicily, Southern Italy, Umbria, Marche, The Lakes, Tuscany and Sardinia ❖ Fast friendly service with apartments and villas suitable from 2 to 20 people ❖ Competitive prices ❖ All properties viewed personally and highly recommended by “Italian Breaks” proprietor, who is Italian and has extensive knowledge of all locations Tel: 0208 660 0082 Fax: 0208 660 6655 E-mail: · 7
  7. 7. Water from drinking fountains is safe unless there ITALIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE CUSTOM REGULATIONS is a sign “Acqua non potabile”. You might see London: 1 Princes Street, London W1B 2AY From 1 July 1999, duty-free sales within the EU this sign inside trains, camping sites, etc. Tel. 020 7495 8191 Fax 020 7495 8194 were partly abolished. Under the rules of the e-mail: · single market, goods bought in and exported Passport, Visa & Edinburgh: 32a Melville Street, within the EU incur no additional taxes, provided duty has been paid somewhere within Custom Regulations Edinburgh EH3 7HA Tel/Fax 0131 225 3306 the EU and the goods are for personal consumption. Holders of a valid British passport do not need e-mail: a visa to enter Italy, however, the passport must be valid when returning from Italy. Manchester: 111 Piccadilly, Getting Married For detailed information concerning visa requirements, please contact the Italian Manchester M1 2HY Tel. 0161 244 5367 Fax 0161 235 8792 in Italy Consulate or visit the website e-mail: If you would like to get married in Italy, here are under the visa a few tips to make things easier: information section. ITALIAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE 1. Allow plenty of time to organise your ITALIAN CONSULATE London: 39 Belgrave Square, wedding, as bureaucracy can be fairly GENERAL - LONDON London SW1X 8NX complex. 38 Eaton Place, London SW1X 8AN Tel. 020 Tel. 020 7235 1461 Fax 020 7235 4618 7235 9371 Fax 020 7823 1609 e-mail: 2. If both of you are resident in Ireland, please e-mail: contact the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin (Department of Foreign Affairs, Dublin: 11 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 2 Consular Section, 80 St. Stephen’s Green, YOU CAN CONTACT THE FOLLOWING Tel. +353 1 676 6662/662 3268 Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland Tel: +353 1408 CONSULATES AND EMBASSIES Fax +353 1 676 6716 e-mail: 2568 from 09.30–12.30 to obtain an ACCORDING TO YOUR RESIDENCE application form. You should request the WITHIN THE UK OR THE REPUBLIC application form four months before the date OF IRELAND on which you intend to marry. Italy will then ITALIAN EMBASSY BEDFORD: Italian Consulate, 7-9 Greyfriars, London: 14 Three Kings Yard, issue a Nulla Osta, which you take to the Bedford MK40 1HJ Tel. 01234 356647/326648 London W1K 4EH Town Hall or Council (known as Comune) Fax 01234 269699 Tel. 020 7312 2200 Fax 020 7312 2230 upon arrival. e-mail: e-mail: You will need two witnesses and a translator. 3. If one or both of you are Irish Nationals / Dublin: 63-65 Northumberland Road, resident in the UK, please contact the Irish BRISTOL: Italian Consulate Agency Dublin 4, Republic of Ireland Embassy in London (Irish Embassy, 17 Church Hall, 4 Northview, Westbury Park, Tel. +353 1 660 1744 Fax +353 1 668 2759 Grosvenor Place, London SW1X 7HR. Tel. Bristol BS6 7QB e-mail: 020 7235 2171). The direct line for Tel. 0117 9737366 information on marriages in Italy is Tel. 020 7201 2506. The Embassy will then forward CARDIFF: Italian Consulate, 1st Floor, BRITISH EMBASSY your details to Italy to obtain the Nulla Osta 14 Museum Place, Cardiff CF10 3BH Rome: Via XX Settembre 80/A, in exactly the same way as the Dublin Tel/Fax 029 20341757 00187 Rome, Italy Tel. +39 06 42200001 Fax +39 06 42202335 Office. DUBLIN: Italian Embassy, 63-65 e-mail: Northumberland Road, Dublin 4 4. If one or both of you are British nationals you will need to contact the Foreign and Tel. +353 1 660 1744 Fax +353 1 668 2759 e-mail : IRISH EMBASSY Commonwealth Office in London to obtain Rome: Piazza di Campitelli 3, 00186 Rome, Italy the British equivalent: Tel. 020 7008 1500 Tel. +39 06 6979121 Fax +39 06 6792354 EDINBURGH: Italian Consulate, 32, Melville Street, Edinburgh EH3 7HA 5. If one or both of you are Italian Nationals, Tel. 0131 2263631/0131 2203695 ITALIAN TRADE COMMISSION please contact the Italian Consulate General Fax 0131 2266260 London: 37 Sackville Street, London W1S 3DQ in London for the UK on Tel. 020 7235 9371 e-mail: Tel. 020 7734 2412 Fax 010 7734 2516 Fax 020 78231609, and the Italian Embassy e-mail: in Dublin for the Republic of Ireland on Tel. 00 353 1 6601744 Fax 00 MANCHESTER: Italian Consulate, 111 Dublin: 16 St. Stephen’s Green, 353 1 6682759. Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2HY Dublin 2, Republic of Ireland Tel. 0161 2369024 Fax 0161 2365574 Tel. +353 1 6767829 Fax +353 1 6767787 For a list of tour operators specialised in e-mail: e-mail: Weddings in Italy, please contact the Italian For all information: State Tourist Board.8
  8. 8. BANKING HOURS of regional and national passes are available, including the Trenitalia Flexi Pass costing as little as £29.00 per day for unlimited travel.Banks in Italy are open Monday to Friday from 8.35 am to 13.35 pm and from15.00 pm to 16.00 pm. Some banks are also open on Saturday morning until Travellers under the age of 26 should consider the InterRail Pass. Italy is in13.30 pm. In some tourist areas they are open non-stop from 8.30 am to zone G of Inter-Rail Pass16.00 pm. Banks are closed on Sundays and national holidays and also on Point to point tickets on the high speed long distance trains are often lessthe town’s patron Saint’s day. The afternoon hour may vary from city to city. expensive than in the United Kingdom. Example of approximate journeyTravellers’ cheques can be exchanged at most hotels and shops and at the times and prices on the high speed network for some of the popular routes isforeign exchange offices in main railway stations and at the airports. highlighted below:CREDIT CARDS Route Approx 1st & 2nd Prices for one Prices for one Journey time Class way ticket (£) way ticket (Euro)All major credit cards are widely accepted in Italy (Visa, Mastercard,American Express, etc.). Rome to Florence ES (Eurostar Italia) 1.30h 1 31.00 42.35EURO 2 22.00 29.44Italy is one of the 12 EU countries that joined the EMU, Economic and INTERCITY 2.00/2.30h 1 23.00 29.80Monetary Union, which introduced the single currency: EURO with the 2 18.00 21.95symbol €. Rome to MilanFrom 1 January 2002 the Euro is effectively circulating in Italy and is now ES 4.30h 1 49.00 67.14the only currency. For ten years (up to 1st March 2012) only branches of the 2 34.00 46.48Banca d’Italia will change Italian Lire into Euros. INTERCITY 5.30/6.30h 1 41.00 53.87Because the UK did not join the Monetary Union, the British pound will 2 30.00 38.17vary according to the fluctuating market. Generally, as a guideline – €1 Milan to Romecorresponds to £0.70 pence, and 1 UK pound is worth €1.41. ES 2.45h 1 21.00 28.92 2 15.00 20.66Notes are issued for €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500. Coins are dividedin Eurocents as follows: €0.1, €0.2, €0.5, €0.10, €0.20, €0.50, €1 and €2. INTERCITY 3.00/3.30h 1 21.00 26.08 2 16.00 19.16The EURO is now the only legal tender in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Rome to NaplesGermany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and ES 1.45h 1 24.00 32.54Spain. 2 16.00 22.21One of the advantages of the new currency is that it can be freely used INTERCITY 2.00/2.30h 1 17.00 25.21without any restrictions in all 12 participating countries. In other words there 2 13.00 19.53is no such thing as a “Spanish” Euro or an “Italian” Euro, but only the Euro. Rome to VeniceAt the moment the only countries belonging to the European Union, which ES 4.30/5.00h 1 49.00 67.14have not adopted the new currency are the United Kingdom, Denmark and 2 33.00 44.93Sweden. INTERCITY 4.30/6.00h 1 38.00 54.63 2 28.00 38.89Typical purchases in Euro Note: Rates correct as at May 2006 and are subject to change without notice.(Please note that most prices vary considerably from city to city and shop to shop Bookings can only be made up to a maximum of 60 days before travel.according to the brand of goods) IMPORTANT NOTICE1) TRANSPORT BY RAIL PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ONCE YOU HAVE PURCHASED THE TICKET, YOU MUST VALIDATE IT BEFORE BOARDING THEThere is no better way to see Italy than by train on the Italian High Speed TRAIN AT THE SPECIAL YELLOW MACHINES THAT CAN BErail network operated by the Italian Railways (in Italy there is one major FOUND ALL ALONG THE PLATFORMS. FAILURE TO DO SOcompany managing the railway system - Trenitalia, that used to be State WILL RESULT IN A FINE.owned - and a few other regional companies) just sit back and relax asmajestic landscapes and beautiful cities pass by your window. The rail service NO SMOKING POLICY ON ALL TRAINS IN ITALYin Italy is renowned for being inexpensive, offering exceptional value formoney and of a really high service. Train Classification ES: (also known as Eurostar Italia) - Fastest trains connecting all major citiesTrenitalia offers a range of affordable and flexible travel options to help you on the high speed network with 1st and 2nd class accommodation andmake the most of your trip to Italy. For further information and tickets you compulsory reservation. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE ONEcan visit the following websites: THAT WHISKS YOU UNDER THE SEA THROUGH THE (you can also check their other websites: CHANNEL and ·· · · · INTERCITY: High speed trains connecting all major cities with 1st and · · · class accommodation; reservation is INTER-REGIONALI: Regional train services connection most cities inIf you are planning to use the rail network on a more regular basis, a selection Italy with 1st and 2nd accommodation 9
  9. 9. EXCHANGE RATES 4) ACCOMMODATION £ Sterling € Euro £ Sterling € Euro £ Sterling € Euro 4-star double bedroom in a city hotel from €160 to €240 (variable) (variable) (variable) 0.50 € 0.74 10 € 14.70 200 € 294.00 3-star double bedroom in a city hotel from €115 to €180 1 € 1.47 20 € 29.40 300 € 441.00 2-star double bedroom in a city hotel from €70 to €100 2 € 2.94 30 €44.10 400 € 588.00 3 € 4.41 40 € 58.80 500 € 705.00 1-star double bedroom in a city hotel from €30 to €80 4 € 5.88 50 € 73.50 1,000 € 1,410.00 5 € 7.35 60 € 88.20 2,000 € 2,820.00 5) GENERAL SHOPPING 6 € 8.82 70 € 102.90 3,000 € 4,230.00 7 € 10.29 80 € 117.60 5,000 € 7,050.00 A book €7.75 (paperback) €25.00 (hardback) · A compact disc €18.50 8 € 11.76 90 € 132.30 10,000 € 14,100.00 A man’s suit from €100.00 · A tie from €12.90 9 € 13.23 100 € 147.00 A shirt from €30.00 · Shoes from €50.00 REGIONALI: Local trains stopping virtually at every local station offering Men’s hairdresser from €12 · Ladies’ hairdresser (cut and blow dry) from €30 2nd class accommodation Photos developed (24) from €8 SLEEPER trains operate between major Italian cities and to foreign countries. The “Michelin” Italian Hotels and Restaurants guide €18 Video cassettes (recent release) €15 OTHER TRANSPORT INFORMATION Fully illustrated catalogues of major exhibitions from €40 Shuttle train from Rome Airport (Leonardo Express) to Termini Station €9.50 ( Tickets to major exhibitions €7.50 Shuttle train from Milan Malpensa Airport to city centre €5.00 Dorling Kindersley Travel Guides in English from €20 ( Rome Bus/Metro Ticket BIT €1 - Daily travel card BIG €4.00 - Weekly ticket 6) SHOPPING IN A SUPERMARKET CIS €16.00 ( 1 kg of bread €3 Milan Bus/Metro ticket €1 - Book of 10 tkts €9.20 - 1 day travelcard €3.00 - 2 1 litre of milk €0.70 day travelcard €5.00 ( Bottle of a good quality local wine from €2.50 1 Litre of petrol €1.35 · One days typical car hire €80.00 Bottle of Scottish whiskey (non vintage) €9.80 2) RESTAURANTS & BARS 1 litre bottle of extra-virgin olive oil from €3.00 An evening meal in a restaurant from €30.00 to €60.00 Mineral water (1.5 litre bottle) €0.29 Dinner in a pizzeria (pizza and beer) €15 · A slice of pizza to take away €1.70 Coca Cola (2 litre bottle) €1.50 Sandwich from €2 to €3 Coffee €0.80 · Soft Drink €1.50 A pint of beer in a bar €3.15 · A glass of whiskey or other spirit €3.50 Beer (1 can of foreign) €0.39 Beer (66 cl bottle Italian) €1.09 SMOKING 1 packet of biscuits €2.00 NEW RESTRICTIONS FOR THE PROTECTION OF HEALTH NOW APPLY - SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN PLACES THAT CAN 1kg of Apples €1.89 GENERALLY BE DEFINED AS “PUBLIC”. AIRPORTS, POST OFFICES, Shampoo €1.49 BANKS, HOSPITALS, CINEMAS, THEATRES, SHOPS, MUSEUMS, A bar of soap €0.70 ETC. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED IN RESTAURANTS AND BARS UNLESS THEY HAVE SEPARATE AIR-CONDITIONED AREAS FOR Suntan lotion €6.50 SMOKERS. ANYONE SMOKING IN THE PROHIBITED ZONE RISKS 24-exposure film €4.20 A FINE OF BETWEEN €25 AND €250. Mozzarella €1.54 3) SUNDRIES Baby food €3.50 (2 jars) Stamp for Europe €0.62 · Postcard €0.50 · Phone cards from €5 to €10 A packet of disposable nappies €5.99 Museum entry ticket from €10 to €15 · Cinema Ticket €7 Shaving foam €2.00 An Italian newspaper €0.90 · A copy of “The Times” €2.00 An English magazine €2.50 - 7.50 · 20 cigarette packet from €3.30 4 Gillette razor blades €4.50 A top rate ticket at La Scala Opera House from €85 to €105 1kg sugar €0.95 25 teabags €1.70 First night opera tickets from €700 – €2,000 250g coffee €2.00 Arena di Verona Opera performances from €13.00 on the unnumbered stone steps to €157.00 for a seat in the stalls. 500g pasta €0.50 Football matches €11.85 €34.00 €69.60 1kg parmesan €18.0010
  10. 10. POST OFFICES and supermarkets are closed on Sundays and or pay for services, to ask for a receipt (scontrino) Mondays or Wednesdays plus bank holidays. or an invoice (ricevuta fiscale). This proof ofPost Offices are generally open from 08.00 to Most towns have a weekly street market held purchase may be asked by town guards and plain13.45 from Monday to Friday and Saturdays once a week in the morning, information can be clothes officers as you come out of the shop to08.00 -13.45. Some counters (e.g. registered mail, found on each town’s web site. prove that the shop has declared the sale andtelegrams, etc.) have different hours and in the that the client has declared the purchase. Failuremain cities they may also open in the afternoon. Suggestions: Clothes for men and women to do so may result in fines for both the shop andInformation about postal services can be (dresses, shoes, gloves, silk ties, shirts) lacework, the client.obtained by dialling 160. Stamps (francobolli) jewellery, leather goods (handbags, cases, boxes,can be obtained in any post office and any luggage), ceramics, gold and silverware, alabaster, In order to avoid paying the fines laid down byappointed tobacconist. You can also send express woodwork, straw, embroidery, glass and crystal. It Italian law, foreign tourists must ask for theseletters (posta prioritaria) and registered letters is advisable to carry merchandise purchased with receipts.(raccomandata) by paying an extra charge you in order to avoid any inconvenience. Allaccording to the weight. major credit cards are accepted in Italy. A proof It is the right of every citizen to ask for such a of purchase (receipt) must be kept. fiscal document confirming the exact amountSHOPPING, MARKETS due. Abuses and transgressions by the person Beware of buying fake designer goods from required to issue this document can be reported& BANK HOLIDAYS street sellers as a new law exists which imposes to the nearest “Comando della Guardia diShops are open from 09.00/09.30 to 12.30/13.00 a fine on people buying illegal items such as Finanza” the public body appointed to controland from 15.30/16.00 to 19.30/20.00, although cds, handbags, dvds and clothes from street fiscal requirements. You might be asked by anshopping centres are becoming popular in Italy sellers. The fine can be quite high! officer of “Guardia di Finanza” to produce theand some are open 24 hours a day. Prices are receipt immediately after you leave the shop. Ifreasonable and the quality of goods very high. SCONTRINO FISCALE (receipt) you don’t have it, you may be obliged to pay aChain stores such as La Rinascente, Coin, Upim Foreign visitors to Italy, as all other persons, are fine of up to €155.are found in many Italian cities and towns. Shops required on every occasion they purchase goods 11
  11. 11. FLEA MARKETS IN ITALY antique and modern - Reggio Calabria, Lido FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA Pordenone, Corso Comunale (Tel. +39 0965 331518) First Vittorio Emanuele (Tel. +39 0434 20164) Last ABRUZZO L’Aquila, Historic Centre (Tel. +39 weekend: objects and antiques. Sunday except (June, July and August) : antiques 0862 411333) Second weekend: furniture - and objects – Trieste, Piazza dell’ Unita’ d’Italia antique and modern and collectables. CAMPANIA Napoli, Villa Comunale (Tel. +39 (Tel. +39 040 6796111) Third Sunday (except AOSTA VALLEY Saint Vincent, Piazza del 081 621951) Third weekend: furniture – antique July and August): collectables – Udine, Piazza Municipio (Tel. +39 011 854292) First Sunday: and modern - Piana di Sorrento (NA), Piazza Matteotti (Tel. +39 0432 504070) First Sunday furniture – antique and modern - Verres Historic Cota (Tel. +39 347 5971927) Second Saturday: (except July, August and January) : antiques and Centre (Tel. +39 0125 929550) First Sunday: furniture – antiques and modern and collectables objects. collectables. – Salerno, Historic Centre (Tel. +39 089 220788/+39 089 825746) Second weekend: LAZIO Rieti, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (Tel. APULIA Bari, in front of Basilica San Nicola antiques and collectables. +39 0746 2871) Third weekend: antiques and (Tel. +39 080 5024023) Third weekend: antiques objects – Viterbo, Historic Centre (Tel. +39 0761 and objects – Lecce, Piazza Libertini (Tel. +39 EMILIA ROMAGNA Bologna, Piazza Santo 348363) Third Sunday: antiques, objects and 0832 682418) Last Sunday: furniture – antiques Stefano (Tel. +39 051 204859) Second weekend collectables – Roma, Porta Portese/Trastevere and modern and collectables – Taranto, Rione (except July, August and January) objects, (Tel. +39 06 48999254) Every Sunday morning: Salinellai (Tel. +39 099 4581111) collectables furniture and antiques – Ferrara, Piazza Trento antiques, books, crafts and clothes – Roma, and antiques every Sunday. Trieste (Tel. +39 0532 765011) First week end Ippodromo delle Capannelle (Tel. +39 06 (except August): collectables, crafts and 7180471) Every Saturday: (2 pm-8 pm) Every BASILICATA Matera, Piazza Vittorio Veneto antiques – Modena, Parco Novi (Tel. +39 059 Sunday: (9 am-8 pm) collectables, crafts and (Tel. +39 0835 1331983) Third weekend: 206544) Fourth weekend (except July and antiques. antiques, clocks, collectables, objects and Decembe)r: objects, furniture – antique and furniture. modern – Ravenna, Piazza Einaudi and Piazza LIGURIA Genova, “Antiquari nella Genova CALABRIA Crotone (CZ), Piazza Duomo Garibaldi (Tel. +39 0544 482025) Third Antica”, Palazzo Ducale (Tel. +39 010 588735) (Tel. +39 0962 921597) First Sunday: furniture - weekend: antiques and crafts. First weekend (except August and September) :12
  12. 12. antiques. La Spezia - Piazza Cavour (Tel. +39 July and August): antiques, furniture, and SICILY Agrigento, Historic Centre (Tel. +390187 745631) First Sunday (except July and decorative items - Recanati (MC), Piazza 0922 401566) Fourth Sunday: antiques andAugust) : furniture – antique and modern - Giacomo Leopardi (Tel. +39 0736256956) First objects – Catania, Historic Centre (Tel. +39 095Rapallo (GE), “Il Tarlo” Historic Centre (Tel. weekend: of the month small antique furniture 7306211) Every Sunday: antiques and objects -+39 0185 273092) Fourth Sunday: antiques - and objects – Urbino, Historic Centre, Fourth Palermo, Piazza Unità d’ Italia (Tel. +39 091Santa Margherita (GE), Via Partigiani d’Italia Sunday: antiques, objects and collectables. 308287) First weekend (except july and august) :(Tel. +39 0185 205315) First weekend: crafts. Info. Markets of Marche: Tel. +39 0736 256956 furniture, objects and collectables. - Fax +39 0736 256956 TUSCANY Anghiari (AR), Historic Centre,LOMBARDY Brescia, Piazza della Vittoria(Tel. +39 0302977863) Second Sunday (except PIEDMONT Alessandria, Piazza Garibaldi, (Tel. +39 0575 749279) Third Sunday: furnitureJuly and August) : furniture, antiques and Piazza Marconi and Via San Lorenzo (Tel. +39 – antique and modern – Arezzo, Piazza Sancollectables – Como, Piazza San Fedele (Tel. +39 0131 325344) First Sunday (except August): Francesco (Tel. +39 0575 906667) First weekend:031 252501) First Saturday: antiques – Cremona, collectables, furniture and books - Asti, Piazza furniture – antique and modern – Florence, San Secondo (Tel. +39 0141 355861) Fourth Piazza dei Ciompi (Tel. +39 055 244677)near the Cathedral (Tel. +39 0335 7120025) Sunday: collectables and furniture - Casale Permanent market: antiques and crafts -Third Sunday: furniture and collectables – Monferrato (AL), Via XX Settembre (Tel. +39 Orbetello (GR), Historic Centre (Tel. +39 328Mantova, Piazza Sordello (Tel. +39 0376 0142 454757) Second weekend: furniture – 4885128) First weekend: furniture – antique and225757) Third Sunday: antiques - Milano, antique and modern - Torino, Piazza della modern and collectables – Lucca, Via delNaviglio Grande (Tel. +39 02 89409971) Last Repubblica, Porta Palazzo (Tel. +39 011 Battistero (Tel. +39 0583 4422) Third weekend:Sunday (except July) : antiques – Varese, Piazza 4369741) Second Sunday: antiques. furniture and wood sculptures – Pisa, HistoricMontegrappa (Tel. +39 0331 634378) FirstSunday (except August) : antiques and SARDEGNA Cagliari, Bastioni di San Remy Centre (Tel. +39 050 910111) Third weekend:collectables. (Tel. +39 070 664923) Every Sunday: antiques – Pistoia, Via Pacinotti (Tel. +39 0584 collectables and objects – Olbia, Piazza Matteotti 7951) Second weekend: antiques – Siena, PiazzaMARCHE Ascoli Piceno, Chiostro S. Francesco (Tel. +39 070 810504) Third Saturday: antiques del Mercato (Tel. +39 0577 281619) Third(Tel. +39 0736 256956) Third weekend (except and collectables. Sunday: antiques and collectables - Viareggio Tel: +44 (0)20 8878 1130 Email: 13
  13. 13. (LU), Terrazza della Repubblica (Tel. +39 0584 July 15 Saint Rosalia (Palermo) For more information please contact: 962350) Fourth weekend: antiques and objects. September 19 Saint Gennaro (Naples) THE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENT FOOD and RURAL AFFAIRS UMBRIA Perugia, Rocca Paolina (Tel. +39 075 October 4 Saint Petronio (Bologna) 1A Page Street, London SW1P 4PQ 5005110) Last weekend: antiques and October 30 Saint Saturnio (Cagliari) Tel. 0870 2411710 Fax 020 7904 6834 collectables - Pissignano di Campello (PG), Via (Working Days: Monday-Friday 08.30-17.00) Flaminia (Tel. +39 0743 521030) First Sunday: November 3 Saint Giusto (Trieste) E-mail: collectables, crafts, objects, furniture - antique and modern – Terni, Via della Rinascita (Tel. December 6 Saint Nicola (Bari) Library Enquiry Desk +39 0744401486) Second weekend: small December 7 Saint Ambrose (Milan) DEFRA - Room 320 – Nobel House, antiques and collectables. - Todi (PG), Historic 17 Smith Square, London SW1P 3JR Centre (Tel. +39069044263) Second Sunday: TAKING PETS TO ITALY DEFRA - Helpline: Tel. 08459 33 55 77/ furniture antique and modern - Gubbio (PG), A traveller entering Italy with a dog or cat must Tel. 020 7238 6000 Logge del Cento Storico (Tel. +39 06 9067901) have a veterinarian’s certificate stating the Fax 020 7238 6591 (Working Days: Monday- Third Sunday (except January and February): animal is in good health and has been vaccinated Friday 09.00-17.00) antiques, objects and crafts. against rabies between 20 days and 11 months E-mail: VENETO Asolo (TV), Piazza del Mercato (Tel. before entry into Italy. The certificate is valid for For permanent pet export certificates call +39 0423 529046) Second weekend: furniture, 30 days. The forms are available from all Italian DEFRA Tel. 020 7238 6000 to obtain a contact antiques, fabrics, clocks and objects. – Padova, diplomatic and consular representatives. A dog number for the relevant local office. Prato della Valle (Tel. +39 049 8205856) Third must be on a leash or muzzled when in public. Sunday: objects, multi-ethnic – Treviso, Borgo THE PET TRAVEL SCHEME: TELEPHONE & Cavour (Tel. +39 0422 419195) Fourth Sunday ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES (except July) : furniture – antique and modern, It is now possible to take dogs and cats on holiday to Italy. The telephone system in Italy is largely managed books and objects – Verona, Piazza San Zeno by Telecom Italia, but there are also several (Tel. +39 045 8030086) Third Saturday: antiques In order to qualify for the Pet Travel Scheme, the private firms. and crafts. animal must be: Phone calls within Italy can be made by dialling Info: ■ Fitted with a microchip the full area code including the initial zero + the GAZZETTA DELL’ ANTIQUARIATO ■ Vaccinated against rabies number of the person you want to call. PUBLIC HOLIDAYS IN ITALY ■ Blood tested Public telephones are available throughout Italy. ■ Issued with an official PETS certificate A local call from a public telephone requires the Offices and shops are closed in Italy on the use of telephone cards (carta telefonica), which following dates: ■ Treated against tapeworm and ticks is widely used and may be purchased at any January 1 New Year’s Day 24 to 48 hours prior to leaving Italy and newsagent, tobacco shop or bar (coffee shop). January 6 Epiphany returning to the UK, the animal must be treated The prepaid telephone cards are issued for the against tapeworm and ticks by an approved amount of €1, €2.50, €5 and €7.50 and will allow March/April Easter (different each year) veterinary surgeon and a certificate obtained. calls up to that amount. You can also use small € March/April Easter Monday Pets can then enter the UK and avoid the cents for the amount of 10, 20, 50, €1 as well as (different each year) previous need for six months’ quarantine. credit cards in some cases (credit card telephones can be found in Hotels, airports or other major April 25 Liberation Day However, it should be noted that it is necessary tourist places). Long distance calls (Interurbane) May 1 Labour Day to wait six months after vaccination and a between major cities can be dialled directly on successful blood test result before a pet is entitled the public telephone by using the proper area June 2 Anniversary of the Republic to enter the UK under the travel scheme. This is code number. August 15 Feast of the Assumption of because if a pet is infected before vaccination, it Calls from Italy to the UK can be dialled directly the Virgin can take up to 6 months for rabies to incubate. (dial 0044 + area code without the initial zero, + November 1 All Saints’ Day phone number). December 8 Feast of the Immaculate Calls to the Republic of Ireland can be dialled Conception directly (dial 00353 + area code without zero + December 25 Christmas Day phone number). Calls from the UK and Ireland to Italy can be December 26 Boxing day (known in Italy as dialled directly (dial 0039 + complete area code “Santo Stefano”) with the initial zero +phone number). Offices and shops are also closed in the following cities on local Feast days honouring their patron MOBILE PHONES Saints: Mobile phones are widely used in Italy. You can April 25 Saint Mark (Venice) use your UK or Ireland phone in Italy if your mobile is internationally active (roaming). June 24 Saint John the Baptist Check your mobile company before leaving for (Florence, Genoa, Turin) Italy and activate roaming in order to make and June 29 Saints Peter and Paul (Rome) receive calls with no restrictions.14
  14. 14. If your mobile is not allowed to receive or make electrical appliances. Plugs have prongs that are Paninoteca: A sandwich bar where you can havecalls in Italy, you can buy a new SIM card which round, not flat, making an adapter plug necessary. a quick you a new mobile number in Italy. In this International adapters can be found in the major Trattoria: Less formal than a ristorante andcase you can buy a “pay as you go” card, normally electric shops as well as UK airports. Power where local specialities are served.called scheda pre-pagata in any mobile phone sockets have two or three holes and do not haveshop and have a new mobile number for the their own switches, while plugs have two or three Ristorante: The most formal type of place to eatlength of your holiday. The “schede pre-pagate” round pins. Some sockets have larger holes than and where, traditionally, one is not in a hurry.costs €25, €50, €80, €100, €150. others. The order of courses is antipasto, pasta or soup, main course with salad or vegetables, dessert andThe major networks available are offered by RESTAURANTS & DISCOS coffee.Telecom Italia (TIM), Omnitel, and Wind. Although everyone loves Italian food, figuring It is customary in Italy to provide the coperto,USEFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS: out how, where and what to eat in Italy can pose constituted by the normal table dressing and a problems for the traveller. Knowing what type of small basket of bread. This will be included inEmergency Police: 113 · Carabinieri: 112 meal or snack you wish to have and consideringFire Department: 115 · Road Assistance: 116 the final bill and is charged per person (about €2 time limitations, you may wish to consider one of per person). A service charge might be includedMedical Emergencies: 118 the following choices: although it is customary to leave a tip (5% toInternational Inquiries: 176 Bar: The place to have espresso and all its 10% according to the bill). Browse: www.acena.itPhone Directory Assistance: 1240 variations, rolls (panini) and small sandwiches There are plenty of discos and nightclubs in (tramezzini), alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES every major city or tourist resort all over Italy. Pay first and give the receipt to the barman with You can visit or contact theThe electric current in Italy is 220V and the the order. It is usual to stand at the bar, as there is local Tourist Office.cycle is 50Hz. Though voltage may vary, in most a service charge for sitting at a table. Bars in Italycities and towns it is either 125 or 220. Check are open from early in the morning to late atthe local voltage with the hotel before using night. 15