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Renaissance of a master storyteller cynthia calongne


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Keynote Address for the 2013 eLearning consortium of Colorado Conference, April 10-12, 2013.

Published in: Education, Technology
  • @priyabratasahoo906 Thank you, Priyabrata. The images are from our students' projects and were presented in one evening while I took photos and reflected on what they had learned while developing them.

    The images illustrate their game designs and simulations from the Greek Mythology, Spaceship and Blue Earth undersea projects.

    The focus of my keynote address was to illustrate how the educator as a storyteller can weave so many different concepts into each class, stimulating their students to learn as they produce these wonderful projects.

    Thank you -- your words inspire me! *cheers*
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  • Amazing thoughts shared in a glorious way.. wow
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Renaissance of a master storyteller cynthia calongne

  1. 1. The Renaissance of a Master Storyteller,Constructivist and Futurist The Online Educator Cynthia Calongne April 10, 2013 Colorado Technical University 2013 eLearning Consortium of Colorado
  2. 2. Who, like a magician, casts a spell that every wordand every phrase burns most brightly
  3. 3. The Educator as a Master Storyteller An educator illuminates, entertains and stimulatesThe images in these slides are from CTU’s Winter 2013 classes
  4. 4. The Renaissance of a Master StorytellerReinventing online education, weaving digital storytelling with innovative technologies to stimulate the imagination
  5. 5. Step Into the Garden of Imagination
  6. 6. Each Tale Challenges Our Perspective
  7. 7. Stimulating a Marketplace of Ideas
  8. 8. That Transforms Us
  9. 9. The Path to Discovery
  10. 10. Interactive, Blending Web Technology
  11. 11. To Stimulate Student-Created Games
  12. 12. Educators as Constructivists • Pedagogy – focuses on how classes are structured and taught • The memorization of basic facts and rules • Determined and directed by the teacher • Andragogy – adults learn through trial and error • Activity-based and applied learning • Determined by the teacher and directed by the learner • Heutagogy – the study of self-determined learning • Developing learning skills and knowledge creation • Determined and directed by the learner
  13. 13. Students as Thought Leaders and Constructivists
  14. 14. Creating Game and Course Completion Badges
  15. 15. Exploring Diverse and Self-Image
  16. 16. Designing Educational Games
  17. 17. Creating Their Own Game and Learning Spaces
  18. 18. The Space Lounge as a Community Space
  19. 19. Blended Reality with an Inside-Out Perspective
  20. 20. Instructional Design by Students
  21. 21. Integrating Artificial Intelligence
  22. 22. Student Created Game Elements
  23. 23. Mapping Games to Pedagogy
  24. 24. Educators and Students as Futurists
  25. 25. The Future: NMC Horizon Reports 2009-2011 2009 2010 2011• Mobiles • Mobile Computing • eBooks• Cloud Computing • Open Content • Mobiles• Geo-Everything • eBooks • Augmented Reality • Simple Augmented • Game-Based• The Personal web Reality Learning• Semantic-Aware • Gesture-Based • Gesture-Based Apps Computing Learning• Smart Objects • Visual Data Analysis • Learning Analytics
  26. 26. The Future: NMC Horizon Reports 2012-20132012 2013• Mobile Apps • MOOCs• Tablet Computing • Tablet Computing• Game-Based Learning • Games and Gamification• Learning Analytics • Learning Analytics• Gesture-Based Computing • 3D Printing• Internet of Things • Wearable Technology
  27. 27. Horizon Report 2009-2013
  28. 28. 2010 View of the Future of Education• Is the New Normal Anything But?• NUTN Summit 2010 by Sener, Kannel, Cheney-Steen & Calongne• The future -- from business as usual to the radical cyber dystopia and educational anarchy to a quantum leap (Sener; Calongne)• Findings: degrees are not going away, credit hour pricing model is a barrier to modularized learning, learning management systems need to adapt to integrate modern technologies and fast growth requires a stabilizing influence• Distinguishing students who work vs workers who study•••
  29. 29. Gazing Into the FutureIf students had the technology, eBooks and video recorded instruction, and courses were accessible and affordable (or MOOCs), what would educators do?
  30. 30. Needed: New Ways to Reach Students U.S. 30,370,155 did not finish high school 15,835 need high school In Colorado Springs 318,375 need a high school diploma in COData from CLResearch
  31. 31. The Future: Emerging Media in EducationConstructivism Students creating knowledgeDigital Storytelling Collaborative storiesJust in Time Teaching (JiTT) Immediacy in EducationTools and Technologies Tools and Technologies Mobile & BYOD Mobile synchronization Web 2.0 Tools Gesture-based tools MOOCs Monetizing MOOCs eBooks Educators & Students Video Publishing ContentImmersive Learning Immersive Learning MMORPGs Repurposing Games Augmented Reality 3D Animated Content 3D Educational Games Students & Educators Alternate Reality Games Blended Worlds Virtual Worlds and Simulations Test Bed for Holographics
  32. 32. Educational Quizzes as Game Shows
  33. 33. Learning from Game Simulations
  34. 34. Mapping Games to Learning Assessment
  35. 35. Game Measurement and Support
  36. 36. Educational Tools that Support Assessment
  37. 37. For More Information• C. Calongne - Games & Research on Slideshare• Woman Hugging a Book image•• Corning A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked• Clay Shirky: How the Internet will (one day) transform government.• Martha Payne. Never Seconds blog• CLR Research Level-and-Enrollment-Statistics
  38. 38. The Renaissance of a Master Storyteller,Constructivist and Futurist The Online Educator Cynthia Calongne Colorado Technical University 2013 eLearning Consortium of Colorado