Smoke and mirrors_the magic of emerging media


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Smoke and mirrors_the magic of emerging media

  1. 1. Topics• What is Emerging Media?• The Free Economy• Reversible Business Models• IT Innovation at• Creating Your Own Videos and Apps• Augmented Reality and QR codes• Using Virtual Worlds, Games & Simulations• The Future
  2. 2. What is Emerging Media?• Social Networks & Social Media• Virtual Worlds & Machinima• Augmented Reality & QR codes• Mobile Devices & Apps• Cloud Computing• Web Privacy & Security• Web Engineering• Game-Based Cultures
  3. 3. Economic Innovation• Reversible business models – Derek Strivers, CD Baby• Gym in Denmark – From Free by Chris Anderson• Innovation at Amazon• The Flipped Classroom – Homework in class, lectures at home• Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
  4. 4. Animoto Creates Streaming Videos from Images
  5. 5. What are these?
  6. 6. Quick Response (QR) Codes• QR codes link to content on the Web• Easy to create, transmit and use• For more information – 1 Tool at a Time ISTE SIGilt Webinar on QR Codes •
  7. 7. Using TwitterTwitter – micro blogging 140 character messages Twitter Hash Tags as a search index #sigilt #sigml #sigve Create your own hash tag for easy search and retrieval
  8. 8. Teaching in a Virtual World
  9. 9. Mars Expedition Learning Center
  10. 10. Grand Prize Winner 2010
  11. 11. Mission to Mars
  12. 12. Hostage Rescue Game
  13. 13. Game Operations Center
  14. 14. Mobile Games Created in Unity3DFrom a Virtual World to a Mobile App
  15. 15. Benefits of Game-Based CulturesGames can stimulate Game-based learning• Problem solving • Vision & creativity• Critical thinking • Sustainability• Digital literacy • Immersion• Strategy & tactics • Learning retention• Motor skill development • Heutagogy• Collaboration • Knowledge networks• Leadership & courage • Socio-technical skills• Socialization • Entrepreneurship
  16. 16. Gamification in Business• Transforming work into a game – Recognition for accomplishments – Reputation, titles and badges – Incentivizes life – Simple game development – Uses a similar assessment strategy – Benefits of cooperative work and competition
  17. 17. References and ResourcesKapp, C. (2010). Visualizing the future: How augmented reality can empower faculty, inspire students and bring ideas to life in the classroom. TCC 2011 Worldwide Online Conference Keynote Address, [Video]. April 12, 2011., C. (2009). Free: The Future of a Radical Price. Hyperion: New York., S. (2012). Easy Mobile Website & App Creation (no coding required!). ISTE 2012 Conference Poster, Table 30, June 26, 2012., K. (2010). QR Codes, 1 Tool at a Time: Build Your Toolbelt, SIGilt & SIGms.
  18. 18. Games and the Quality of LifeJane McGonigal (2010). : Gaming can make a better world. Ted Talks. (2010). Gaming to save the world. Jane McGonigal on Evoke. n#/video/tech/2010/03/09/, J. (2010). When games invade real life. (2011). Gamers Succeed Where Scientists Fail: Molecular Structure of Retrovirus Enzyme Solved, Doors Open to New AIDS Drug Design, ScienceDaily, Sep. 19, 2011., B., and Read, J.L. (2009). Total Engagement: Using Games and Virtual Worlds to Change the Way People Work and Businesses Compete. Harvard Business Press: Boston.
  19. 19. Games and ResearchWright, W. (2010). Games as Tools for Science and Society. GameTech. Slides: Video: (2010). Reality is Broken., B. (2012). WoWing Language Arts. The Journal, September 2012., A. (2011). Gamers solve molecular puzzle that baffled scientists scientists?liteSteinkuehler, C. 2010. MMOs, Learning & The New Pop Cosmopolitan Horizon Report for Learning Anywhere, anytime - a Network for Educators (PLANE)
  20. 20. Questions? Smoke and Mirrors The Magic of Emerging Media Dr. Cynthia Calongne Colorado Technical University Lyr Lobo in Second Life