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Virtual harmony projects vwmooc19


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A Virtual Harmony presentation on our 3D immersive projects spanning machine learning and artificial intelligence bridging virtual worlds and Unity for the VWMOOC 2019. Presenters include Dr. Andrew Stricker, Dr. Barbara Truman, Dr. Cynthia Calongne, and our librarian and inspiration, JJ Drinkwater, the librarian of Caledon.

These slides present highlights from recent projects and our representation of rocket flight controls and launch prep for flights to the space station.

The VWMOOC19 features education in virtual worlds and the use of 3D designs to present authentic learning experiences. Many thanks to the VWMOOC19 organizers and their wonderful support!

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Virtual harmony projects vwmooc19

  1. 1. Designing Immersive Environments for Learning Adventures Dr. Andrew Stricker, Dr. Cynthia Calongne, Dr. Barbara Truman & JJ Drinkwater VWMOOC19 Sep 28, 2019
  2. 2. The Harmony Society Artificial Intelligence Game Simulations Enigma Engine & Ontology
  3. 3. Spinoza & Delightful in Sick Bay From doctoral classes to Virtual Harmony
  4. 4. The Paul Tillich Garden Inspiration from New Harmony, IN
  5. 5. Backseat Driver on the Survival Grid
  6. 6. Jack’s World, a Dinosaur Adventure
  7. 7. Survival Simulation
  8. 8. Our Guides
  9. 9. Spinoza prepares for launch
  10. 10. Preparing the rocket for takeoff
  11. 11. Docking on the Space Station
  12. 12. After Space Dock, Look up!
  13. 13. Our Crew on the Space Station
  14. 14. A Stargate leads to a strange new land
  15. 15. The Interstellar Project
  16. 16. Testing on the lower right platform
  17. 17. A planet appears on the horizon
  18. 18. At dusk, studying the planet
  19. 19. Interstellar by night
  20. 20. Questions? Many thanks to Nellie & Nan, our wonderful VWMOOC19 Hosts!