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UX, Marketing & Brand: Designing customer experiences where digital marketing and product development intersect

This is the era of great customer experiences. All around us we see thriving examples of businesses that have disrupted their legacy predecessors by observant and intuitive innovators. The marketing and product development functions have long resided in separate parts of an organization. What is often missing in this bifurcated setup is a holistic approach to engaging and satisfying the consumer on their terms most, if not all of the time. For too long, digital marketing has been thought of in terms of “push” and “pull” tactics without sufficient consideration of the connectivity and continuity between the efforts.

For example, “push” brand messaging is thought of as reach and segmentation. But what about “push” marketing strategies that are more relevant and far reaching, such as social media integrations that are “baked” into the product from the outset? Think about Groupon and the rewards you earn from friend purchases as an example.

On the “pull” side of things, it is easy to forget about the product itself as a “pull” marketing vehicle. Digital storefronts (ecommerce sites, mobile commerce) and social platforms are hidden marketing workhorses when overlain with the personalization capabilities afforded by data. Carefully designed user experiences that are built on a deep understanding of user needs and pain points, easy-to-use ecommerce sites and mobile apps that convert with every “Add To Cart” tap or click accelerated by contextual information, content narratives on Facebook that entice and engage – these are all product experiences waiting to exert their natural pull on the customer.

The goal is to create compelling interactions at every point in the customer’s journey in a deliberate and customer-focused way. Organizations must be ready to embrace new team structures, create a culture of systems-thinking, and most importantly, challenge the status quo in order to stay relevant in today’s fast-moving customer-led world.

UX, Marketing & Brand: Designing customer experiences where digital marketing and product development intersect

  1. 1. UX Strategies Summit | June 11, 2014 The Intersection of UX, Marketing & Brand @Lynn _Teo #UXSS
  2. 2. In-HouseProduct
 "@Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  3. 3. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS BPMF vs APMF
  4. 4. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS Credit: Sean Ellis
  5. 5. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS BPMF = UX
  6. 6. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS BPMF = UX
  7. 7. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS APMF =
  8. 8. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS APMF = Mktg
  9. 9. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS Brand
  10. 10. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  11. 11. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  12. 12. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  13. 13. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  14. 14. UX Mktg UX Mktg @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  15. 15. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS Why are we thinkingabout UX andMarketing as disparate functions ?
  16. 16. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS 
 User Experience Marketing +
  17. 17. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS 
 Customer Experiences
  18. 18. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS 
 Product/Software Shop:" creates apps to help teams brainstorm, plan and manage projects!
  19. 19. UX UX MktgMktg Mktg UX
  20. 20. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS 
 Research:" Proprietary market research, industry best practice, consultancy!
  21. 21. UXMktg UX Mktg UX Mktg
  22. 22. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS 
 Product/Software Shop:" Open Source Repository and social network for programmers!
  23. 23. UX Mktg/UX Mktg/UX @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  24. 24. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS 
 Ecommerce Product:" Personalized guest-only online shopping destination!
  25. 25. UX Mktg UX @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  26. 26. 
 Getting the Customer to Come To You" @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS PULL
  27. 27. 
 Getting the Customer to Come To You" @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS PULL=Product
  28. 28. 
 Taking a Product to a Customer" @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS PUSH
  29. 29. 
 Taking a Product to a Customer" @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS PUSH=Mktg
  30. 30. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS PUSHinto PULL “Bake”amplificationandsharing toolsintoproductfeatures? Identifyinfluencers&co-creators? Whatkindsofassetsdoweprovide themtofacilitatesharing? Incentivizeearlyadopters? PULL into PUSH Createhigh-valuecontentthatpays offearlytoattractprospects Listen,engage,respond&build relationships Inviteproduct/servicetrialsand user-generatedcontent(in-store photos,instagramuploads,ecomm)
  31. 31. How do we collaborate more effectively? UX + Marketing @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  32. 32. (Digital) Product & UX Marketing ProductManagement Engineering Design(UX,Visual,IxD) UserResearch Analytics BrandManagement Strategy Creative ConsumerResearch CRM In–House Cross Function @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  33. 33. Integrate Social (Listening, Sharing) Deeply Understand Consumer Motivations @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS Create “Voice of the Consumer” Panel Turn the Experience into Brand Differentiators
  34. 34. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS 1.  Facebook Insights, Hootsuite, Sysomos, Bottlenose, Curalate 2.  Combine social insights with conversion data, brand sentiment, and field studies 3.  Analyze results together (UX + Marketing) Integrate Social (Listening, Sharing)
  35. 35. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS Bottlenose Sample Features
  36. 36. Bottlenose Sample Features @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  37. 37. Bottlenose Sample Features @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  38. 38. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS 1.  Fight assumptions or proxy views 2.  G-O-O-B (Get out of the building) 3.  Tie motivations, pain points, emotional needs to marketing communications Integrate Social (Listening, Sharing) Deeply Understand Consumer Motivations
  39. 39. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS Helping a Business Innovate: USPS Small business owner shipping needs
  40. 40. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS Helping a Business Innovate: USPS Consumer Journeys after fieldwwork visiting small business owners in their work spaces to understand how USPS can better serve, empower, and add value to small business owners
  41. 41. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS Pre-shipping stresses Using 3rd party non USPS tools
  42. 42. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS 1.  Create one repository for all consumer feedback 2.  Establish weekly meetings to review and prioritize. Model business lift from enhancements 3.  Create a consumer-centric culture Integrate Social (Listening, Sharing) Create “Voice of the Consumer” Panel
  43. 43. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS Customer-Centricity Permeates the Workplace Environment
  44. 44. Stakeholders Peers MarketingProduct Strategy Engineering Customer Support @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS “Voice of the Consumer” Panel HR/Learning Loyalty /Data Social Media
  45. 45. 1.  Don’t just make a brand promise; ensure it’s delivered at every touchpoint 2.  Look to your digital product suite (ecommerce, mobile apps, social channels) to deliver seamlessly on both transactional and emotional fronts 3.  Pilot, measure, iterate Turn the Experience into Brand Differentiators @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  46. 46. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS Brand Strategy Experience Design Communications Who brand IS What brand SAYS What brand DOES
  47. 47. @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  48. 48. Turn Talk into Action Your Turn! @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  49. 49. Your Charge @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
  50. 50. Your Charge 30 days •  Assemble X-func team •  Define problem 60 days •  Find exec sponsor •  Pilot the program 90 days •  Track results •  Share learning 7 days •  Reflect •  Peer brainstorm @Lynn_Teo | #UXSS
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