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Privacy is a Myth TCC 2_12065

TCC Worldwide Online Conference presentation on Web Privacy and Information Accountability by students from Colorado Technical University on April 18, 2012.

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Privacy is a Myth TCC 2_12065

  1. 1. Privacy is a MythEM 835 Information Accountability and Web Privacy Strategies M. Frye H. Hess, Media Rain S. Kamberi, Penny Galaxy J. Murray, Murtek Viper K. Ostler, Addisonbow I. Spencer, Zkittykitty C. Steele, Xavia Fluta B. Truman, D’Lightful Doowangle …and the 23 students in EM 835 Dr. Cynthia Calongne, Colorado Technical University April 18, 2012 2012 TCC Worldwide Online Conference
  2. 2. Museum of Web Privacy
  3. 3. Student Museum on Web Privacy
  4. 4. Introduction• What kind of e-mail and web activity monitoring for students in middle school and high school is acceptable?
  5. 5. Student Privacy & the Classroom
  6. 6. Content Filter & Key Logger
  7. 7. Smart Desk
  8. 8. Barbara - D’Lightful Karl - Doowangle Addisonbow Project Partners The Project – Copyright Learning ModuleIdea: Learning Module – Engineering Design & Copyright/Patent RelationshipsDevelop a Learning Design Studio of an online module about Engineering DesignIdeas/Contractual Work and the relationship with the Patent/Copyright process.
  9. 9. Goal: Outline, identify, and highlight up to date issues regarding intellectual property andcopyright/patents. In addition, host this as an online learning module in aVirtual World Environment like Second Life.Ideal: Develop a Holodeck or similar tool in Second Life to package a learning module topose situations to visitors and then provide information leading to a solution with focuson Patent/Copyright Laws. Design/Build – Research – •SL Platform to support •Copyright Law •Content Presentations •Needs Assessment •Activities •Learning Requirements Analyze – •Observations •Feedback •Survey - Results The Design Process - Learning Module
  10. 10. Content: •Information Content •Sources •Creative Content •Learning /Problems •Solutions Context: •Synchronous Activities •Asynchronous Activities •Combinations – Linear / Non-linearThe Project – Copyright Learning Module
  11. 11. Visit us live in See the tour Second Life slideshowCopyright Learning Module = RESULTS
  12. 12. Ideas &Discoveries Futuring: •Additional Copyright Solutions •Additional Fields of Application • Similar Modules for different topics Design SolutionsInnovations:•Virtual Worlds•Emerging Media•Artificial IntelligenceCopyright Learning Module = ROOM FOR MORE
  13. 13. How is My Identity Currently Defined?• Drivers License • Birth Certificate – License Number – Parents Information – Name – Birth Date – Address (Street, City, State, Zip Code) – Birth Location – Hair Color – Hand and Feet Prints – Eye Color – Picture – Height – Blood Sample – Weight • College ID – Organ Donor – Name of College• Social Security Card – Name – Work Eligibility Number – Year• Passports (E-Passport) • Genealogy – Paper Trail with RFID Tag – Heritage• Credit Cards • Medical EMR – Card Number • Gender – Name – Male – Security Feature Number (3 digit) – Female• User Name / Password / Pass Phrase – Transgender
  14. 14. Mobile Tracking Location-BasedServices Continue to Grow Foursquare alone has over 5,000,000 registered users Google latitude allows users to do micro-coordination
  15. 15. So why do we share? use location abstractions to scaffold privacy concerns share precise location (GPS) & share nothing max social benefits &no social benefits
  16. 16. The Best Facial Emotion Extraction Method for Second life How having better avatar facial features and expressions in Second life can provide a more real-life like form of communication
  17. 17. Three MethodsFacial Emotion Extraction through Text (SL) Facial Emotion Extraction using Kinect (Microsoft) Facial Emotion Extraction using Webcam (nVisio)
  18. 18. ResultsMethod Implementation Feasibility IntegrationExtracting emotion Already implemented in Uses text chat which Users can integrate it bythrough user text SL through Second Life means total immersion of buying Automatic Facial Marketplace communication in the Animation HUDs virtual world to mimic real Not all users, especially face-to-face new users, are willing to communication is not pay for the HUDs. feasibleExtracting emotion using SL can be accessed No real indication that Users need to buy Xboxmotion capture through the Xbox 360 Linden Labs is up for sale. 360 and Kinect in order console via Xbox LIVE Not feasible to believe to integrate thistechnology via Xbox and through Wi-FI users are willing to buy technology.Kinect connection expensive hardware just to Implies Microsoft buying use SL Linden LabsExtracting emotion using Linden Labs hiring Most users own laptops Users do not need to donVisio’s technology via nVisio Most laptops have anything except for using webcams their webcams in SLwebcams (Best Method) Finding a method to use nVisio is a start-up Can be integrated free via the extracted data from company willing to work the free Second Life nVisio’s technology to with others Viewer apply to 3D avatar facial features.
  19. 19. ‘Cyberstalking : Worse Than Personal Harassment
  20. 20. Cyberstalking takes many forms. Among them: • Installing spyware on a targets computer or via email • GPS surveillance of the movement of victims • Posting personal or false and humiliating information about the victim on the Internet • Sending harassing emails & msgs • Using social media such as Facebook or Twitter to post false and humiliating information
  21. 21. CyberstalkingIt’s not a Game Cyberstalking and cybercrimes are on the rise as more and more private information becomes easily accessible on the internet. Advances in technology have allowed stalking to go online, with perpetrators accessing personal information.
  22. 22. Bluesnarfing Prevention• Education and awareness are key.• Set Bluetooth to non-discovery mode.• MAC address filtering.• Encryption.• User-set passwords.• Download latest software version.• Be wary of strangers.
  23. 23. Individual Therapy Session PrivacyProviding Privacy for Online Consultations
  24. 24. Notecard Project Topic: An Investigation Of Privacy Within Virtual World Therapy SessionsOnline therapy is a type of psychological treatment where patients and mentalhealth professionals communicate and address mental issues. This type oftherapy has been utilized for conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder,depression, eating disorders, and chronic pain. It is particularly useful to patientswho want to be treated and want to remain anonymous or cannot attend in officeconsultations and visits.The project is a virtual world simulation that evaluates two types of onlinetherapy sessions: group therapy and individual therapy. Participants within thetherapy sessions interact via avatars. The goal of the simulation is to identifyand contrast participant web privacy and information accountability issuesduring these sessions.
  25. 25. Group Therapy Session Privacy
  26. 26. Content Removal Countries with the Highest Concern Google Complaints140012001000800600 Google Complaints400200 0
  27. 27. Countries with Less Concern • Belarus • Bolivia • Chile • Costa Rica • Czech Republic • Ecuador • Egypt • Guatemala • Honduras • Hungary • Kuwait No Complaints Filed with Google • Paraguay • Philippines • Romania • Saudi Arabia • South Africa • Ukraine • Uruguay • Venezuela
  28. 28. Privacy by Internet Penetration• Countries with the most privacy concern averaged 72% Internet Penetration• Countries with the least privacy concern averaged 38% Internet Penetration
  29. 29. Cloud Computing & Security• Security is a major concern of companies who want to move to the cloud• Cloud providers obtain certifications through auditing to verify they are secure• Example Certifications – PCI – CMMI – NIST 800-53
  30. 30. For More Information• Cyberstalking Comic• Cyberbullies to be targeted by schools
  31. 31. Privacy is a MythEM 835 Information Accountability and Web Privacy Strategies Join us for a Treasure Hunt & tour of these simulations on Thursday, April 19, 2012 at 1600 HST, 2000 Mountain in Second Life! Many thanks to the M. Frye 23 students in EM 835 H. Hess, Media Rain S. Kamberi, Penny Galaxy J. Murray, Murtek Viper K. Ostler, Addisonbow I. Spencer, Zkittykitty C. Steele, Xavia Fluta B. Truman, D’Lightful DoowangleDr. Cynthia Calongne, Colorado Technical University April 18, 20122012 TCC Worldwide Online Conference