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Oscc16 survival sim dec_11_2016


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OpenSimulator Community Conference presentation on the game SurvivalSim at The Air University Metaverse by Dr. Andrew Stricker, Dr. Barbara Truman, Ms. Toni Scribner & Dr. Cynthia Calongne. Based on a Special Forces game, SurvivalSim challenges players to be creative in solving problems.

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Oscc16 survival sim dec_11_2016

  1. 1. Andy Stricker as Spinoza Quinnell Lyr Lobo as Cynthia Calongne Barbara Truman as Delightful Doowangle Toni Scribner
  2. 2. Which item is most important? Chocolate bars, Liquor or Crisco?
  3. 3. Inside the Submarine