Glance over the discontinued analog switch from some famous brands


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It introduces the Discontinued Analog Switch from Some Famous Brands

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Glance over the discontinued analog switch from some famous brands

  1. 1. Seekcomponents, one-stop sourcing service provider Glance Over the Discontinued Analog Switch from Some Famous BrandsST STG6684/ STG6384 series: High isolation dual SPDT analog switch S NENT EKC OMPO SEThe STG6684/ STG6384 is a high-speed CMOS low voltage dual analog SPDT (single pole dual throw) switch or 2:1multiplexer/de-multiplexer switch fabricated in silicon gate C2MOS technology.It is designed to operate from 1.65 to 4.3 V, making this device ideal for portable applications. The SELn inputs areprovided to control the switch operation. The switch Sn is ON (connected to common ports Dn) when the SELn input isheld low and OFF (high impedance state exists between the two ports) when SELn is held high.TI AH5010/AH5011/AH5012A versatile family of monolithic JFET analog switches economically fulfills a wide variety of multiplexing and analogswitching applications.TI MPC100 series: Wide Bandwidth 4X1 Video Multiplexer PON ENTS M SE EKCOThe MPC100 is a very wide bandwidth 4 to 1 channel Video Signal Multiplexer which can be used in a wide variety ofapplications.MPC100 is designed for wide-bandwidth systems, including high-definition television and broadcast equipment.Although it is primarily used to route video signals, the harmonic and dynamic attributes of the MPC100 make itappropriate for other analog signal routing applications such as radar, communications, computer graphics, and dataacquisition systems. 1
  2. 2. Seekcomponents, one-stop sourcing service providerThe MPC100 consists of four identical monolithic integrated open-loop buffer amplifiers, which are connectedinternally at the output. The unidirectional transmission path consists of bipolar complementary buffers, which offerextremely high output-to-input isolation.Vishay DG201A_MIL/202_MIL/ DG303A_MIL: Monolithic Quad SPST CMOS Analog Switches S NENT EKC OMPO SEThe DG201A_MIL and DG202_MIL are quad SPST analog switches designed to provide accurate switching over a ENTSwide range of input signals. When combining a low on-resistance and a wide signal range (_15 V) with low PONcharge-transfer these devices are well suited for industrial and military applications. The DG303A_MIL is a monolithic M EKCOCMOS switch in a DPST configuration for precision applications in communications; instrumentation and process SEcontrol, where low leakage switching combined with low power consumption are required. 2
  3. 3. Seekcomponents, one-stop sourcing service providerSupertex HV207, HV21716/HV21816: High Voltage Analog Switch S NENT EKC OMPO SEThe Supertex HV207 is an 8-channel high-voltage analog switch integrated circuit (IC) confi gured as a dual 1 of 4analog switches. The 2 sets of 4 analog switches are controlled independently with the 2 independent 1:4 decoders.The addressed switches are turned ON and the unaddressed switches are turned OFF. Logic high on the input clearpin will turn OFF all output switches regardless of the address input states.The HV21716/HV21816 is a low charge injection 8-channel high-voltage analog switch integrated circuit (IC) intendedfor use in applications requiring high voltage switching controlled by low voltage control signals, such as ultrasoundimaging and printers. PON ENTS M SE EKCO 3
  4. 4. Seekcomponents, one-stop sourcing service providerSeekcomponentsHome Pagehttp://www.seekcomponents.comAddress2507 Rustic Ridge Loop,Lutz FL 33559, S NENTUSA EKC OMPO SEEmail:steve@baitron.comSeekcomponents is a one-stop sourcing service provider for ICs, connectors, discretes, transistors and othercomponents and devices. Seekcomponents offers a highly reliable supply source for hard to find, obsolete and longlead time components, as well as a competitive source of cost saving on current available components. Our vastinventory is built on our relationships with thousands of suppliers worldwide, including electronic componentmanufacturers, distributors, contract manufacturers, and OEMs. PON ENTS M SE EKCO 4