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SciTree project


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Presenting SciTree project

Published in: Technology
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SciTree project

  1. 1. SciTreeMeeting place for science and business
  2. 2. New technologies (materials, substances, technique) are abasis of contemporary economy and an ideal target forinvestment.Science produces plenty of new technologies, which can beconverted into business product, and create revenue. However investors have no access to information about 99% of new technologies. They know about these technologies only when somebody else has used them to bring new product to the market.Problem
  3. 3.  Scientific networks have no contact or crossing with investors’ networks. Scientific Output comes in form of verbose papers, inaccessible and incomprehensible for people outside of academy. Investors’ Input comes in form of simple and short presentations and business plans, which scientists are not used to make.Reasons
  4. 4.  SciTree – a web platform for collaboration between scientists and investors• Changing scientific Output :short statementabout new technology (25 words)+ link to apaper• Investors can choose a technology theywant to turn into a product• Investors can set a task for a research group(to develop a new material, f.e.)• Constant monitoring of new technologiesSolution
  5. 5. Over 5 million scientists are developing new technologies (biology, medicine, materials, etc). Scientists get financing by writing articles for peer-review journals and project proposals for research funds (government organizations), which takes up to 50% of their working time. This is ineffective usage of their time and brainpower.Companies spend up to 43% of revenue on R&D (Allergan –43.4%, Eriksson – 24.9%). New technologies are important forprogress and successful competition. However theseinvestments do not guarantee good results, as discoveries inscience happen irregularly. Thus, it is highly expensive and notthat effective to have an R&D department in a company. With SciTree entire science can be used as your own R&D department. Outsource your R&D anywhere.Market
  6. 6. Social network for scientists, 1.7 million users. Deficiencies: scientists only, output in a form of big articles. Social network for scientists, 1.8 million users. Deficiencies: scientists only, output in a form of big articles. A consulting firm, helping to find objects of investment. Deficiencies: high price, lack of transparency, lack of direct contacts with scientists.Competitors
  7. 7. Elena Kalmykova, CEOPhD in Philosophy (Uppsala University, Sweden). Graduatedfrom Oriental and Philosophy Faculties at Saint-Petersburg StateUniversity.Courses attended: Technology Entrepreneurship (StanfordUniversity), Researchers and Leadership (Swedish Institute).Published over 20 papers on the topics such as structure ofscientific knowledge and communication in science.Work experience in web-projects: Electric Jungle (SunMicrosystems), SMM, web design, member of WallenbergCalendar team.John Noel M. ViañaBS in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (University of thePhilippines - Diliman).Has worked at the Laboratory of Molecular and Cell Biology at theNational Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, UPDilimanMember of international honor societies (Phi Kappa Phi and PhiSigma Biological Sciences Honor Society). Courses attended:Technological Entrepreneurship at Stanford’s Venture Lab.Team
  8. 8. Investors:pay for Advertising: targeted ads subscription (golden and (lab equipment, laptops etc) silver membership), exclusive access to information Investors: pay for review of dynamics of field Scientists: pay to promote development, analytics, your news or team consulting and selection of teams for investment Investors and visitors: Universities: pay for donate for a specific research, advertising academic jobs we keep 5% of donationMarketing
  9. 9. Strategy of development
  10. 10. +46 709 429 138 Best regards, Elena KalmykovaContact information