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Blast from the Past Games in VW Education


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VCARA 10th Annual Conference in Second Life, sponsored by San Jose State University on April 23, 2019. Presentation by Dr. Cynthia Calongne, aka Lyr Lobo, covering 2006-2008 class projects, collaborative research papers, and game designs created collaboratively in a virtual world.

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Blast from the Past Games in VW Education

  1. 1. Blast from the Past Games in Virtual World Education Cynthia Calongne Lyr Lobo in the Metaverse Colorado Technical University Colorado Community Colleges System April 23, 2019 10th Annual VCARA Conference
  2. 2. Lyr Lobo’s Class Projects 2008 Robotics & Futuring and Innovation
  3. 3. Lyr Lobo’s Class Discussions in Second Life Human Barometer – move to reflect the strength of agreement
  4. 4. Lyr’s Lessons Learned – 1) Identity matters! Student wears blond hair created by Lyr. 2) Sit to reduce fatigue.
  5. 5. Lyr wins a $500 prize for a learning simulation that teaches building skills
  6. 6. Students design usability projects for accessibility and present their virtual world insights with Lyr in a 2008 CCSC ACM journal Calongne, C., Frankovich, D., Endorf, S., & Sandaire, J. (2008). A virtual environment for designing user interface prototypes. Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 24(1) 188-195.
  7. 7. 2008 class projects: An audio news stand, a wheelchair accessible refrigerator, & an electronic voting system
  8. 8. Capture the Flag Maze Game, a Duck Shoot, & 17 rides at Amusement Park Robots created by 2 classes & Lyr Lobo
  9. 9. Teaching usability design, scripting, and game-based learning using Mahjong
  10. 10. Lyr hosts a Strategic Thinking management class & roleplay session on Acheron LV426, one of three class regions
  11. 11. Lyr visits the Nanotechnology Lab at the National Physics Laboratory Learning with scholars from the UK and around the world
  12. 12. Be Courageous! Teach in Every Virtual World Your Questions and Explorations are Welcome Questions?