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Presented at the 2013 TCC Worldwide Online Conference and at the Colorado Technical University Spring 2013 Doctoral Symposium by Kae Novak, Chris Luchs, Barbara Truman and Cynthia Calongne. The GAMESMOOC features a novel and engaging design for massive open online courses.

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Gamesmooc by calongne truman novak luchs

  1. 1. GAMES MOOC Lurkers Welcome!Kae NovakChris LuchsBarbara TrumanCynthia CalongneTCC WorldwideOnline ConferenceApril 18, 2013Colorado Technical UniversityDoctoral Symposium Workshop
  2. 2. MOOCMassive Open Online Course
  3. 3. M is for Modest• 187,264 visitors• 277,525 page views• 490 threaded discussions• 593 registered participants
  4. 4. Connectivist MOOC Social Immersive Environments Networking Facilitated Leadership Engagement via a Massive Open Online Community Special thanks to Gridjumper: Tanya Martin
  5. 5. Featuring a guild designand rich media, theGAMESMOOC seriesof three Massive OnlineOpen Courses (MOOC)employed an activity-based learning approachto provide learners witha multisensoryexperience.
  6. 6. Take a tour of the GAMESMOOC and learn how the conceptual course design, roles, activities, and energy grew throughout this vibrant series of free online courses that leveraged popular games for educational use. Register Getting Started What is a MOOC?
  7. 7. GAMES MOOCparticipants played avariety of commercialgames, including theWorld of Warcraft andMinecraft, and reflectedon the use of games,game-based learningmotifs, gamification andimmersive 3Denvironments in whichplayers and lurkers arewelcome.
  8. 8. Badges • Brave Beginner • Games Based Learning Track • Networked Educator
  9. 9. Social Network Knowledge ConstructionLisa Dawley Identify Lurk Contribute Create Lead Special thanks to Gridjumper: Tanya Martin
  10. 10. Current Games MOOC Part I1) Intro to the Course and Topics2) Apps and Mobile Possibilities3) AR (Augmented Reality) and IF (Interactive Fiction)
  11. 11. Current Games MOOC Part II4) Mysteries, Puzzles and Scavenger Hunts5) Narratives and Storyboarding6) Creating the Clues & Playing the Games
  12. 12. Mashups Portal – Blogs 3D Gamelab - GameMOOC Youtube GameMOOC Twitter #gamemooc Google Hangout Flicker Game MOOC LivebinderWoW, Tera, Guild Wars, Minecraft, Second Life, Portal, Eve Online, Opensim
  13. 13. Social Networking
  14. 14. Integration LMS Picture Sandbox MMORPGs Sharing Games SoMe Production Blogs SW
  15. 15. Apps, AR and ARGs
  16. 16. ARAugmented Reality blends virtual content over areal world environment via computer-generatedsensory input through a GPS-enabled applicationthat features sound, video or graphics.It may use a lens or a magic mirror approach todisplay the virtual content through a camera ormobile device onto the physical environment.Some apps may use GPS and geo-location data.
  17. 17. ARG An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform and uses transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by participants ideas or actions. Participants interact with the game clues, receive messages and have a personal experience that blurs the lines between the real world and the game environment.
  18. 18. Visualizing theElements & Benfits
  19. 19. Fun, Flow & Fiero
  20. 20. Asynchronous Synchronous
  21. 21. Summer Games MOOCPart 1: June 3-24 Part 2: July 7-29
  22. 22. Games MOOC Part IMulti-Player Games Communities, Collaborations and Economies
  23. 23. Games MOOC Part IIImmersive Environments Online and Game Based Learning
  24. 24. GAMES MOOC Questions? Lurkers Welcome!Kae NovakChris LuchsBarbara TrumanCynthia CalongneTCC WorldwideOnline ConferenceApril 18, 2013Colorado Technical UniversityDoctoral Symposium Workshop