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id-objc: GLKit and Overview on OpengGL


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id-objc: GLKit and Overview on OpengGL

  1. 1. iOS Game Development Overview of GLKit Didiet Noor - Guava Games
  2. 2. Me?As mentioned in Twitter: @lynxlunaC and C++ since 2004 (those languages are different)Never been Java nor PHP DeveloperOpenGL ES and Mobile Game Programming startingNovember 2011Not a Fanboy, but Mac is the best computer I everuse.
  3. 3. GamesSkyFyre II Mobile (in progress)Flips! (in progress)
  4. 4. OverviewMotivation about iOS Game DevelopmentOverview of iOS game architectureGLKit OverviewSimple Spinning Cube with GLKit Step By Step (hopefully time allows)Building the Project All Projects will be available on my github
  5. 5. iOS Overview
  6. 6. Why iOS?Most Popular Game Platform (according toApple Website)Supporting OpenGL ES Hardware acceleratedCan be combined seamlessly with existingcodebase (C/C++). Can be scripted using Lua/Squirrel/etc
  7. 7. Why GameTop 10 Apps usually games.Games are FunMaking games are challenging
  8. 8. Quirks!OpenGL ES 2.0 only on iPhone 3GS up.Texture Maximum 2048x2048x3From my experience: keep your memoryconsumption below 24MB.For 2D games needs different texture forretina and non retina (not to mention iPad)
  9. 9. GLKit
  10. 10. GLKitFramework for creating OpenGL ES Apps onthe iOS PlatformWindowing, Controller, and Math.Easily Integrated with Storyboard.If you have created OpenGL ES 2.0 Appsfrom scratch you will appreciate it.
  11. 11. Before and after GLKit Before After View Class Made by hand Using GLKView View Controller Class Made by Using GLKViewController hand Override update Selector and Timing using CADisplayLink GLKView’ Math Classes created by Hand GLKMathapplication:didFinishLaunching:with Easily integrated with Storyboards Options
  12. 12. OpenGL ES2
  13. 13. CodesCocoa for Windowing/InputOpenGL ES 2.0 APIGLSL shader A little program letting you run operations on GPU
  14. 14. DEMO
  15. 15. Conclusion
  16. 16. iOS keep better for game developers.GLKit is a huge advantage on iOS 5 engine/game making
  17. 17.