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Optimizing Organization Frameworks for Applied Design


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The business benefits of Lean UX methodologies (reduced costs, greater team ownership and collaboration, enhanced product and market share etc.) are well understood by specialist industry practitioners. Organizations on the other hand, aren't always (a) comfortable engaging in "design" activities, be it Lean, Agile, or UX and (b) structured to facilitate cross-functional ideation and execution. I will share strategies that have worked for me in a variety of organization types, ranging from UX consultancies and in-house product teams, to a broad mix of agency types. My focus is to help you and your teams identify critical inter-discipline/department partnerships, cultivate soft skills inherent in collaborative design and ultimately influence the organizational framework so the advantages of design are formalized beyond process and execution.

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Optimizing Organization Frameworks for Applied Design

  1. LeanUXNYC | April 10, 2014 Optimizing Organizational Frameworks for Applied Design @Lynn _Teo
  2. In-HouseProduct SoftwareDesign Agency/Consultancy DigitalProducts ExperienceDesign Independent StartupAdvisory ProductManagement DigitalTransformation @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  3. What I learned during fieldwork confirmed we made a wrong assumption about the user. Strategist@Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  4. Marketing isn’t “getting” the pain point of the consumer. We’re losing out to our competition fast … Product Management@Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  5. Engineering is making all the calls. I understand the tech constraints but this is going to compromise the user’s trust in us. No one is listening. The other departments are all doing their own thing. Customer Service UX Designer @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  6. Design as a discipline is not designed well to be understood John Maeda Design Partner at KCPB Former RISD President
  7. 85% 3% What is design? @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  8. Design – a new economy @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  9. How do we expand on Design’s role? Where is Design Housed? @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  10. Product Research & Design Engineering & Testing In–House @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  11. Digital Product Marketing ProductManagement Engineering Design(UX,Visual,IxD) UserResearch Analytics BrandManagement Strategy Creative ConsumerResearch CRM In–House Cross Function @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  12. UX & Creative Engineering & Tech Accounts & PM Strategy On the Agency Side – Digital @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  13. | #LeanUX14
  14. Help others understand what we do Change the focus of Design @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  15. Ideation Process Experience Emotion Growth @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  16. @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14 Ideation
  17. 1. Collaborate on research 2. Go out in the field with peers 3. Analyze together Ideation @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  18. Ideation @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  19. @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14 Ideation
  20. Ideation Stakeholders Peers MarketingProduct Strategy Engineering Customer Support @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  21. @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14 Process
  22. 1. Define design activities & value add 2. Outline dependencies, roles, resources, and outcomes 1. Pilot, launch, learn, share Process @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  23. Process @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  24. Process Diary Interviews Create personas Create Findings Deck Stakeholder Interview Develop Protocol Week 2 & 3 Week 4 Week 5 & 6Week 1 Mid-Point Work Session In-Home Ethnographic Interviews in Knoxville and NYC Competitive analysis Market Research Refine workshop outputsKickoff 2-Day Analysis Workshop Review session transcripts Workshop Prep 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  25. Stakeholders Peers OperationsProduct HR/Learning Everyone Process @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  26. Experience @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  27. 1. Define user & business metrics 1. Identify assets & intersections 1. Create prototypes that tie research findings to features Experience @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  28. Experience @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  29. @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  30. Stakeholders Peers ProductMarketing Channel/Regio n Leads Customer Support Strategy Engineering Experience @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  31. Emotion @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  32. 1. Integrate advocacy & brand lift metrics 2. Keep a pulse on social sentiment & customer service 3. Use ethnography Emotion @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  33. Emotion @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  34. Stakeholders Peers ProductMarketing Customer Support Loyalty /Data Social Media Emotion @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  35. Growth @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  36. 1. Be cognizant of quarterly targets & business strategy 2. Quantify design 3. Share small wins, position the team for Innovation projects Growth @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  37. Stakeholders Peers CFOCEO Growth Channel/Regio n Leads Marketing Sustainability @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  38. Turn Talk into Action Your Turn! @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
  39. Your Charge 30 days • Assemble X-func team • Define problem 60 days • Find exec sponsor • Pilot the program 90 days • Track results • Share learning 7 days • Reflect • Peer brainstorm @Lynn_Teo | #LeanUX14
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